Trails vs Roads?

Normally, I feel like I really have to focus on my road running, and don’t have time for trails, in the Winter/Spring.  But, since I have such a strong base, and am going to be building up my mileage to take on some pretty scary things this summer, and most importantly, since I LOVE trails, this is a load of crap.

I can do both.  I don’t have to choose.  I do still need to have a focus, but there’s no reason that I can’t run on trails for the sole purpose of having fun.

A pretty simple thought right?  I’m not quite sure why I’ve been fighting myself on this.  If I’m being honest, my true love of running, is on the trails, so why do I give it up for months on end?  Silly, silly Solana.

How’d I get back to this realization?

Last weekend, Ryland (you’ll remember him as a member of my Meet Your Maker relay team last year, a guy I met off Twitter), Katy (you’ll remember her from running the Surrey Marathon Half with my mom & we played ringette together for years), Jay (you’ll remember him as my hubs), and me headed to the trails!

Ryland, Jay, and I went to the VIMFF Trail Running Night the weekend before, which was fantastic, and of course got the trail love all bubbling inside of me again.  Ryland suggested a 14 km loop out to Norvan Falls and back.  He promised me there wasn’t snow, so I agreed (he lied).

Ryland likes to run the loop in the opposite direction as I do, starting with a hard climb to get the heart pounding & blood pumping, instead of a slow gradual non-technical climb to start.  I still like my way better, but I was willing to try something new.

Katy brought 1 of her parents dog’s Ripley with us, and that was our Fab 5 for the day.


We had a blast.

It started out as a beautiful day near our house, but in the trails, we saw a little bit of everything – sunshine, clouds, rain, a bit of snow falling, and some snow on the trails!


Told you Ryland lied!  But, it didn’t matter.  It wasn’t deep fresh snow, and the trails were 90% clear.  And maybe, just maybe, I don’t hate running in the snow as much as I thought I did…

We stopped for a few minutes at the falls, to grab a quick snack, before heading back.


I re-fueled with an apple, which was totally fine for me.  Special thanks to Katy for bringing that apple for me!


I can’t say how much fun this run was.  It was exactly what I needed, and didn’t even know I was missing.  It was the first run this year really, that’s had absolutely no training purpose.  It was perfect.  It was a huge reminder of how much the trails soothe my soul, and how much I need that time outside.  Not to mention, I got to see 2 friends, that I adore, and don’t get to see that often.

I loved it so much, that I’ve decided that every Sunday should be a short trail run, just to get outside, get moving, and give both my body and my mind a break from the road training.

I mean, look at these smiles – it truly was a fantastic morning out there!


Have you ever made a training decision that you realized was a mistake?  Do you run both trails and roads, or focus on one?



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