Guest Blog Post – Mom’s view on running on vacay

Hey, it’s Carol, aka MOM, and while Solana and Jay are in transit to their own holiday, I thought I’d do a little post on how I handle traveling & running…

First off, it’s not easy, not easy at all, even when you enjoy the running! So many things get in the way.  It’s too hot and if you don’t get out there really early then forget it!  And there is so much going on, so how does one get to bed early enough to get up early?  Especially when our nights look like this :


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Changed my mind…

Recently, I talked about needing luck for upcoming lotteries for two 50K races.  Well, I changed my mind about putting my name in for the lottery for the Chuckanut 50K in March.  I decided that I wanted to keep the rest of the winter and spring for focusing on road mileage, speed work, and my next road marathon.  I’m looking forward to crushing my marathon PR of 3:57:37, yup, you heard that right, CRUSHING IT.

What’s my spring marathon??

…drum roll please…

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My fave winter treadmill quickie

I was planning on going for a RUNch today, but the weather gods weren’t on my side, and I woke up to SNOW!


Yes, I know, doesn’t look so bad, but in Vancouver, the lightest dusting of snow screws up our city like crazy!!

Instead of fighting the morons that come out on the roads whenever it snows (especially the first snow of the season), I decided to work from home.  And with working from home, I can take advantage of a quickie treadmill workout instead of trying to run through the snow and slush that covers the ground outside.

I thought I’d share one of my fave treadmill workouts with you.  It’s super simple, but it’s a great ass kicker.

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Tis the season…


Was a crazy weekend of 2 big family dinners (17 people at 1, 28 at the other – all Jay’s family!), a 36th Birthday, some XMas shopping, and the wonderful “Oh Run All Ye Faithful” Xmas run with our run club, the Burnaby Bushtits!

No time for a full post today, but just wanted to share a few photos from the weekend, and say that I’m down to 44 kms left to hit 2012 in 2012!! I don’t think I’ll make it before holiday vacay, but it’ll be close!





Hope everyone had a great weekend!




Vegas – Rock&Roll – Strip at Night – Half Marathon – Race Recap

Last Sunday afternoon, I did something I’ve never done before, actually I did a couple things I’ve never done before A) ran an afternoon/evening race B) ran a race that I flew to run C) visited VEGAS!

The short version :

This race was much tougher than I expected, and I suffered.  I had a ton of fun running in a tutu, and the experience of running down the Strip was once of a kind!

Spoiler alert : I finished the race in 1:52:56, even though my official race time was 1:53:14, I know my watch was accurate.

I’ve talked about our trip to Vegas in these previous posts, so this is JUST about the race itself.  Feel free to read about Saturday, Sunday, Monday & Tuesday of our Vegas vacay, as well as check out Jay’s pretty photo’s.

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Vegas – Day 3 – Monday

Monday was a bit of a wasted day…We got snagged by a fellow offering us a free helicopter ride over the Strip the following night, and free breakfast to go to a Wyndham Vacation Property tour.  It was supposed to take 2 hours.  It didn’t.

Anyways, we ended up heading to the helicopter tour in a limo, and then to MESA, a Bobby Flay restaurant for dinner, along with a long walk/wandering along the strip, before a nightcap drink (or two) with Nikki & her hubs Mike.

All in all, even with the day part wasted, we had a great overall day/night!


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Yesterday, I ran solo. In the rain.

Yes, I know, sounds like no big deal, but to me, it is.  I rarely run alone, and if I do, it’s a quick Runch, that’s 4-8 kms of tempo.  And usually, almost always, I only run if it’s dry.  I rarely run in the rain, especially when I’m NOT training for a race.

I am not in training for December.  I am taking it easy, just getting the last of my 2012 in 2012 kms done.

But, I haven’t really run since last weekend’s Vegas Half Marathon (full recap will be up soon, promise), and I was craving a run.  So, even after both potential running partners declined, I got up, laced my shoes, and went out the door.

When I started I said, ok, let’s get 10km done.  And less than 2 kms into my run,  something happened, and it almost ruined my run.  I almost turned around and headed home.  I almost said forget this, and went back to my nice warm comfy bed.

What happened?

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Vegas – Day 2 – Sunday – Race Day

I’m going to do a separate Race Review post, but here’s how Sunday went down…

Brunch, wandering, getting ready for the race, finding Jenn, finding Nikki, walking to start, running race, finding Jay, ice bath, dinner with Jenn & Chris, bedtime zzzzZZZzzz.

SO freaking weird to run a race in the afternoon/evening.

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