5Peaks – Buntzen 2013 – Trail Race – Race Recap

My 18th race of the year, was the 5th and final race of the 5Peaks 2013 series, the Buntzen Lake race on September 28th, 2013.


Spoiler alert :  For the first time in what feels like forever, I didn’t struggle in a shorter race.  Of course my race wasn’t perfect, and I still had to fight through to a strong finish, but it’s the first race I’ve really felt like myself, in a long time.  And it paid off, I finished the course 61st out of 145 finishers, 8th overall female, and 3rd in my age group! 

Check out my full recap & some fabulous pictures, like the one above, from the very talented Rob Shaer!

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Weekend Recap

I AM TIRED.  Crazy busy weekend, and I am just pooped, and feeling like in case I’m super careful, I’m going to be very sick, very soon.  And let’s be honest, I don’t have the time to be sick right now.  So that you’re up to date, let’s recap the weekend.

Friday – War Horse at the Queen E.  WOW.  Talk about an amazing play/musical.  Obviously, the book was better, and even the movie was more touchy feely than the play, you were more invested in Joey the horse, and plays can NEVER cover all points, otherwise we’d be in those super duper uncomfy seats for hours on end…Anyways, totally getting off topic, but moral of the story, this play is worth seeing.  And because of how the puppetry is done, it’s probably a better play to be seated farther back, rather than close to the stage, to get the full affect.  Either way, amazing, highly recommend.

Saturday – 5Peaks Buntzen!  With a rainfall warning!  There’s many words to use to describe yesterday, but my favorites are mucky, sloppy, squishy, and wild.  I was dreading this race when the weather report came out, absolutely dreading it.  The reason I showed up to run, other than the fact that I had paid for the series, well, the reason was my friends, my trail family.  And despite the ugly weather, they were out in full force.  And despite the dread, the run was SO.MUCH.FUN.  My greatest strength on trails is downhill technical running, and this course is a very technical trail for the most part, so I took advantage.  My body felt really great, for the entire run, no knee issues(!!) and I lovedddd running this race.  Well maybe like 90% of it, the last 3-4kms kinda sucked, I was being chased so I kept my foot on the throttle (literally) and my left foot started aching in the arch and up into the ankle.

And that brings us to today, Sunday, when I’m supposed to be recovering from a road half at the Surrey Marathon.  Well, I’m not.  I didn’t run this morning, at all.  I took a DNS in hopes of not injuring my foot further, and being able to still race Baker Lake on Saturday.  I did still head out onto the Surrey course to support my friends, in particular, my good friend Nikki.  And as much fun as I had spectating and cheering for multiple twitter peeps, Langley Running Room peeps I’ve met through Nikki, and of course random strangers, it was a nasty day, and I’m now feeling the effects of two days of being out in the gross weather for over 10 hrs this weekend.

Yep, I’m feeling it.

So, now you know what’s up with me.

AND one final reminder, tonight’s the LAST CHANCE to enter my Lake Padden Trail Half Contest!!  Had fun at Buntzen yesterday?  Don’t wait trail racing season to end?  It doesn’t have to!  This is a great race just across the line in Bellingham.  Padden Party!!




Rainfall Warning…

Have you heard the weather report for this weekend??  Rainfall warning. 

Not exactly what you want to hear going into a double bib weekend, is it??

Sigh.  Well, nothing I can do about it now, except prepare myself for the worst, and hope for the best.

And I can dream about it looking and feeling like last night instead…


Yeaaaaa.  It was a beauty of a night.  And you know that feeling after a workout, when you’re like “YES! This is why I do this”??  Ya, it was totally one of those workouts.  So, I’m just going to be thankful for how beautiful Vancouver was yesterday, forgive it for the rainfall this weekend, and hope the sun comes back to play a bit more before Fall & Winter really set in.



Friday Five

If nobody told you yet, it’s FRIDAY, and it’s time for a fun useless Friday post!

Five things I have a passion for
1.  Um duh, running.  Preferably on trails, in the middle of nowhere, but I’ll settle for any running at all.
2.  Inspiring others to get active.
3.  Friendships.
4.  Getting deals when shopping.  And finding presents that people actually like.
5.  Beaches.  Mexico.  Coffee.  Sushi.  Animals.  Ya, ya I know, way more than 5.

Five things I’d like to do before I die
1.  Rim2Rim Grand Canyon
2.  Epic Stage Race in Europe
3.  Travel.  Lots.
4.  Weigh 140 lbs.
5.  Have a personal chef.  And a personal trainer.  And maybe a butler?
Five reads I love
1.  My Life on the Run – Bart Yasso
2.  ALL of Jodi Picoult’s books
3.  Wild – Cheryl Strayed
4.  Little Princes – Connor Grennan
5.  The Long Run – Matt Long

Five favorite movies
1.  Ever After
2.  Rent
3.  Clueless
4.  Lion King
5.  American History X

Fives places I want to travel to
1.  Colorado
2.  Greece
3.  Australia
4.  Costa Rica
5.  New York

And a bonus funny picture to brighten your day!


Have a great weekend!  I’ll be doing a double bib weekend as long as my knee co-operates, running the last 5Peaks BC race of 2013 at Buntzen tmrw, and the Surrey International Music Marathon half on Sunday!  (Registration still open for Surrey, but only in person at the expo!)



5Peaks Ladies of the Trails – Spotlight on…Hilary

While Hilary hasn’t technically made it out to a Ladies of the Trails event since it became an official group, she was part of the original runs that launched the whole idea, and she has a really good reason for not being around lately…she just got back from a month of traveling – Europe & San Fran combo!  Plus, she was out running in the pissing rain on Sunday, even though she was puking Thursday/Friday…Yep, she deserves a spotlight!


Hilary is a random that I “collected” at Seek the Peak 2011, and I haven’t been able to get rid of her since…

She’s one of the toughest girls I know, and we both suffer from the same running problem of always wanting to be moving, and never wanting to say no to a run or a grind with a friend.  Hilary WAS only a Grinder when I met her, and now, well, now she’s run the Squamish50K (signing up 2 weeks before on a whim), and is part of the Baker Lake Party coming up October 5th!

So, shall we hear from Hilary?

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Just Running in the Rain…

So, now that you’re completely bored of all of my vacation posts, it’s time to jump back into my real world, my running world!

My running has been struggling lately.  I’ve got some tweaks that are not going away, and my body has just in general not felt 100% on a run, in quite a while.  This was the reason I left my runners behind for our week in Cali, and I actually took off 7 full days.  My hope had been that I would come back raring to go, feeling refreshed and strong.  Nope.  Didn’t happen.  But, I’ve still got a few tricks up my sleeve, so don’t count me out yet.

We’re in that in between season of trail running, that is perfect when it’s dry, and miserable when it’s wet.  Sunday was a miserable day.  But, at least this is where we got to run…

photo 1Gorgeous right?  That just so happens to be Buntzen Lake.

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California Dreamin’ – Disneyland & California Adventure Park

The last of my posts from our California Vacay!  I know some of you enjoy hearing a different, non-running side of my life, and I know others are ignoring these and wishing I’d post some more trail running pictures.  Bear with me, this is the last vacay post for a while!  We’re super busy this fall with tons of events and races happening.  Speaking of which, my Lake Padden Trail Half giveaway is still open, and with only 26 entrants, your chances are 1 in 13 of winning free entry to the race on Oct 19th!  More details here.

Back to our Disney adventures!  With our City Pass we had 3 days at Disneyland and California Adventure Park, with a park hopper pass.  Park hopper means you can go back and forth between the 2 parks as many times as you want that day.  And we did!  We were in both parks multiple times both days and loved the flexibility of it!

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California Dreamin’ – Universal Studios

We were on a tight schedule to fit everything in that we wanted to do, so we set an alarm for the morning after the wedding, and thankfully, we hadn’t had tooooo many drinks, and were on the road pretty early to head back to Newport.  We had decided to head to Universal Studios, since it’s on the other side of LA, and we figured Sunday traffic would be better than Monday or Tuesday.

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California Dreamin’ – Sea World

I’m trying to get all caught up in our California Vacation post, I’m trying really hard!

So far I’ve told you about staying in Newport Beach, visiting Solana Beach, & my cousin’s La Jolla Wedding.  Next up, our visit to Sea World!

The wedding had a later ceremony of 5:30, so we had the tough choice between visiting Sea World or exploring the beaches and high cliffs of La Jolla.  I would’ve been happy with either choice, but Jay’s not really a beach person, and he found that there’s a “City Pass” which is a discounted purchase on 1 day Sea World, 1 day Universal Studios, and 3 days park hopper to Disneyland & California Adventure Park.  We did the math and found out that even with only 2 days at Disney, we’d still be saving money.  So, off to Sea World we went!

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California Dreamin’ – Solana Beach & La Jolla Wedding

In heading down to California for my cousin’s wedding, I wanted to do a few things, one of which was non-negotiable, and that was Disneyland, but I also wanted to go back to Solana Beach if it wasn’t too far.  When I was 14 (maybe??) we drove through the small town, and I really don’t remember it, and wanted to take a peek.

Luckily, it was actually on the way to La Jolla, where the wedding was, so we stopped for a pit stop on the drive down.


We were on a bit of a tight schedule, so it wasn’t a long stop, but it never gets old seeing your name everywhere.  Especially when it’s a unique name that you never see!

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