Sunday Funday – Squamish50 Orientation Run

After spending Saturday morning on the trails, and hearing that what seemed like everyone was heading out the next morning for the first orientation run that Squamish50 was hosting, I caved and decided I wanted in too.  FOMO is a real thing, damnit.  If you don’t know what FOMO is, then you probably don’t have it, lucky you!

The plan for the day, was the last 23 km of all of the routes – 23km, 50km, & 50mile.  I figured, worst case, I’d run solo for 3+ hours, and best case, I’d make new friends.  This was actually the main reason I wanted to go do this run.  I NEED more trail friends.  I have two 50km races on the calendar in INK, and a third in pencil, and I’m sure as heck not training alone!

I set my alarm for early, and was up and out the door relatively quick.  I only got a few hundred feet though, before I had to pull over and capture a shot of the sunrise.



Yep, I stopped and instagram’d that shot right there and then, before heading out on my drive to Squamish.  That view alone was worth my early wake up call.  Little did I know what else the day had in store for me…

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Cap Crusher – 13km Trail Race – Race Recap

My 4th race of 2013, was also my first trail race of the year.

Amongst the lush greenery on the North Shore, just below Cleveland Dam is an intricate trail system that is not normally raced on.  Personally, I’ve only run through the area during the Seek the Peak race, from what I knew, it’s a well maintained, well groomed area, with tons of little trails all connecting.  When a new race was announced, an early race in the season, I knew I wanted to be involved.

It was small but a super challenging and fun race, and many of Vancouver’s well known runners were out for the inaugural race!  I don’t doubt that this will grow into a much larger race!


Spoiler alert :  I had a blast, and ran the 13 km race in about 1:26.  My personal photographer, Jay was out on the course, and got some amazing shot of the beautiful scenery that we’re please to run in, on a regular basis! 

Check out my full recap & Jay’s pictures…

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Cap Crusher – short & sweet

This morning I had the pleasure of running the inaugural event, the “Cap Crusher” put on by the Coast Mountain Trail Series, the newest trail race company in our area.  This was the first in a 4 races series for 2013.  I’ll have a full race recap up soon, but in the meantime, here’s the cliff notes! 

  • $35 trail race in North Vancouver, start/finish at Cleveland Dam
  • 8 km & 13 km course options
  • Both very challenging courses with lots of elevation gain, and tons of stairs!
  • Super fun race with tons of the local Vancouver trail runner peeps, including superstars Adam Campbell, and MYM50 winner from last year, Mike Murphy.
  • An excellent first time event, I can’t wait to see how this race, and the series as a whole grows!
  • Rob was out photog’ing and he had an awesome spot – I can’t wait to see his pics!
  • My wonderful crew, my husband Jay, came with me and popped up twice during the race – it was great to see him, and of course I love pictures!
  • For the first 30 mins my feet were numb and asleep – I’ve never had this happen during a race, and it was super weird trying to run and feeling like I had wooden boards on my feet.  SO odd.
  • I overall felt strong the entire race, I just ran a good (for me) pace, and just enjoyed myself.
  • The next race of the series is April 13th, Survival of the Fittest in Squamish.  I won’t be there – April 14th is Whidbey Island Marathon – sad to miss, but looks like fun for everyone who can make it!
  • I had one more point, and I have NO IDEA what it was, so I’m just gonna hit post.  Hopefully it comes back to me for the full recap post…

No Official Stats YET : I was somewhere around 1:25-1:26.

Full recap to come!




World Water Day!

Today is World Water Day, and Nikki, who is running the Run For Water Ultra Marathon in May made a special video to share.

Check it out here.

Give it a watch, and then think about whether or not you really need a new workout shirt, or if you’d feel better making a donation to a great cause, supporting a local Vancouver runner, and a very good friend of mine.





Hills, Hills, Hills…

I mentioned in my last post that I recently saw the elevation profile for my spring marathon, Whidbey Island Marathon.  Yes, I knew it was hilly, but I didn’t actually do the research.  It would be safe to say that when I saw the profile – seen here, I freaked out a little a lot.

But instead of hiding my head under a rock, I decided to look those hills head on.


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Whatcha Doing Saturday Morning?

I added another race to my calendar!  Brought to us by the operators of the Squamish50, which I ran the 23km route last summer, this is the first race of the brand new Coast Mountain Trail Series, the CAP CRUSHER!


So…why am I racing a trail race just a few weeks before my road marathon??

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Sunday Funday – Grouse to Deep Cove – Half KneeKnacker

Some people spend their Sundays drinking with friends, going on random day party adventures that they call “Sunday Funday”.  This is doubly true when St. Patrick’s Day lands on a Sunday!  I’m a lover of adventures, but in my world, Sunday Funday involves less booze, more running, and a whole bunch of roots, rocks, mud, and sweat!  And maybe some 4 legged friends for company as well…

That’s exactly what my Sunday was composed of – a perfect symphony of glorious sunshine, a good friend, an awesome pup, and 25ish kms along the Baden Powell in North Vancouver.


Yep, that’s pretty much what our day looked like!

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A little of this, a little of that…

Last week was a bit of an off week for me.  But, I’m not going to bore you talking about the negatives, instead I’m going to tell you about how I ended up twisting the week around to a positive by the end, and ran 82 kms in less than 72 hours.  YIKES.


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Guest Post – Ryland Takes on the YETI!

This morning I have a treat for you, my friend Ryland, who you’ll remember as my random twitter teammate from the Meet Your Maker relay team last September, recently ran the Yeti Snowshoe Race in Whistler, BC.

I asked him to write a guest post on this since I thought it was such a neat event, that isn’t very well known!

Here’s Ryland killing it during the race – all photos courtesy of Rob Shaer, 5 Peaks amazing photog!


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