Dolla Dolla Bills Y’all


Well, now that my Dietbet is officially over, it’s time to see how much moola I won!

Out of 582 players, 277 players were able to meet their 4% weight loss, and 305 players were not.  From the start, I figured it would be close to 50% of people participating that would “win”, and I was pretty close, as this works out to 47.6%!

And so, my big winnings?


Not exactly a huge amount, but a bit more than I expected, and plus, it’s always a bonus being paid for losing weight!

Now…to decide what to do next??  I’d still like to lose some more weight, but I’m not sure if the stress of another DietBet is right for me.  But, I do my best work under pressure, so maybe it is??  Thoughts??



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4 Responses to Dolla Dolla Bills Y’all

  1. Gary Jones says:

    I try to avoid the D word. I try to make choices for my food that reflect life choices. A diet implies I will do it for awhile to lose some weight. I think it is better to come up with solutions to food that would last a lifetime.

    • nikki says:

      I think that’s why Solana and I aren’t totally “into” the whole game of dietbetting. It was a fun incentive to have getting started on those lifelong solutions and hey, if betting keeps someone motivated then I see no problem in that. However, Solana is one of the most disciplined lifelong healthy eaters I know, she is most definitely not a “diet” person! I’ve learned a lot of things about food and food choices since meeting. Pretty cool…

      • Solana says:

        Ya, Nikki’s 100% correct, I’m not a fad diet person, but hard to avoid the Diet word when it’s part of the website you are using as a game to lose weight. I agree it’s all about lifetime choices, and I also believe that it’s an always evolving relationship.

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