Happy Halloween 5K

I’m lucky I have a Momma bear that is also a victim of my favorite concept, FOMO.  Like mother, like daughter.  This afternoon after work, I decided I wanted to go for a little neighborhood run to check out the Halloween sights.  I asked her a couple times but she wasn’t really budging, until I came upstairs….in costume!  I had bought a Superman tank at Walmart last month, paired it on top of a lulu long sleeve, and added my red tutu for some style and class!  After a short whine about not having a costume, she was sold when I brought out an easy outfit for her – grass skirt and lei!  And there you have it, FOMO strikes again!

2013-10-31 17.37.56So, what’d we find on our run??

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Random Thursday

I’ve got a ton of posts in my head and a few even half written, but I’ve been SO busy lately that I haven’t had a chance to sit down for some quality blogging time.  So, today’s blog is a bunch of random, all rolled into 1 post!

Let’s call it Random Thursday.

For starters…

  • Who knew STREAKING would be so popular??  Yesterday, I announced my commitment to running 3K every day in November along with Hilary and Candice, and before I knew it, others wanted to join, and it’s turned into a dare I say it….streaking party??  The rules are simple – run 3K every day in the month of November, and there may be some random prize draws between everyone who completes the challenge!  To join the game, add your name here!
  • It’s Halloween!!  Unfortunately, we don’t get many trick or treaters to our house, but the few that come, get spoiled, as I give them handfuls of candy each!
  • Where did October go??!  I swear it’s not November tomorrow!  That is insane.  This month flew by, and now I only have 5 weeks until San Fran, and 8 weeks till Christmas!!  Say what??  Initiate panic attack now…
  • There’s a new BEAST in town, and it’s my grandma.  Gram is wearing the coveted Beast costume from Friday to the Senior’s Centre today.  Let’s hope she can get her iPhone (Yes, my 89yr old Gram has an iPhone) to work, and takes some photos for me to share.  I’m pretty sure she’s going to look cuter than me…
  • Accidental tempo run???  Yesterday’s run deserves it’s own post, but I literally raced to the car dealership to pick up my car before it closed.  Mariah and I ran the 8km from my house down to the dealership, and didn’t really do the math very well, so we were racing to beat the clock.  Not recommended…
  • I’ve been resting.  I took Saturday – Tuesday totally off.  I got a massage just on my feets (surprisingly not as good feeling as I expected – owwie), I resisted racing Hallow’s Eve on Sunday, and instead gave back to the community by volunteering.  Oh, and I had a weird migraine that led to puking on Monday.  Ya, my mileage is low for October, but it doesn’t matter.  Not important.
  • My arches still hurt.  I’m mildly worried about running a 50-ish K run on Saturday night.  Did I mention that party grew too??  It’s now Shea, Melissa, Me, Hilary, Candice, Jessica and Dave!  At least I’ve got my homies with me.  Speaking of homies, my favorite picture from Friday’s event at Salomon West Van is probably this one of Nikki with her homies.

1379417_10151658818892271_1950547648_nHahaha yes, this is the perfect picture for Random Thursday.  I wish I had thought to take this same shot.  Ah the joys of being the organizer and being busy running around like a chicken with my head cut off!

Now that almost a week had passed, I can confidently say that last Friday’s Glow Run was a huge success, and I’m excited to bring a Christmas event to life next!  Yep, stay tuned, details will be released soon!!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Halloween!  Don’t eat too much candy, eh??



5 Peaks Pumpkin Carving Contest

Having writer’s block when it comes to what to carve into your pumpkin this year??  How about something that just screams 5 Peaks or trail running??  A runner going up a mountain?  A Salomon shoe splashing through the mud?  How about your dog out in the woods?  Or your favorite peak to climb?

5peaks Carving

The possibilities are endless, and the best part is, there’s a free race entry up for grabs for the best carving!  So, get off your butt, and create the best trail running pumpkin!  When you’re done, send it to me at solana@5peaks.com by Sunday Nov 2 at 8pm.

Good luck!



5 Peaks Glow Pictures!

Sorry guys, I woke up this morning with probably the worst headache in years, and pretty much immediately made friends with my toilet.  I can’t remember the last time I puked, and it’s been a pretty terrible day.

I don’t have any energy to post today, but luckily Rob posted some awesome shots from Friday’s event, so here’s a few faves, and you can check out the rest on Facebook here.

971482_737989142892747_38266646_n 993682_737989382892723_1876596154_n 1394082_737989562892705_1469540148_n1382790_737989736226021_585330133_n

Ok, back to bed for me.



Last Night, Thank You!

I definitely will have a full recap with tons of awesome photos from last night, but in the meantime, in case you were wondering, here’s the cliff notes.

I had the privilege of getting to organize AND actually run the event last night.  Me and 75 of my closest friends (who am I kidding, I didn’t know everyone that came!), went for a run, in the dark, in the woods, and I ran wearing a bad ass white tiger (beast) costume!  Say what??  How could anything be cooler than that??  Oh I know, add in some guys running in drag, a bunch of glowsticks, and coming back to the Salomon West Van store for shopping, blueberry pie, hot blueberry juice, and TONS of prizes and goodies!!

Yep.  Amazing.

Everything went so well, and I’m so thankful for all the support and help I received from friends, family, sponsors, and even strangers.  THANK YOU for helping me put on such a unique and fun event!  I can’t wait to get brainstorming and planning another crazy event!  Who knew that I could turn my skills for party planning, and my love for running into such a fun little hobby?!!

Happy Halloween Weekend!




Oh I’m a busy little bee getting things prepped for tonight’s event!  It’s pretty crazy that a random idea I dreamed up one day is turning into a reality, and my very first “real” event.

I used to host a ton of house parties and plan other small events for friends, so I hope that my party planning skills are transferable and that everything will run smoothly tonight.  **fingers crossed**

I still need raffle tickets, apple cider mix, and whipping cream, but nothing like a few last minute pick-ups to make things exciting!

The Facebook event is at 71 RSVP yes’ currently, and while that slightly terrifies me, it’s a good thing, a great thing, and this is going to be an amazing glow in the dark running party.  How can it not be, it’s a recipe for F-U-N!

Anyways, if you don’t have plans tonight, you should consider coming out for our event, it’s going to be a great party!

5peaks - Halloween 8k Fun Run

A big huge thank you to everyone supporting me in this event, especially my “course manager” James, my “head of decorations” Nikki, my “costume designer” Melissa, my “chair of homemade baking” Candice, and my wonderful do-it-all hubs Jay who happened to ask me last night “Am I wearing a bra tomorrow?”  Priceless.  If nothing else, that gem of a quote, along with the laughter over seeing his full costume last night is worth all of the work put into the event.

Also, big thanks to my sponsors for helping me make this vision a reality – 5Peaks, Salomon West Vancouver, and Bremners for the constant amazing support, as well as Cariboo Brewing, Kicking Horse Coffee, and VEGA for the awesome products!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  Now, let’s go run in the trails!!



Whidbey Island Party

I’m not sure if I ever actually told you guys, but I decided to run the Whidbey Island Marathon like I did this spring (2013) again in 2014.  You probably remember, this marathon was a bittersweet 22 minute PR for me.  I ran it officially in 3:35:51, and if you’re a road runner, you know that to qualify for Boston, I needed a 3:35:00.

This was also the day before the Boston Marathon bombings.

To say the least, it was an emotional couple of days.

I’m going back to Whidbey for the 2014 race.  But this time, it’s going to be different.


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5Peaks Ladies of the Trails – Spotlight on…Cathy!

You may have been wondering when I’d get around to spotlighting Cathy, and you may have even been wondering why Cath hasn’t been doing a ton of running with me lately.

Well, I’ve been strategically (and patiently) waiting for the right time to tell you, that Cathy and Mark are pregnant!!!  Eeeeeek!

Cathy and Mark at the end of the Enduro course at 5Peaks Buntzen Lake 2013:


Yes, Cathy is trail running while preggo!  Amazing!  So, let’s take a step back and find out how Cath became a runner in the first place.

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Lake Padden Trail Half 2013 – Race Recap

My 20th race of the year, was my second running of the Lake Padden Trail Half in Bellingham, WA.

One of my favorite races from 2012, I knew I had to go back and run it in 2013.  But, my body hasn’t gotten the memo either year, that this is a fun race to run!  It has revolted both years, and unfortunately, I’ve had to drag my ass around Lake Padden 2 years in a row.  Sigh.  At least I had a great time with my friends!


Anyways, the full recap, including photo’s from my wonderful husband and crew is now ready for you…

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