Happy Halloween!

I’ve got a ton of posts on the way…October recap, November goals, 2 frittata recipes, a recovery week post, just SO much to say.  But, I needed to take a short time out, to wish everyone a very Happy Halloween!! 

In marrying Jay, I traded up in the pumpkin carving department, and since meeting him, I just pick a picture, and it magically gets carved!  This year, I asked for a Beast Mode pumpkin.  Wonderful hubs designed a logo for me, and then carved it too!

Amazing right??

Have a great Halloween everyone!  Don’t eat too much candy and treats, and be ready for an exciting November coming your way!

Have to be up super early tomorrow to get registered for the Vancouver First Half in February – a Vancouver classic, but it’s limited, and sells out EVERY YEAR, and last year sold out in only 7 hours!  Can’t miss it!



Hallow’s Eve Trail Half Marathon – Race Recap

On Sunday morning, it was time for yet another race!  Shocker…

This time was a favorite fall trail race, on the North Shore, called Hallow’s Eve.  As I’ve run the 10km route 3 times previously, and with graduating to the longer distances this year, it felt only natural to take on the half marathon course.  I easily recruited Katy and Cathy to run it with me.

The short version :

A super technical and challenging course, this race offers a bit of everything, and is a blast to run in the fall, when the trails are wet, the mud and puddles are deep, and there’s virtually no way to stay dry and clean!

Spoiler alert : I finished the race in 2:25:27, which was good enough for 17th female out of 43, and 4/9 in my age group, and 54th out of 106 overall finishers.

Now, for those of you who want to read the extended version, here it is :

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Hallow’s Eve – short & sweet

I’ll get to the official race recap soon, but for now, a little mini recap of today’s race :

  • Hallow’s Eve is a super fun, well organized, reasonably priced fall trail race! There are 2 options for distance – 10km & half marathon
  • This race was supposed to be Katy, Cathy, and I running the half marathon route
  • Katy had to drop the race due to injury, but still was at the start to complete our costume – we were a Canadian flag!
  • Cathy woke up sick yesterday, and felt even worse this am, so she dropped from the Half Marathon to the 10km.  She still had a great time of 1:04:53 and was 10/31 females 30-39, and 38th overall out of 94 overall participants!  Way to go Sicky!
  • This race has tons of sections of super technicality, and tons of inclines/declines
  • Much, much, much hillier than last weekend’s Lake Padden Trail Half
  • It pissed rain all yesterday, but was dry during the race
  • There was tons of mud, and puddles out there, and it was awesome fun!
  • Maybe half of the racers ran in costume, which brings such a fun element to a race!
  • My personal race, was much better than last weekend’s, so my recovery week partially worked, but my body is still feeling a bit off, and I have to admit that I’m probably just not fully recovered from Baker Lake.  It was my first ultra, and I did push it, so I have to expect the recovery time.  However, today’s race was better than Lake Padden, so I feel like I’m on the right path!  Beast mode was not in full affect today, but there was glimpses of it along the way! Good enough for me!

My Official Stats : 2:25:27 – 4/9 females 20-29, 17/43 females, 54th overall out of 106 finishers!

Full recap to come!




Beast Mode ON – Vegas Style

Race announcement!

I’m heading to VEGAS to run in the Rock & Roll Half Marathon on Dec 2nd!

I found out that my twitter/blogger friend Nikki was running it, & going with her hubby, and since we have a trip to Vegas Birthday present collecting dust, I threw the idea out to Jay to go too, and he said sure!

It’ll be my FIRST time to Vegas, and Jay’s third time…this year!  And my first time flying anywhere to run in a race!

So, I need some help!

Must-do’s for Vegas??  We’re thinking of seeing O for sure.  What else??

Running & traveling??  What are your best tips??




Lake Padden Trail Half Marathon – Race Recap

Last Saturday we headed across the border for yet another trail race!  This time it was the Lake Padden Trail Half in Bellingham, WA.

Start/Finish line area at Lake Padden :

The short version :

Love, love, LOVE this race!  Even though I literally struggled through 18 or 19 of the 21 kms, the course, the volunteers, the terrain, the views, the friends, and the overall experience made this a great race that I definitely do not regret running!  Not to mention, a fab weekend with new and old friends!

Spoiler alert : I finished the race in 2:07:19, which was good enough for 36th female out of 135, and 15/36 in my age group, and 117th out of 259 overall finishers.

Now, for those of you who want to read the extended awesomeness version, here it is :

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Lake Padden – short & sweet

I’ll get around to the official race recap soon, aka the long version, but for now, a little recap of the weekend :

  • We had a FANTASTIC weekend overall
  • Lake Padden Trail Half is an exceptional event.
  • Lake Padden area is gorgeous!  And right off the I-5, just 30 mins from the border.
  • Jay, Cathy, Mark & I stayed at Hotel Kim
  • Jessica, Cathy, and myself all finished within 2:07-2:08, and I had predicted a finishing time closer to 2:20-2:30.
  • It rained before and after, but was dry & clear during the entire race!
  • My personal race, was not great.  I struggled throughout the entire race, and only felt comfortable in the last 1.5 kms pushing to the finish line.

My Official Stats : 2:07:19 – 15/36 females 20-29, 36/135 females, 117th overall out of 259 finishers!

Full recap to come!




Books Books Books Books

I’ve been wanting to do a book review post for a while now, but all my RUNNING adventures, keep getting in the way.  I don’t have time to tell you all about them, but all of them are great books which I really, really enjoyed.

Check them out, let me know what you think.  I’d rate all of these solid A’s in my world of reading!




What is Beast Mode?

Been a lot of talk lately about Beast Mode, and since it is something I believe in, refer to, and advise people to find their own, I figured it was only fair that I shared my definition with you.

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Lost & Found : Beast Mode on the Grind

Last night, Terri and I headed to the Grind, and on the way there, we saw sunshine, clouds, sprinkling rain, and pouring rain.  As we parked in the half empty lot, the rain was coming down hard, and we definitely second guessed ourselves.

This was our view out the front windshield :


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