5Peaks Ladies of the Trails – Spotlight on…Dianna!

On Tuesday, while I was spending time at the Happiest Place on Earth, Disneyland, my trusty friends stepped up to lead the weekday Ladies of the Trails.  Katy, Dianna, and Candice I hear did a fantastic job, and we had our biggest turnout of a weeknight run so far – 10 ladies!


So, it’s only suiting to spotlight one of my run leaders, Dianna!  I met Dianna through Twitter.  Hard to believe it’s only been a year since we met in person at the 5Peaks Buntzen race.  Which is a great time to mention that the orientation runs of the Buntzen courses are happening this Saturday!!  Details here.

Anyways, Dianna is a fantastic person, she’s always there for her friends, and even random strangers, she’s just that caring and giving of a person.  She’s easily taken a spot in my life and in my heart, and I’m super glad that the random world of twitter brought us together.

So…let’s find out how Dianna got into running…

1) What brought you to running in the first place?

What brought me to running – I started back in 2008 and did the BMO half marathon, I had no idea what I was getting myself into and thought it would be a piece of cake… boy was I wrong. At the time it was probably one of the hardest things I had ever done in my life and from there I was motivated to become a runner.

2) What has been your biggest accomplishment since you started running?

My biggest accomplishment since running has probably been knowing that I can do anything I set my mind do. The biggest goal last year was completing my first full marathon. I had ran tons of half marathons and decided I needed to push my limits so I signed up for Portland Full. As runners we experience the highs and lows of training and races, running Portland full was so much more than I thought it would be. Humbling experience for sure.

3) How did you discover trail running?

I discovered trail running through you (Solana) I had touched the trails a couple times in the last couple years but nothing compared to this year. Solana was the constant motivation to register for the next race and then the next race and then the next race. After Portland I didn’t want to run but with some motivation and help from Solana I was out there enjoying something I really love. I never in my dreams would have thought I would have been racing trails in last 6 months. My first trail race was Gary’s Buckin’ Hell and I loved the idea that you could run downhill as part of a race. I had the best time ever and from there it just became part of me.


4) What do you feel like is different about running on trails than roads?

I am completely at peace when I’m on the trails, its a whole different world out there. You’re not watching the clock, you’re not checking pace, you’re just out there to enjoy the beauty of our mountains. By far another favorite part about the trails is the downhill..ask anyone, I love them. There’s just something amazing about running down a trail…I feel like a pro! HAHA. Another thing that is completely night and day different from road running is this tightly knit trail running family that we’ve become a part of. All I can say is I’m so lucky to be part of a unique community and I wouldn’t trade any of it. The experience has been amazing and I have come out of it with amazing friends that I love.


5) Do you have a trail running goal for the future?

The big goal is running my first 50km (Baker Lake Party!!) in less than 4 weeks. I’m excited and nervous all at the same time but I know with the support of my friends and everyone racing, we’ll crush it!


Dianna is really the epitome of the word amazeballs.  Since knowing her, Dianna has been my North Shore Search & Rescue during long training runs gone wrong, a live tweeter for Trail Runner Canada, a cheerleader, a crew member extroidinaire, a booster juice partner in crime, and a constant source of positivity, kindness, support, and love.  She’s an amazing addition to the Ladies group, and when she’s not there to have dance parties in the trails, her presence is missed.




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  1. Cathy says:

    The first time I met Diana (at the 5 Peaks Alice Lake race) we were standing at the finish and I said, “Who is this Diana girl? She’s the most bubbly person I’ve ever met!” Keep up the smiles and random mid-run dance parties!

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