I’m Backkkkkkk!

So…we’re back!!  And I’m feeling terribly swamped.  It’s just amazing how much can pile up in just a week.

Before I say anything about our trip, I have to say thanks to my fabulous guest bloggers James & Cath for providing us with great posts while I was away, as well as a thank you to Dianna, Candice, and Katy for leading the 5Peaks Ladies of the Trails Tuesday night run.

So, how was my week in Cali without running shoes?  Did I get to see Minnie & Mickey at Disneyland?  Did I eat my weight in churros & dole whip as suggested by Nikki??

I know you’re dying to hear the answers to these burning questions…so without further ado, here’s the scoop!

I didn’t miss running.  We jam packed the week with tons of fun stuff, and I realistically didn’t have very much free time that I could’ve been running anyways.  I’m glad I gave my body a break, while still walking a shit ton during the week.  And I got to rock this spiffy Under Armour kicks that I was sent during the What’s Beautiful campaign, and I felt so stylish (not to mention comfortable), walking around in these!

2013-09-10 20.04.13

I did not go running up to Mickey & Minnie and in fact only ended up with pictures with Goofy & Doug from UP!  But, I embraced my inner child, went on every ride possible, was always smiling and laughing, and enjoying our time away!  I posted some of my fave pics from our trip on my instagram if you want to check it out here.

2013-09-09 22.50.52

Jay and I shared ONE churro & ONE dole whip between the two of us.  Nice work will power!  But…we didn’t say no to cinnamon yam fries with marshmallow (yes, marshmallow) dipping sauce, and ice cream, and clam chowder in a bread bowl!  Ooops.

2013-09-05 16.53.01

In all honesty, I’m actually quite proud of the fact that even though we had some treats, we actually ate pretty well for being on vacation.  It’s HARD to eat healthy while traveling, especially when my definition of healthy is paleo based, which means that easy things to grab, like sandwiches are a no go.  We did eat at Chipotle, which we both loved, and I hope Vancouver gets one soon!

But, the truth of it is, even though I feel like I did pretty good on a overall scale, and I came back to not gaining a pound, my body feels like crap.  It feels bloated, slow, sluggish, creaky, and just overall crappy.

Jay and I went and did the Grind yesterday with our friend Terry Bremner, and I just about died.  I was melting on the hike, due to not only the extreme indian summer heat, but the toxins sweating out of my body made me feel queasy, dizzy, pukey, and out of breath.  I had one of my slowest grinds of the year, but you know what, I still finished.  Still moved my ass up a god damn mountain.

I hear you body, I hear you LOUD AND CLEAR.  No more junk!

And with that, an announcement.

I’m doing another DietBet.  If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that these worked to give me a kick start at the beginning of 2013, and that after letting myself get up to 178 lbs after the holidays, I slimmed down to 157 after a couple of months of doing back to back to back DietBets.  The motivation just works for me.  The accountability of putting the truth of my life out there, and having to answer to well, you works for me.  Can’t argue when you find something that works for you.

Anyways, as I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I was maintaining 160, and pretty happy with that, but over the summer, I’ve creeped back up to 168.  Yes, it sucks.  It’s just that even when I’m doing the running I’m doing, I can’t rely on it, and treat myself on a regular basis.  I have a sweet tooth, and once I get started, I just can’t stop.

So, long story short, my Dietbet starts tomorrow, and I’m not sure of the exact numbers yet, but I’m starting around 168, and want to be at 158 by October 13th when my Dietbet ends.  (I’ll probably need to weigh out closer to 161, but I want to be back in the 150′s, so I’m going to aim high!)

The fall is an excellent time f0r me to get back into some awesome healthy habits, and I’m ready.  I know how much the crap I’ve been putting into my body affects me.  I can see it clearly, and I’m ready to make that change for the better.  And even better, I’m EXCITED for this change right now!  So excited to be eating better, feeling better, and fueling my body the way it deserves.

Of course, I’ll keep you posted.  But, if anybody wants to join me, you can, it’s a $30 bet, and you have 4 weeks from Sept 14 to Oct 13 to lose 4% of your body weight, and everyone who loses their 4% splits the pot.  Details can be found here.

I won’t say wish me luck, because I know I’m going to crush this.  Like I said, I’m excited, I’m ready!



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5 Responses to I’m Backkkkkkk!

  1. jencloss says:

    I’ve never heard of DietBet, but I’m intrigued. Do I just sign up and join any game?

  2. Lee says:

    There’s a Chipotle downtown next to the chapters on Howe I eat there all the time!

  3. Terry Bremner says:

    Solana you are mean.. I luv challenges.. but it is a challenge that I can’t take you up on.. So, I will do whatever I can to help you.. Lets do it, I am excited..

  4. Nikki says:

    You really should have eaten the whole churro… :) Glad you guys had a fun trip and glad you’re getting back on track. The fall is such a good time for doing that.

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