KneeKnacker – the forgotten bits & pieces

In trying to get my race recap up in a timely fashion (who am I kidding, I’m slower than slow when it comes to writing about my big races!) I might’ve missed a few things, like my splits, my gear, some of my running “strategies”, and some of the TMI topics as well!


So, this is the KneeKnacker 2013 lost & found of my full length race recap.

My splits :

2:01:53  First Quarter – Cypress – 150th place 
1:39:15  Second Quarter – Cypress to Cleveland Dam - 168th place
3:41:07  Overall time to Dam
1:54:02  Cleveland Dam to LSCR – 121st place
5:35:09  Overall time to LSCR
1:56:42  LSCR to finish – 105th place
7:31:50 - 133rd overall place

As you can see, I definitely got stronger in the second half.

Just for fun, compare my quarter splits to Gary’s winning splits :

Me: 2:01:53 / 1:39:15 / 1:54:02 / 1:56:42 = 7:31:50
Gary: 1:19:45 / 59:04 / 1:09:04 / 1:13:37s = 4:41:28

My gear : Salomon, Salomon, Salomon.  Doesn’t matter whether I run for the Salomon West Van Store or not, their gear is the best gear out there!!!  Fun fact – the only thing new since my sponsorship that I wore was my visor and first red shirt – everything else I owned and lover previously.  My amazing skirt, that I reviewed a few months ago here, had become my best friend for trail running, and is seriously amazeballs.  My shirts were just a running t-shirt and a running tank (not sure of exact names, but all Salomon clothes are good – depends on the fabric you prefer), Speedcross3′s on my feets, and my hydration vest filled with Gu’s and water on my back.  Oh, and my newest fave addition to my outfit – the running visor!!  Keeps the sweat off your face, shades yours eyes, but keeps you cooler than a full hat – my only complaint, no women specific, and I’ve got a teeny tiny head, so it’s big on me.  Underwear : Patagonia (love), and Sports Bra : Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra (seems to be chaffing on the longer hotter runs)

TMI – I mentioned multiple times in my recap that I had trouble breathing, what I neglected to mention, was that while running, it’s hard to cough properly, so I was barely getting anything out of my lungs that was constantly building up.  The amount of phlegm that came out after the race was done, was astonishing, and absolutely disgusting.  I probably should’ve tried to cough up a lung at the aid stations when I was stopped, and that likely would’ve helped with the build up.

Also TMI – I lose both of my ’2nd from the big toe’ toenails, and I last lost them after Whidbey Island Marathon, and my “baby toenails” are partially grown in.  I ended up with a blister underneath one of those baby nails, and it was awful feeling.  I will definitely be wrapping my poor little toesies before any races!  Ultra runners are definitely not meant to have pretty feet.  Sigh.

One of my favorite tricks during this run, that I should’ve mentioned in my recap, was that Gemma and I had run the entire course 3 weeks prior to the race, and we had chatted the entire run.  So, while I was going through certain sections, I concentrated on remembering the convo we had had, and that helped me break the race up into smaller chunks.  Also, when she and I struggled the most, I felt strong, and that was a really good mental boost knowing that I’d been in that position and struggling before and not then.

I have been craving a freezie since the race on Saturday.  When Jay and I climbed Kilimanjaro in 2011, when we were close to summiting the top peak, our guide gave us a Red Bull, and some cheese Pringles.  Jay and I never eat those things, but they surprisingly went down really easily (especially considering how dizzy and weak we felt at the time).  Anyways, the week after the climb, we craved Red Bull & cheese Pringles so badly that we ended up buying them at an expensive tourist shop for like $10!!  I think it has something to do with the body feeling like that was the key to succeeding, and then crazing more to succeed again.  Weird thing to focus on though.

I sure hope there’s freezies at future races.  I don’t even think it was the heat, I think it was just a treat on the trail, and gave me a nice sugar rush.  I don’t know exactly why, but it really was amazing.  Freezies for the win!!

You know what else was super cool??  I’ve NEVER had a sign at a race before, and I always think they are so cool, and on Saturday, I not only had 1 but 2 signs out there!!  Talk about awesome fans!!

This little fella is Nikki’s youngest, Riley, who is 2, and has not quite yet decided if we’re friends or not, but he took his spectating job very serious!  Nikki blogged about her day spectating at the KK finish here.


And Gemma’s sign, which makes me look VERY fast on the up’s!


Anyways, I think I’ve covered everything now.

Questions?  Comments?  Throw it at me! 



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    Super Congrats! There’s always those little stories that need to be mentioned;)

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