Mom’s Review of her 12 week Half Marathon Training

Before running in her first ever half marathon on Sunday September 30th, I asked Mom to do a re-cap/review of her 12 week training program :

Take it away Momma,

“Initially, I started running as a way to lose weight for my daughter, Solana’s, wedding, June 2011.  I figured I could burn calories faster running than just walking and it worked (dropped 30 lbs in 3 months) and I felt better.  After the wedding, my husband and I did a fair bit of traveling and cruising and I quickly realized that to keep the weight off I really needed to work at it.  Feb 2012, I slowly started to run again to prepare myself for the Vancouver Sun Run in April.  I improved my Sun Run time from the previous year by 14 minutes and felt pretty good about it (2011 – 1:16:12, 2012 – 1:02:06)  Solana convinced me to sign up for another 10k as a way to stay motivated and I continued to plug away trying to fit in some running and some spinning along with my daily doggie walks.

One day, Solana took me running along the Fraser River during our lunch break and she had me run intervals.  It was so hard but afterwards I realized something important—I was capable of running faster!  Who knew???  At that point, a light bulb went on and I decided to take the training a bit more serious.  And it paid off when I got first in my age group and 53rd/467 in the Starbucks Run for Women!  Nothing encourages like success!

After that, I guess I kinda ‘got the bug’ and then Solana threw out the challenge of doing a Half Marathon!  When I decided to take up the gauntlet I knew that I would have to take my training more seriously.  Solana mapped out my 12-week Training Program and I got to work.  I did what I could to follow her ambitious plan for me, but of course, summer traveling got in the way.  And lo and behold I found myself running along the ocean in Campbell River, B.C., and around a beautiful lake in Lethbridge, AB.  You CAN take the running with you!

I only did hill work a few times but saw the benefits and probably should have done it more…fortunately Surrey is a fairly flat course.  I did Track Party Tuesday 5 times and definitely saw the benefits.  I am beginning to learn that I can run faster than I ever thought.  I have done the Grouse Grind about 10 times this year, it’s a great workout and I learned how to find my ‘inner strength’ and that I can push myself harder and harder.  I enjoyed passing much younger people as I sweated my way to the top.  And I did all of the planned long distance runs, many totally on my own, and was very proud of my accomplishments.

I believe that the 12-week Training Program that Solana designed for me has totally prepared me for my first Half Marathon. In the beginning I was intimidated by trying anything new to do with exercise and running but I have now learned that there is nothing to fear. I can do these things and more! I used to procrastinate and whine and feel every little ache and pain but now I JUST DO IT!  I feel really good about myself after every run, after every grind…activity is good for the soul and it makes me feel YOUNG!

I have no goal set for this first Half Marathon…just to finish and enjoy the experience!




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5 Responses to Mom’s Review of her 12 week Half Marathon Training

  1. Carli says:

    So prior to the wedding prep she had not run at all? I only ask because I’m having difficulty running 20 mins at a time. I’m getting closer. Just want a gage to figure out how long it takes to get to awesome. :-)

  2. Carol says:

    Hi Carli: I had never ever run before my 1st Sun Run in Apr 2011 which I ran/walked.

    Some of it really is mind over matter. For me I took small steps and set goals…run 5k w/o stopping, run 5k faster, run 10k w/o stopping, etc., and I positive self talk “you can do this”, “find your inner goddess”, etc. It was hard in the beginning but by going in steps, you build up…I usd to say “I can can stand it if its only an hour” but now I can say “I can do it if its only 2 hours!”

    I was never a runner when I was younger but I guess I have ‘caught the bug” and I do it for myself. I like how it makes me feel after, the sense of accomplishment, and I love the positive feedback that I get.

    It also does not hurt that my daughter lives in our basement and is a running fanatic. She has been very supportive and encouraging, but I find I must listen to my own body as she is 27 and I am 64…not sure she gets that. lol One of the things she has said to me is sometimes if you want to improve you have to make yourself more uncomfortable…you are capable of more!

    Hope this helps!
    Carol (Mom)

    • Carli says:

      Thank you so much for answering me, Carol. It was so helpful. Today I did run the whole 20 minutes (well, run/walk). I’m sure my grandson could easily out pace me and he only crawls. But I received the same advice from you and someone else. It sounds like time first, speed later.

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