This just in…New Mudder Course!

They have changed the course for tomorrow’s Tough Mudder race in Whistler!!!

Newly updated list :


  1. Death March
  2. Kiss of Mud
  3. Arctic Enema
  4. Log Bog Jog
  5. Walk the Plank
  6. Berlin Walls #1
  7. Devil’s Beard
  8. Bushwhacked
  9. Glacier
  10. Boa Constrictor
  11. Snow Ramp
  12. Spiders Web
  13. Berlin Walls #2
  14. Log Jammin’
  15. Electric Eel
  16. Kiss of Mud #2
  17. Trench Warfare
  18. Cliffhanger
  19. Hold Your Wood
  20. Everest
  21. Funky Monkey
  22. ElectroshockTherapy


There’s a lot of changes to the original course, and some obstacles I’ve never heard of!!  Like Trench Warfare, Glacier, Bushwhacked, & Snow Wall.  I’m assuming their names are pretty indicative of what we have to do, and none of the new course scares me terribly, except, for The Electric Eel!  It was the only obstacle I really didn’t like the looks of – you crawl on your belly through water while live wires hang above your head.  Crap.

No more Ball Shrinker, Kinky Tunnels, Hale Bale Pyramid, Turd’s Nest, or Firewalker!

From the looks of this course, we get wet lots, get possibly electrocuted twice, have to play in the snow lots, and go up lots of hills mountains.

1 more sleep!!!

Good luck to all you Mudders out there!!



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