Month of September – Training Recap

Just a quick post to add up September’s training/races, see where I got with my monthly goals, see what’s on tap for October

Total Road KMs :  97 kms

Total Trail KMs : 110 kms approx

Hours running :   21 hrs approx

Cross-training hours (Spinning, Grinds, Strength training) : 4 hrs approx

# of Grinds : 3

How’s my month been? 

Wow, it has been an incredible, jam-packed month.  It’s hard to believe it’s October already, but even harder to believe just how much I did in September.

The month started off with a trip to Whistler for the first ever Meet Your Maker 50Mile trail race.  I did the relay version of this race, running about 30 kms myself.  Recap here.

I underestimated the damage this race would do to my body, especially the crushing my quads would receive thanks to my first leg, which was 8 kms straight down Whistler Mtn.  I had to take a week off after the race, and was in a lot of pain this week.  I forced myself to go with Cath on our long trail run the next Saturday even though I wasn’t fully healed.  So glad I went, because even with the pain, the run helped heal me, and I woke up on Sunday 100% pain free!

Unfortunately this week off threw off my training and most especially getting in Grinds.  I only got in 3 trips up Grouse this month, which is the only disappointing factor of my training for Sept.  I was hoping to get to 30 climbs by closing, but I’m at 22 now, and don’t see it happening.  I’m going to re-vamp my goal to 25, which I think is much more realistic!

Cathy and I attempted the first half of the KneeKnacker, but we failed, miserably.  Read about our mis-adventure here.  We need a guide next time, it’s super confusing!

I think I’m most proud of my resting and recovering this month.  I made really smart choices, and I feel like I really benefited from listening to my body, and really not pushing myself in-between long training runs and races.

I did the 5 Peaks Buntzen Lake trail race on Sept 29th, and I chose to do the shorter, less technical course, as a way to save my legs a bit for the next day’s half marathon in Surrey.  This worked, and I had a great race.  I rocked it out in a time of 1:02:56, which is about 7 mins faster than a very fast training run I did a few months ago along the same route with Sean.  That felt awesome.  I came 3rd in my age group, 7th female overall, and 33/205 total runners.  Very happy with these results, and you can read the full recap when Jay sends me pictures…

The very next day I ran the Surrey Half Marathon, and I knocked out a 7 min PR of 1:47:29.  I felt strong almost the entire race, and I felt like I also could have probably pushed it harder, but I was still focusing on a strong run without killing myself.  Full recap of my race will be up soon…my photographer is a bit slow editing this week!

Why on earth would I not give my all in a race?  That doesn’t sound like me at all! Well…if you haven’t heard, I’m running my first 50 km, my first ultra, on Saturday.  Yes, this Saturday.  Yikes.  Have I been training for this?  Not technically, but the opportunity came up, and I believe I’m ready to tackle this next challenge.  My announcement of this decision can be seen here.

My total km’s were 207 for the month, and I feel great about that # and the amount of effort I put into this month.  For the amount of recovery I did, I really had a bang-on training month, numbers-wise.

I said this end of August - “I feel like my weekly tempo 10kms, and my weekly track speed work has kept me in good enough road shape that if my body is up to it on the day of, dare I say it, I’d be able to knock out a sub 1:50 half.  So, we’ll see come the end of September.”

BAM!  I was right.  I don’t recommend doing majority of your training for a road half on trails, but if you are going to, keep up with your weekly tempo runs, track speed work sessions, and you can probably still rock it.  At least, it worked for me.

I set some goals for September, and here’s how I did :

  • 7 Grinds – 3 only
  • 80 kms roads – 97 BAM!  Crushed it! 
  • 110 kms trails – 110 exactly!  WHOA! 
  • get in Cathy & I’s trail training runs every weekend – minimum 2 hours – BAM!
  • do first half of the KneeKnacker course - tried to…EPIC fail, but was a 4:51 trail run!
  • have solid races in MYM, Buntzen 5Peaks, & Surrey Marathon half – definitely – check out the race recaps here
  • 2 10X800 Yasso track workouts – Only had time for 1 track workout this week, and did 200′s not 800′s.
  • 2 sub 45 min Grinds – not even close.  Did 2 Grinds, 1 BCMC, both Grinds were 47:30

October goals :

That’s all I’m giving myself.  It’s going to be tough running my first Ultra, so I don’t want to put a bunch of goals and pressure on myself, when I really have no idea what my recovery will be like.



PS – Just to prove that I have a life outside of training/running – some non- running pics from September!


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