Month of August – Training Recap

Just a quick post to add up August’s training, see where I got with my monthly goals, see what’s on tap for September

Total Road KMs :  113 kms

Total Trail KMs : 79 kms approx

Hours running :   18 hrs approx

Cross-training hours (Spinning, Grinds, Strength training) : 8 hrs approx

# of Grinds : 6

How’s my month been? 

It was a another great training month! I stayed out on the trails more, did the second half of the Kneeknacker route (without getting lost I may add – blog post on this route can be found here), and got to explore lots of new trails this month.  My 2 trail races were both great, and I’m happy with the results from both, especially the Whistler 5Peaks as I took 5 mins off my time from last year – on the exact same course.  You can read about the Squamish 50 race I did here, and the Whistler 5Peaks here.

My grinds were all solid 45:40 – 47:10.  And I threw in a couple trips up the BCMC to mix things up.  Don’t know what the BCMC is?  You can read about how I compare it to the Grind here.

I also ran a 5 km fun run during August, called Color Me Rad, and it was a blast!  Check out the race recap & crazy pictures here.

Finally, I finally broke the hold that running a sub 50 min 10 km had over my brain, and ran a 49:35!  Not only did I accomplish the goal that has been driving me crazy, but I did it on a very un-even, super windy, and not ideal for speed route.  Now that I know it’s possible, I feel much much better!

My total km’s were 192 for the month, and that’s where I’m comfortable at.  I’m looking at about 190-200 for September, but more on trails than on roads, which I think will be a first for me!  I’ve also got to be careful with recovery after my next race, Meet Your Maker, which I’m taking on a pretty challenging 30 km section of technical trails.  I don’t want to, for lack of a better term, screw myself for the rest of the month, and my other races – namely the Surrey Half that I’m running with mom.  And no I have yet to decide if I’ll run hard for a new half PR, or take it easy and cruise with mom.  It’s going to be a game time decision based on how my body feels that morning.

My head has been so much more on the trails than on the roads, which I recently talked about here, but I feel like my weekly tempo 10kms, and my weekly track speed work has kept me in good enough road shape that if my body is up to it on the day of, dare I say it, I’d be able to knock out a sub 1:50 half.  So, we’ll see come the end of September.

I set some goals for August, and here’s how I did :

  • 6 Grinds – Bam!  I did 6!
  • 100 kms roads – Bam again! I did 113!
  • 80 kms trails – Yep!  I did officially 79, but you know how it is with trails…
  • continue #PlankADay streak every day – Oops.  Fell off the bandwagon on a crazy busy day and didn’t pick it back up.
  • 6 or 7 min Plank by Aug 31 – Nope, last I did was a 5:20
  • pre-xmas weight by Aug 31 (carried over from July goals) – this just isn’t really happening. 

Some new goals for September :

  • 7 Grinds
  • 80 kms roads
  • 110 kms trails
  • get in Cathy & I’s trail training runs every weekend – minimum 2 hours
  • do first half of the KneeKnacker course
  • have solid races in MYM, Buntzen 5Peaks, & Surrey Marathon half
  • 2 10X800 Yasso track workouts
  • 2 sub 45 min Grinds



PS – Since August was Nikita’s birthday month, I’ll leave you with some of my fave shots of her from this past month!


Mom’s Weekly Training Recap – Aug 20 – 26 – Week 8

Mom’s 8th week of half marathon training :

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Half Marathon training for the Surrey Marathon Sept 30/12

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Weekly Training Recap – Aug 20 – 26 – Week 8

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Guest Post – Cathy and the Cascades

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Take it over Cath!

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Color Me Rad Vancouver

Last Saturday, me and a few friends participated in the first “color” run to come to Vancouver, the Color Me Rad 5km.

We all had a blast, and I would recommend this run as a fun activity for runners, non-runners, and beginner runners!  You could easily walk the 5 km distance and still participate, or you could push yourself to run the distance.

Here’s my review, and of course pictures from the day!

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This race recap is never going to happen!

Last weekend, Color Me Rad made it’s first ever appearance in Vancouver, and I was lucky enough to take part with some friends.  I’ve been having a tough time getting down to writing this race recap, as I’ve been obsessing over Leadville 100 Mile recaps, which also happened last weekend.

No, I do NOT want to ever run 100 miles, and I especially do not want to fly to Colorado and do it with insane crazy altitude.  After experiencing altitude sickness while climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro last September, I cannot even fathom running at high altitudes.

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TPT Take 2 *Morning Edition*

This Tuesday Mom and I decided to shake it up, and move Track Party Tuesday into a morning workout instead of the late afternoon.

No real reason to do this, other than it’s been really hot and sunny in Vancouver, and it would be nice to beat the heat, morning workouts always feel awesome, and it’s good to try something new.

Here’s what went down:

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Half Marathon training for the Surrey Marathon Sept 30/12

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Weekly Training Recap – Aug 13 -20 – Week 7

This week’s training:  (Monday August 13th – Sunday August 20th)

Seventh week of Half Marathon training for the Surrey Marathon Sept 30/12

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