1:45 Redemption

As you’ll remember, a few weeks ago, I ran the Vancouver First Half, and put out my lofty goal of hitting 1:45.  I know I have a 1:45 inside of me, but unfortunately this race unraveled for me, and I did not hit my goal.  Side stitch/cramp/burning pain under my rib, whatever you want to call it, it got me.  I did run a PR of 1:46:59, but it wasn’t what I wanted.

So, me being the competitive race junkie I am, signed up for another half.  I felt like the lack of Whole30 approved fuel was a bit part of the equation, so I registered for a half marathon right after finishing my Whole30.  This way, I could have a gel without feeling any guilt.

Turns out, that half is this Saturday just across the line – the Run for the Honeywagon - which apparently is a truck used for collecting/emptying porta-potties.  BARF.  I’m ignoring what Google tells me, and pretending the race is named after a local bee farm, and the Honeywagon is where they collect all their honey!

Once again, I’m putting it out there.  1:45 or bust.  It’s go time!!




Trails vs Roads?

Normally, I feel like I really have to focus on my road running, and don’t have time for trails, in the Winter/Spring.  But, since I have such a strong base, and am going to be building up my mileage to take on some pretty scary things this summer, and most importantly, since I LOVE trails, this is a load of crap.

I can do both.  I don’t have to choose.  I do still need to have a focus, but there’s no reason that I can’t run on trails for the sole purpose of having fun.

A pretty simple thought right?  I’m not quite sure why I’ve been fighting myself on this.  If I’m being honest, my true love of running, is on the trails, so why do I give it up for months on end?  Silly, silly Solana.

How’d I get back to this realization?

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Dolla Dolla Bills Y’all


Well, now that my Dietbet is officially over, it’s time to see how much moola I won!

Out of 582 players, 277 players were able to meet their 4% weight loss, and 305 players were not.  From the start, I figured it would be close to 50% of people participating that would “win”, and I was pretty close, as this works out to 47.6%!

And so, my big winnings?


Not exactly a huge amount, but a bit more than I expected, and plus, it’s always a bonus being paid for losing weight!

Now…to decide what to do next??  I’d still like to lose some more weight, but I’m not sure if the stress of another DietBet is right for me.  But, I do my best work under pressure, so maybe it is??  Thoughts??



As Seen In MY City – Snowshoeing at Grouse Mtn

I cannot believe that I neglected to post these pics!  A few weekends ago, Sean, Hilary, myself and Jay, headed up to Grouse Mountain to do a little snowshoeing.  Hilary, Sean, and I have memberships to Grouse (that we use for the Grouse Grind), and so our Gondola up & down was free!  Jay doesn’t have a pass, but being a nice wifey, I paid for him to join us.  When going with someone with a pass, you get 50% off, so his Gondola trips cost $22 total.

We did the Snowshoe Grind which was more challenging than I expected – lots of steep climbs, and then we got a little lost on our way down.  We snowshoe’d for a couple of hours, and it was great fun, but my calves were killing me!!  Oh, and the views were kinda nice…


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Whole 30 – 3 weeks in!

Here I am, 3 weeks into my Whole30 challenge!!  Up until the past few days, I’ve been happily going along, not really convinced that for me Whole30 has changed much, but happy in knowing exactly what I’m eating, and feeling all around really good.  But then, I discovered a possible game changer.


So…what is it?

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Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

In January I decided to join my FitFluential family in a 4 week DietBet.  I decided that the only way for me to go into this, was to get real about my weight, and put it out there for the internet world, as a means of motivating and keeping myself accountable.  I even admitted my real weight to the world.  Scary.  Missed the post?  Find it here.  And my halfway through post here.

So, it’s been 4 weeks, and what happened?

I needed to lose 7.1 lbs.

I lost 7.6 lbs.

winnerAnd in sticking with my being open and honest with the world, I’m even going to share my weigh-in pics…uh-oh!

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Vancouver First Half – Race Recap

My 2nd race of 2013, was not quite as good as my 1st.  It had all the makings of a great race, but unfortunately, it was a struggle most of the race for me, and I did not hit my goal time.

The short version : Nikki, Hilary, Krista, and myself all headed to Yaletown on Sunday am to run one of my favorite road races, the Vancouver First Half.  It was a beautiful day.  All of us had PR’s!!  It was a great day, and although I’m bitter about my race overall, I’m still glad to have been out there running with some 1900 of my favorite local runners in the glorious sunshine!


Spoiler alert : I finished in 1:46:59 officially.  This is a 30 second PR from my last PR at the Surrey Half in September, but it wasn’t the race that I know I have inside of me, and the wheels fell off the bus for me at about 13kms into the race, and I managed to hang on, and still have a grasp on my time goals, when at 18kms, the bus broke down, and I was left limping the last 3 km, and coming in 2 minutes longer than I had hoped and trained for.  UGHHH.  Caution : This blog post is probably going to be pretty whiney. 

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