Is it ok to climb down the Grind?

So…for everyone questioning whether going down the Grind is ok?

Let’s let Grouse Mountain tell us…

This is located right at the beginning of the trail, and is a HUGE sign that cannot be missed.  So please respect your fellow hikers, and Grouse Mountain’s rules for everyone’s sake and don’t travel down the Grind unless you absolutely have to.



Month of May Training Recap

I can’t believe May is *almost* over!!  I didn’t do my weekly training logs, this month was relatively low in the training aspect, I focused on recovering from the BMO Vancouver Marathon on May 6th before getting back into HC workouts.

So, I decided to give a month long recap instead…

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The most important Grinding tip…and I missed it!!

I realized that I actually forgot to include the most important grinding tip of all, and felt like it needed it’s own post – it’s that important!!

I got lots of feedback on my last post, to add in info on safety; carrying a whistle & phone for this reason, as well as lots of people commenting on the value of the Grind Timer, which for $20 keeps track of your times, and provides you with a bag check service, so that you can send a bag of clean dry clothes to the top.

But surprisingly, nobody mentioned what I missed…Any guesses??

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Tender Knee Race Recap

This weekend I ran the 12 km (ish) Tender Knee race in North Vancouver put on by Run the North Shore.

This is my race recap & review.  The race starts at a reasonable 8 am, and Jay played shuttle bus & photographer for me, as it’s a point to point course and I didn’t know anyone else racing.

Racing through the beautiful wilderness of North Vancouver

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Grouse Grind Tips – How I went from a 60 minute grinder to a 45 minute grinder…

The Grouse Grind is a 3 km hike up the side of Grouse Mountain, located in North Vancouver, that is often referred to as “Mother Nature’s Stairclimber”.  The Grind is usually open from mid-May to mid-October, dependent on the weather.

The Grind is a different experience for everyone, but few aspects remain the same, the first time is always difficult, and the more often you climb it, the easier it becomes.

Many friends have asked for my tips on a successful grind, so I’ve compiled a short-ish (not really that short) list.  I’ve included tips for first-time grinders, as well as tips for more seasoned grinders who want to improve on their times.

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A Different Kind of Grind…

Tonight I climbed a mountain, Grouse Mountain to be precise.  The Grouse Grind is a 3 km climb up the side of the mountain.  It’s often called “Mother Nature’s Stairclimber”, and is a favorite of many Vancouverites.  It’s a great workout, with a beautiful view at the top, and no matter how many times you climb, it’s never, ever easy.

I’m a regular Grouse Grinder.  I try and get up and climb it 1-3 times a week during the summer.  Normally, I’m chasing my best time down, trying to shave seconds off my time, while getting in a great workout.

Tonight was different.  Tonight, I wasn’t climbing for myself.  I climbed for the people who aren’t able to climb.  In particular, I climbed for my friend Mike, my friend who was taken from us far too soon.

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Tender Knee this Sunday!

I’ve been debating back and forth on registering for a Run the North Shore event this Sunday.  There are 2 routes, the longer is somewhere between 20-25 kms (Iron Knee), and the shorter route is around 12 kms (Tender Knee).  The course is almost all downhill, with a killer hill thrown in for fun!

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Diez Vistas!!!

Yesterday morning, I had the pleasure of hiking/trail running the Diez Vistas trail at Buntzen Lake with 2 good friends, Cathy and her bf Mark.

The view from the top of Diez Vistas

At Buntzen Lake, there are many different options for hiking & trail running.  The loop that we do is approx 15 kms, and encompasses the Energy Trail, The Diez Vistas Trail, and part of the Buntzen Lake Loop.

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