Mudder Monday

Yesterday after work, Cath and I headed to the local playground to do a Tough Mudder XFit type workout.

We choose a hill that was about 150 m from bottom to top, and had a decent steepness to it.  We jogged to the bottom, and started from there.  We did a hard push up the hill, and then did 10 push-ups, and jogged back down to the bottom. We repeated this 10 times.

150 m hard push up a hill

10 push-ups

jog 150 m down the hill

repeat 10 times

When we finished our 10 repeats, we took a 2 min breather to have a drink of water, and then we attempted to do the same thing except with burpees instead of push-ups.

150 m hard push up a hill

10 burpees

jog 150 m down the hill

we repeated this 5 times, and then did 2 more hill repeats to round off our mileage at 5 kms total.

We then headed over to the playground and using the Body Bands I recently ordered we each did 20 assisted pull-ups.  We did them in sets of 5 at a time, and man these are still so hard to do, but at least with the bands, we actually felt like we were making progress.  Trying to do pull-ups on our own a few weeks ago, was a disaster and very disheartening to see how weak our upper bodies are.

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I plan on stopping at the playground on my drive home from work every second day to do 20 assisted pull-ups, to try and improve my upper body strength – which is what I’m most worried about with Tough Mudder coming up in only 18 days!!

Today’s a double Tuesday of intervals at lunchtime with Momma, and then boxing class in the evening with Powercore Boxing, should be a fun day!



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