Tender Knee this Sunday!

I’ve been debating back and forth on registering for a Run the North Shore event this Sunday.  There are 2 routes, the longer is somewhere between 20-25 kms (Iron Knee), and the shorter route is around 12 kms (Tender Knee).  The course is almost all downhill, with a killer hill thrown in for fun!

After discussing both routes with Jay, I decided to sign up for the shorter route, The Tender Knee, just to give my legs the easier option to avoid any more post marathon pains, or injuries prior to my big June races (Seek the Peak & Tough Mudder).  So, I’m registered, and SO stoked to get out for my first trail race of the summer!  Anyone want to join on on Sunday morning at 8am?!

I originally did this race, my VERY 1st Trail Race, with my friend Kiri (big shout-out to a fantastic Arbonne Consultant, and Wedding Planner)  Kiri introduced me to trail running, so I have to say a HUGE  Thank You Kiri!!  because I immediately fell in love with it, and it’s still my fave summer activity!  Of course, here are some pictures of Kiri & I…I’ve actually known Kiri since I was 14, but thankfully none of those pics are scanned :P

Anyone have any exciting weekend plans?  Any super fun races?

I’d highly recommend the Tender Knee if you are a Lower Mainland runner looking for a really fun, medium difficulty/technicality trail race!!  Get out there and join me!



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