This weekend I’m running my 25th race of 2012, the Strip At Night – Rock & Roll Half Marathon in VEGAS!

So I came up with 25 facts about my 25 races :

  1. I never planned on running 25 races this year.  I never even planned on running 20!
  2. I only ran 9 in the first 6 months of the yr
  3. I only have VEGAS in December (and Dec 2nd so it almost counts as November)
  4. In the last 5 months I’ve ran 15 races, 11 of which have been on trails.
  5. Of those 11 trail races, 7 were over 20kms long — 3 trail half marathons, 2 30km’s, 1 trail marathon, and 1 50K trail ultra marathon.
  6. I raced over 315 trail kms in 2012, 264 of those in July-Nov.
  7. On roads, I raced over 175 kms in 2012. (including Vegas)
  8.  I earned shiny new PR’s for every. single. distance. 5km, 10km, half marathon, & marathon.
  9. I’ve spent approx $1500 on races over the year (I actually expected this $ to be worse, but yes, it does still hurt.)
  10. I did 3 very high priced events – Tough Mudder, Meet Your Maker, & Vegas – these 3 race registrations alone cost approx $500. OUCH.
  11. The cheapest race I did was a MEC no frills race that cost $15
  12. 5/25 races I ran with my mom.
  13. 3/25 were actually events – Halfway 5K with Sun Run Training group, Color Me Rad 5K, & the  Believe I Can 20K.
  14. The only month I did not race at all in was January.  Funnily enough, I was signed up for Chilly Chase but missed it b/c of being snowed in up at Whistler.
  15. 2 races/events I wore a belly dancing jingle skirt in.
  16. I found a new love for running in skirts this year.  I PR’d while wearing a skirt in the half marathon & 10 km distances.  Skirts make me feel fast and cute!
  17. Jay only ran 1 race this year, and he still beat me!
  18. Although Cath & I do majority of our running/training together, she ran 7 races compared to my 25.  Really shows our difference approach to running vs racing.
  19. I’ve never had anyone make me a sign for a race.  I want one!
  20. 5 races were in the USA – 4 within 1-2 hours driving, & 1 in VEGAS!
  21. I did not have to DNF any race this year *knock on wood for Vegas*
  22. I also did 25 Grinds this year, weird coincidence.
  23. I only wear my iPod for road races, never for trails.  I only update my playlist about 1-2 times per year.
  24. I don’t have a fave race outfit.  Since Jay started photographing my races, I try to change it up and wear different clothing.
  25. I don’t have a favorite race this year.  All are special to me for different reasons.  Such as, my first sub 4hr marathon, mom’s first half marathon, dad’s first time running 10km w/out walking, running through miles of mud in Tough Mudder, my first time running 30 kms on trails, my first time running an ultra, the stunning views while running in Whistler, getting paint shot at us while running, there’s just so many memories that makes so many of this year’s races stand out!

Here’s hoping #25 will be just as amazing!

If you want to read recaps on almost all the races – check out my race reports page!



Beast Mode in a Tu-Tu??

In October, Nikki did the Energizer Night Run in Stanley Park, in a LIGHT-UP TUTU, and when I saw the pictures, I knew I had to have one!  For what?  I didn’t know, but I knew I wanted a rainbow light-up tutu.  To read about her night run, click here.

Luckily, Nikki had bought hers recently, so I was able to order my own from Target.com, and it came and is AWESOME!

Before I had a chance to try it out, Chauncey begged me to put it on him…

That’s totally his “I love being dressed up face…”

Rather see it on me?  Keep reading…

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Lucky Lotteries?

I’ve never put my name in for a lottery for a race.  I did put my name on the wait list for Baker Lake, and I did end up in the race.  But, I’ve never actually had my name drawn out of a hat to be able to race.

In 2013, I’m entering 2 lotteries (so far), the Chuckanut 50K on March 16th, and the KneeKnacker 50K on July 13th.

Both races are in their twenties – Chuckanut in it’s 21st yr, and KneeKnacker in it’s 25th year.  If I had to choose between the 2, the choice would be easy – KneeKnacker for sure.  Local, technical, insane inclines & declines, and really can be summed up in 1 word – GNARLEY.  I’ve run 80% of the course so far, in chunks, and I am reallllllllly hoping my name is chosen.

Chuckanut, well, it’s in Bellingham, which is awesome, because you know we’ve become huge Bellingham fans, and it’s a 50K, which I’ve run quite a bit of, and of course, I kind don’t want to wait till July to run my next 50…

Yes, I know, CRAZY.

Anyways, wish me luck, I guess I’m going to need some to run the races I’d like to run in 2013!




November restart, let’s check in – Week 3

Alright, day 24 of November, which means we have a full 3 weeks of my November healthy restart behind us, and it’s time again to check in.

The last week has been really good.  I got a handle on the post marathon cheats from last week, I did NOT have a cheat day, and I didn’t have any major slip-ups at all.

Overall, I feel good.  I’m not losing weight, which is of course frustrating, but I feel healthy, and most importantly, I feel good, and really, that’s all that matters.

Want the deets?  Keep reading.

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A Thankful, albeit late, Canadian

With all the American tweeps I follow, and my new found BHam friends, it’s the first year I’ve really noticed how widely spaced apart our Thanksgiving holidays are.

Everyone’s writing beautiful posts on everything they are thankful for, and it got me thinking about my own blog, and how I completely missed Thanksgiving.

I didn’t technically miss it.  I was here.  I was just busy.  We had 3 family get together/dinners, and I ran 2 races – Baker Lake 50K, and Granville Island Turkey Trot.

There was a ton of traveling, eating, visiting, and RUNNING.  It was a weekend jam packed with my favorite people, my favorite pastime, and 2 very big accomplishments = my first ultra, & a shiny new 10K PR of 48:13 (on DEAD legs 2 days after Baker).  It was a great weekend.

But, even though I thought about how lucky I am, I didn’t talk about it.  So, backpacking onto the US holiday, here’s my thankful for list, only 7 weeks late!

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2012 in 2012??

At the end of September, I randomly added up my year-to-date mileage, something I’d never done before, and I was at : 1489.25 KMS.  I started thinking that maybe, just maybe I could hit 2000, or even better 2012 for the year.  I just had to run an average of 174/month for Oct/Nov/Dec.

I didn’t want to put it out there as an actual goal because I had no idea what the recovery process would be like after my first ultra.  For example, May & June after my awesome PR at the BMO Vancouver Marathon, were the lowest average mileages of the whole year.  Over May & June, including the marathon I only ran 228.5o kms = 114.25/month.

Really, if the ultra went wrong, or the recovery, I might’ve never made it past 1600 kms.  But, here we are, less than 6 weeks till the end of the year, and we’re looking at a total of 1809.25, leaving me with 202.75 kms to get done.  Over 200 kms is still a lot to get through, but it’s completely possible and do-able, so might as well strive for it.

I’m officially making it a goal. 

I’m going to run a minimum of 2012 kms in the year of 2012.

I have no clue how many km’s I ran in 2011, if I had to guess, I’d guess it was much closer to 1000 then 2000 over the year.  I didn’t run as much, as consistently, or as far as I’ve run this year.  I wish I had kept track, so I’d know exactly how much I had improved, but alas, we’ll just have to celebrate the big milestones – PR’s in every distance in 2012, a sub-4 marathon, a trail marathon, and an ultra marathon.  Been a damn good year.

Next goal, Operation 2012 in 2012, here we go!





Happy Birthday Mike. I miss you.

Today’s post was going to be either about 2012 in 2012, or a lucky lottery for next July, or laying out some race plans for 2013.  But, that’s all on the back burner.

This morning I spoke to my parents briefly, who are on a cruise ship, and spent the morning in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  It was the first cloudy day of their trip, so they were using some free wi-fi at a local bar in town.

While talking to them, I asked them to say a little prayer for my friend Mike, who drowned in Cabo in May, I knew his birthday was around this time of year, but I didn’t realize that it was actually today.

I’d like to say it’s all just a coincidence, but it seems pretty crazy that on his birthday, my parents are there, and it’s the first cloudy day of their trip.  To me, it sounds like Cabo is having a grey day because that’s exactly what it is, a sad grey day.

It should be a great happy day for Mike, but instead, he’s not here.

I miss him.  But, I’m going to wipe away the tears and do exactly what I did the day of his memorial, and what I know he’d want me to do – celebrate what he loved doing, and do what he can no longer do.  Unfortunately the Grind is closed for the season, but I’m going to throw my heart into a workout, in Mike’s memory.

Happy Birthday Mike.  I miss you.

RIP Mike Yang



Phantom Trail Race – Race Recap

Saturday am, I rolled out of bed and looked outside, and it was gray outside, but it was DRY.  I had made the commitment that I would go and register day-of to run the shortest course of the Phantom Trail Race, the 12km, IF it was dry.

So, I nudged Jay out of bed, and off we went.

The short version :

I had a blast.  I ran strong.  I ran fast.  It was a nice change to just run hard and not worry about saving energy.  I love challenging myself on the longer races, but the shorter ones still have a chunk of my heart.

Spoiler alert : I finished the race in 1:16:32, which was good enough for 7th female (technically 6th female, as the MALE finishing in front of me was wearing a female’s bib #) out of 58, and 26th out of 108 overall finishers.  I’m pretty sure this is my best placing in a trail race ever, but I don’t really keep track.

Since it was a shorter race, and I hadn’t even planned on running it, this recap is a nice short one for once!  Who am I kidding?  I don’t do short.  But it’s definitely shorter than my normal recaps.

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Phantom Trail Race – short & sweet

Oh hey, yesterday I ran another race.  Yes, I know, I have problems.  I’ve run the Phantom Race before and really enjoyed it as a cap off to the trail season.  This year, I didn’t register, because it was merely days after the BHam Trail Marathon.  But, my legs were feeling good by the end of the week, so I decided to register on race day, which I’m pretty sure is a first for me!

  • It was dry when I woke up, when we left the house, and when I registered.  Once I started running, it started raining.  I didn’t get too too wet, it was light rain until near the end when it started pissing.
  • I did the 12 km route as a compromise.
  • It was a nice change to run hard and fast, not have to worry about saving energy.
  • I only knew 1 person at the race, they dropped out early due to a pre-existing injury.
  • It was definitely not as cold as last weekend, so I marginally over-dressed.
  • I had no leg issues at all – no seizing, no pain, not even any dead legs!

My Official Stats : 1:16:32 – 7/58 females, 26th overall out of 108 finishers!

Full recap to come!




Bellingham Trail Marathon – Race Recap

I can’t decide what to call Sunday – marathon #3 or trail marathon #1.  Neither Cathy or I, nor anyone I’ve talked to has actually run a trail marathon before.  I don’t think they are very common.  In all honesty, a trail marathon has very little in common with a road marathon, other than the overall distance, which in trail racing, who knows exactly how accurate it is..races never seem to be accurate, and you can always hear people discussing who’s GPS is right.

IMO, a trail marathon is more like an ultra, but an ultra is technically anything over the marathon distance, so it wasn’t technically an ultra, but it also wasn’t really a marathon.  Let’s just go with really fricken long trail race?  That sounds about right…

The short version :

I really enjoyed this race, it had a bit of everything in regards to terrain, and the course was laid out really well.  I saw a few areas for improvement, but really very few for a first time event.  The surprises of the day were how cold it was, and that it snowed on us for 30-60 mins of the race in the Chuckanuts.

Spoiler alert : I finished the race in 5:17:42, which was good enough for 13th female out of 39, and 2/4 in my age group, and 44th out of 90 overall finishers.

Of course, I wrote a way too long recap, but feel free to keep reading!

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