This weekend I’m running my 25th race of 2012, the Strip At Night – Rock & Roll Half Marathon in VEGAS!

So I came up with 25 facts about my 25 races :

  1. I never planned on running 25 races this year.  I never even planned on running 20!
  2. I only ran 9 in the first 6 months of the yr
  3. I only have VEGAS in December (and Dec 2nd so it almost counts as November)
  4. In the last 5 months I’ve ran 15 races, 11 of which have been on trails.
  5. Of those 11 trail races, 7 were over 20kms long — 3 trail half marathons, 2 30km’s, 1 trail marathon, and 1 50K trail ultra marathon.
  6. I raced over 315 trail kms in 2012, 264 of those in July-Nov.
  7. On roads, I raced over 175 kms in 2012. (including Vegas)
  8.  I earned shiny new PR’s for every. single. distance. 5km, 10km, half marathon, & marathon.
  9. I’ve spent approx $1500 on races over the year (I actually expected this $ to be worse, but yes, it does still hurt.)
  10. I did 3 very high priced events – Tough Mudder, Meet Your Maker, & Vegas – these 3 race registrations alone cost approx $500. OUCH.
  11. The cheapest race I did was a MEC no frills race that cost $15
  12. 5/25 races I ran with my mom.
  13. 3/25 were actually events – Halfway 5K with Sun Run Training group, Color Me Rad 5K, & the  Believe I Can 20K.
  14. The only month I did not race at all in was January.  Funnily enough, I was signed up for Chilly Chase but missed it b/c of being snowed in up at Whistler.
  15. 2 races/events I wore a belly dancing jingle skirt in.
  16. I found a new love for running in skirts this year.  I PR’d while wearing a skirt in the half marathon & 10 km distances.  Skirts make me feel fast and cute!
  17. Jay only ran 1 race this year, and he still beat me!
  18. Although Cath & I do majority of our running/training together, she ran 7 races compared to my 25.  Really shows our difference approach to running vs racing.
  19. I’ve never had anyone make me a sign for a race.  I want one!
  20. 5 races were in the USA – 4 within 1-2 hours driving, & 1 in VEGAS!
  21. I did not have to DNF any race this year *knock on wood for Vegas*
  22. I also did 25 Grinds this year, weird coincidence.
  23. I only wear my iPod for road races, never for trails.  I only update my playlist about 1-2 times per year.
  24. I don’t have a fave race outfit.  Since Jay started photographing my races, I try to change it up and wear different clothing.
  25. I don’t have a favorite race this year.  All are special to me for different reasons.  Such as, my first sub 4hr marathon, mom’s first half marathon, dad’s first time running 10km w/out walking, running through miles of mud in Tough Mudder, my first time running 30 kms on trails, my first time running an ultra, the stunning views while running in Whistler, getting paint shot at us while running, there’s just so many memories that makes so many of this year’s races stand out!

Here’s hoping #25 will be just as amazing!

If you want to read recaps on almost all the races – check out my race reports page!



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  1. Carol Green says:

    Love it!!!! You have entirely too much time on your hands!!! lol
    But I guess it helps you to not focus on being sick!

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