3 sleeps til Mudder Madness!

I have to say, Tough Mudder is a sweet fricken name.  Whoever came up with it, is a genuis.

I’m so ready to get Mudder’ed, ready for some Mudder Madness, Mudder Maniacs, and afterwards some well deserved Mudder Boozin’!

I bought matching tech shirts for the gals on our team, I decided that we should match, and it’d be easier to spot us.  I was in Target and they had these cute shirts for $12.99, so I figured it was a no-brainer.

So, we will look cute for the start line pictures, and if we ruin them, well, $12.99 doesn’t feel too bad going down the drain.

Today my calf is noticeably improved, and is only painful when stretched a certain way, I’m going to call it healing, and say it will be 100% for Saturday, as long as I don’t push it today or tomorrow.

Hoping to get up to the Grind tomorrow, for my 7th of the year.  I’d like to say I got in the 8 I promised Hilary I’d do, but it just didn’t happen with giving my body the recovery it asked for.  7/8 is pretty darn good though, and she’s done 9, maybe 10 if she goes today, so I’ll just borrow one of hers. (Thanks Hil!  You rocked your Grinds so far this year – proud of you!!)

Tonight is Wednesday, so Run Club, of course, but I am just going to do a nice easy run, no killer pushing it run.

And then Friday is a rest day, and Saturday we’ll be up early, our wave starts at 10 am, and then we’ll get some greasy food after, likely a nap, and then a night out on the town!  I loveeeeee Whistler, and am stoked to spend the weekend there!

3 sleeps!!!!



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