Color Me Rad Vancouver

Last Saturday, me and a few friends participated in the first “color” run to come to Vancouver, the Color Me Rad 5km.

We all had a blast, and I would recommend this run as a fun activity for runners, non-runners, and beginner runners!  You could easily walk the 5 km distance and still participate, or you could push yourself to run the distance.

Here’s my review, and of course pictures from the day!

Luckily a few months ago, I actually won a free registration from a fellow running blogger from Calgary.  She mailed me this awesome gift card.  I entered the promo code on the back, and voila, free entry!  I believe the cost was $40-$50 depending on how early you registered.

With your registration you received a numbered bib, a colored “RAD” tattoo, a fitted charcoal t-shirt, and a pair of sunglasses to wear during the race to protect your eyes!

The tee’s were super cute, and fit well, and I was quite happy with mine!  They do run a tad bit small, so keep this in mind when ordering yours!

Sunglasses I thought were a great idea, and they came in all different colors on the side, so you could choose a pair to matched your outfit or personality best!

The only issue we had with the packages, was that it was listed as mandatory for someone to pick them up, and the pick-up location was out at UBC, which for all of us, was at least a 30 min drive each way, and in some cases an hour long drive each way.  It turns out that we could’ve picked up our packages the next day, but of course, that wasn’t what they said.  So, a BIG thank you to Angie who drove out to UBC and picked up all of our packages for us!!

On Saturday morning we met up at my house at 730am, and drove out to UBC in 1 car.  We arrived around 8 am, and it was a ZOO!  Fortunately when running the Starbucks Run for Women in June at UBC, my dad found us some free parking, and I luckily remembered where it was.  It was less than a 5 min walk from the venue, and best of all, FREE!

Color Me Rad was offering parking in 2 different parkades at $10, and there was also meter’d parking along the streets surrounding the arena.

Before leaving the car we snapped a nice clean before shot!

We walked over to the start and took some of the professional before pictures, as well as a few of our own :

The run started on time at 9am, and we were off!  Luckily Michelle brought her camera along for the run, and it was so great to have with us!  Thanks Michelle!

Basically we ran an out and back course, and were hit by about 6 *color stations*.  Michelle recently (3 months ago), had a baby(!!) so it was her goal to run the entire 5 km.  I stayed with her and Kelley, and we rocked it through.  We started near the front, so we had no idea what to expect!

Our first color station we were hit with powdered color, and then immediately followed by a squirt gun of liquid color.  We found out that it didn’t taste bad, and it was the best technique (to get lots of color) to run near the side of the aid station, throw your arms out wide, and run really slowly so that as many volunteers as possible could hit you!

We had a blast, and laughed along the entire run!  There was costumes, and funny outfits, and quite a few wedding dresses!  Frankly, I prefer how I “trashed the dress” but it still looked like a ton of fun!

We took a few action shots!

Michelle & Kelley bustin a move :

Kelley & I :

My beautiful selfie – complete with green teeth!

Final color station before the finish:

After we quickly met up with Angie, evaluated our dirty-ness, took some of the professional after shots, and of course, some of our own!

We grabbed some water, hung around for a bit, checked out the booths selling souvieners, and watched some people going through the final color station and finish line.  There was no food or snacks provided, which would have been nice, but I guess it wasn’t terribly necessary.

We made our short way back to our car, and took some more after shots now that we all had our phones!

I don’t think any of us expected to be SO DIRTY.  We thought it would more stick to us, and be less loose powder-y mess.  We luckily brought towels and a change of clothes.  I’d recommend towels for sitting on seats in cars – the powder goes from skin to fabric quite easily, and is a bit annoying to get rid of it all.  Also, I would recommend dark colored clothes, as your change, as they will get dirty as well.  I wore my new Color Me Rad charcoal shirt, and that worked great because it was a darker color.

The run was a charity event for Breast Cancer, but I would say that the amount of information regarding the charity was lacking. Kelley however, did support the cause!

Affordability-wise : I felt like with the swag we received, and the overall amount of color, as well as the low cost of purchasing photos (ranging from 1.99 – 3.99 per digital photo), I thought that this run was a good deal.  Improvements could be made with not having $10 parking lots, having a more accessible package pick-up, having snacks for after the run, and more exposure for the charity.

Overall, it was a super fun experience, and ANYONE could participate!  We had a great time and I’m really glad we did it!  Thanks for joining me Michelle, Kelley, and Angie!



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