Mom’s Weekly Training Recap – Sept 24 – 30 – Taper & Race Week!

Mom’s 13th and FINAL week of half marathon training :

(Monday September 24th – Sunday September 30th)

Half Marathon training for the Surrey Marathon Sept 30/12


  • 5 km doggie walk


  • AM – 2.5 km doggie walk
  • PM – 4.75 walk to/from sushi


  • AM – 2 km doggie walk
  • PM – 8 km walk with Solana
  • PM – 6km race pace – Burnaby Lake with Run Club – 36 min


  • 5 km doggie walk


  • AM – 5 km doggie walk
  • PM – 30 min spin


  • 3 km doggie walk


  • My First EVER Half Marathon in Surrey  1:58:02


  • kms : 27 kms running
  • kms: 35 kms walking
  • running hours : 2.5
  • hours cross-training : .5
  • hours exercise : 3 + 7 hrs walking

Mom’s Thoughts:

“This was pretty much a taper and rest week.  It felt really weird to be doing so little this week, I felt lazy and I wanted to do more, I wanted to climb the Grouse Grind but I did not want to jeopardize my Half Marathon run. The tempo run at Burnaby Lake on Wed was a pretty fast run but my Garmin had quit so I don’t have the pace or time but it felt good and it felt fast.

I have slowly built up my endurance by doing longer and longer runs and I have increased my speed by doing speed work and interval training. I have increased my core strength by doing hill training and grouse grind. And all of this training has increased my confidence in my abilities.

Spoiler Alert: I ran a 1:58:02 Half Marathon and I am thrilled with my results! ” CG


My Thoughts:

Mom did great on her last week before the race, she drank lots of water, got lots of sleep, did less than usual, rested her legs, and was smart about her eating habits.  All in all, a very smart & successful last week of training/tapering.



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