My Review of Mom’s Training

I’ve been documenting Mom’s progress during training for her first ever half marathon, happening this Sunday at the Surrey International Music Marathon.

This post is dedicated to reviewing what the training program was, how closely she stuck to the plan, and what I think she has learned, and will take with into her next program.  Yes, she is already talking about her next half marathon hehe

Looking back, this is what her training program (that I made up) looked like. Full post on her schedule can be found here.

I gave her a very ambitious plan because I KNEW that not all of it would happen, but I knew that if I gave her a super easy plan, not all of that would happen either, so it was good to be on the other end of the spectrum.

Here’s what she actually did :

Note : I have not included any of her walking into this graph, but she walked almost every day, even on rest days, and over the 13 weeks, she logged at least 350 kms over the 13 week period.

Her totals :

Walking kms : 350 kms

Running kms : 330 kms

Grinds : 7 – 57:30 – 62:30

Spinning : 3.25 hours

Overall, for her first ever training program, she did really great.

She was still a bit overwhelmed by hill work and track speed work when we designed her program, and she definitely could’ve benefited from more of both, but she dipped her toe in, liked the different workouts, and I believe now understands their importance in training.

Cross-training was lacking, if you don’t include all the walking, but all the walking is great for you, especially since we live in a hilly area, and you literally cannot do a flat walk around our neighbourhood. So, if we count the walking, her cross-training is pretty good.  I’d still like her to get on the bike more, aim for once a week, for 30-60 mins, in the future as a staple, instead of having it on a planned day, which never rarely happened.

The part that she excelled at, was getting in the LSD (long slow distance) mileage.  This is the most important part of any long distance running program.  The weekly long runs are a needed staple for the development of a newbie runner, or a runner who hasn’t kept up their “base”.  She, without fail, got in her weekly long run, and sometime even went a bit over her mileage (like mother like daughter?)  She kept a consistent pace during these runs, and never pushed herself too hard that she was sore the next day.

The other part she was great at, maybe too great at, was taking days off! Given her age and the fact that she hasn’t been running that long, you can’t blame her, but I still think she could’ve done a bit more overall.

Looking at the 2 graphs the corresponding colors kind of ended up all over the map, but this is ok.  This is actually typical of a training program.  You have to be flexible about where you can fit in what, and how your body is feeling.  It’s ok to go with the flow, as long as you are still keeping the program in mind.  Figure out the essentials that cannot be missed, and then build your program up around those.

Results :

She ran a 1:58:02 for her first ever Half Marathon, and had no major aches, pains, or injuries afterwards.  She finished 2nd in her age group, and exceeded my expectations, as well as her own!




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  1. Carol Green says:

    The way I look at it…I had great coaching, I worked hard, I got the results AND I still had a life!

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