5 Peaks Ugly Sweater Holiday Trail Run Reminders

Ok, we’ve only got 2 more sleeps until we close out the trail running season with the running party of the year!  I’ve compiled a point form list of everything you need to know/bring/do:

  • UGLY SWEATER!  You need one of these.  If you can’t find one that’s festive enough, or ugly enough, pro tip : use an old sweater, or a cheapie from V V Boutique, and go to the dollar store, and add actual decorations to the sweater.  You don’t even need to be crafty to literally hang ornaments off yourself!
  • $20 Cash.  This is your admission fee!!  You will receive with this you run, a fun Christmas themed marked course, refreshments, a souvenir, some samples, and TONS of potential to win prizing!  **kids under 5 are free **
  • Christmas Baking – totally optional, but there is a competition, and all you need to do is bring your baking to enter.  Participants will vote, and the winning baked goods will receive an entry to a 5 Peaks race of their choice for 2014 (or Yeti race!)
  • Outerwear for the Homeless.  We are collecting jackets, coats, scarves, toques, gloves, etc – anything warm that you’d like to donate.
  • Your friends, family, co-workers!  This is an event for one and all!  You can come ANYTIME between 8-12, and run or walk, as many or as few laps as you want.  1 loop is approximately 4K. 
  • If you’re driving, you’re parking at the lot at the very end of Lilloet Road with all the speedbumps.  If you are taking transit, you are going to End of the Line Cafe (Lynn Valley Road & Dempsey) and walking 1K to the Learning Lodge/Gazebo.
  • Warm change of clothes – Bring a jacket at the very minimum, but it’s always handy to have some dry clothes so that you have the option of hanging around, socializing and not freezing your buns off.
  • Your Holiday Cheer!  I’m so excited to see new and old friends, and provide an opportunity that allows everyone to be involved, be social, be a part of the amazing trail running community that we have here in Vancouver.
  • Your Smile!  The one and only amazing photographer for 5 Peaks in BC, Rob Shaer is going to be at the event on Saturday, and capturing our ugliness in photos!  YES!
  • By the way, for those wondering, the course has been set, and we’re part on the closed Seymour Valley Trailway road before going into the Circuit 8 trail for some nice rocky rooty muddy fun!
  • Last but not least….I cannot stress this enough – I am GIVING AWAY one Season’s Pass for ALL 5 of the 5 Peaks 2014 races.  You MUST be registered for a Season’s Pass to be in the draw.  ALL registered runners who attend Saturday’s run will be entered in the draw.  This prize is worth over $200, and the odds are VERY GOOD to win!  If you plan on running 3 or more of the races for next year, the best value is to purchase your pass now, plus you receive one of the 500 limited custom 5 Peaks 2014 tech shirts.  Registration is happening now here!

Hope to see everyone out there on Saturday!



24 Days of Christmas Karma

The #beaststreak was such a popular community challenge, that a couple of us got to talking, and decided to do something for December too.  Don’t worry, we’re not RUNNING everyday!  Instead, we’re going to pledge to do something good for your body, mind, or soul, every day in December, leading up to Christmas.

With the help of some amazing friends, I’ve compiled a list of 24 things for you to do – 1 each day.  And trust me, there’s lots on this list that have nothing to do with running, and are do-able for everyone!

So, I’m asking you to commit to 24 Day of Christmas Karma with me.  The rules are simple, just do all these things before Christmas, ideally one a day, but if you do 2 or 3 in 1 day, no biggie.  And you can do them in ANY order you choose.

  1. Snowshoeing (if you don’t happen to live in a place where that’s possible, go for a run in the sand)
  2. Buy lunch for a friend, co-worker, family member
  3. Bake cookies (or buy a box of donuts if you are baking stupid), and randomly drop them off at a seniors centre.
  4. Go for a run without a watch, cellphone, music, no technology whatsoever!
  5. Give a minimum of 10 hugs in 1 day.  I should mention, this means 10 different people!
  6. Don’t text for an entire day.  If you want to say something, pick up a phone, and phone your friend.
  7. Do a double run day – one in the am, one in the pm. (hint – doesn’t matter how long each run is!)
  8. Make a Christmas ornament – you choose whether to keep it or give it away.
  9. Give the gift of a race registration for you and a friend to do together.  (there’s tons of inexpensive races out there)
  10. Climb the BCMC or if you don’t live local, find the tallest building you can, and climb up, up, up, a total of at least 45 minutes of climbing (take the elevator down in-between)
  11. Donate something.  A coat, some canned goods, your choice, just make a donation.
  12. Ask a friend or random you don’t normally run with to take you on their favorite route.
  13. Offer to baby-sit, or dog-sit, or dog walk, completely for free – friend or random!  Well, maybe not a totally random baby…
  14. Write a letter, postcard, and send it real mail, to whomever you choose.  (Preferably me!)
  15. Read 1 book in December (hint : it doesn’t matter how long it is)
  16. Ice skating!  (or rollerblading for anyone without ice arenas…) **hint you could offer to take friend’s kids ice skating and knock off this and babysitting at the same time!!
  17. Yoga.  At least 1 practice.  In a studio, at home, doesn’t matter.  Jen C is going to be leading a class for some of the Ladies of the Trails that you can attend if you want as well – details to come.
  18. Volunteer.  Your choice where, when, how.
  19. The age old pay it forward – in a drive thru, or in a coffee shop, just make it happen.
  20. Reconnect with someone you’ve been meaning to.
  21. Try a food you haven’t tried before – can be a new restaurant style, or a vegetable you’ve never cooked – be creative!
  22. Go for a run and say “Hello” and “Merry Christmas” to everyone you see.  Bonus points if you sing a carol too.
  23. Eat vegetarian and no processed foods for one day.  You must make everything that goes into your mouth.
  24. Last but not least…Take a family member for tea, preferably an older member of your family that you don’t get to see very often one on one.

There you have it!  24 things that you can easily get done in the first 24 days of December to make yourself feel good – body, mind, and soul.

Join me, in the 24 days of Christmas Karma!

Oh and PS – The Ugly Sweater Trail Run is happening this Saturday!!!  Don’t forget to get your ugly sweater ready, bake some Christmas goods to enter our baking contest, and dig out some outerwear to donate to the homeless at our event!  All details can be found here, and I’ll be doing a reminder post tomorrow :)




I don’t feel like finishing and posting anything that’s currently in the queue right now.  Partially because nothing is close to being done, and I’m swamped!!  So, instead, I’m going to give it to you in point form where I’m at today.

  • The #beaststreak is hard.  But, it’s getting done.  Day 26 yo.
  • I have some fantastic sponsors and people in my life.  Picked up prizing for Saturday and I have MEC swag, 5Peaks swag, and Salomon swag direct from Salomon West Van!  I’ve got Vega samples for runners, and our secret holiday souvenirs came and are so cute!!  Also, my favorite local farmer, Bremner’s is bringing water and hot blueberry juice!  Amazing!
  • I am OBSESSED with The Walking Dead.  I avoided this show for so long, and now I’m literally addicted to it.
  • I have 11 sleeps until I wake up to run my first 50 Miler in San Fran.  Can you say terrified??
  • I only have 8 sleeps until flying down to SF!
  • I’m BUSY!  Work, work, work, event, event, event, run, run, run.  Can’t forget I need to sleep, sleep, sleep.   And I also need to watch walking dead!!!
  • Oh and I’m doing a photoshoot for West Van Run with some of my fave peeps on Sunday am!
  • Track Party Tuesday tonight.  I’m thinking easy workout other than 1 or 2 mile repeats to test out our mile time.  I don’t think my legs have any more speed than that in them…
  • Oh and I need more soup.  Hilary intro’d me to Soupmeister in the Lonsdale Quay, and it’s amazing, delicious, and exactly what I crave and want during this cold November weather.
  • Happy Thanksgiving this week to my American friends by the way!
  • I haven’t had any coffee today.  My eyeballs are tired.
  • Time to jet home, change, and get to the track!

Happy Tuesday Y’all!



25 Down, 5 To Go.

I had a whole other post 90% completed, that I just had to make pretty and post, but then today happened.  Today is/was Day 25 of the #beaststreak.

Today was one of the hardest runs of the entire month for me, and also for my friends who are doing this with me.  Why exactly?  Hard to say….it is Monday, it is November, and oh YA, we HAVE ran the last 24 days leading up to today.  Yea, that might have something to do with it.

Streaking isn’t easy.  We’ve lost lots of participants due to being tired, sore, sick, busy, injured, traveling, you name it.  And while that’s sad, it has to be your own choice as to what your body can handle, especially when you look at the big picture.

So, where does that leave me?

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Happy 70th Birthday Daddy!

I couldn’t let today go by without wishing my dad a Happy Birthday, especially because it’s a big one, the big 7-0!  I actually threw him a surprise party in September, linked with Jay’s 30th Birthday, calling it The Party of the Century!  It was a great party, and we super surprised him,  He didn’t have a clue.  We asked him to pick up Gram, and we had Gram stall him, making him wait for her to get dressed, making him take her to the liquor store, etc etc.  He was getting flustered with Gram, but not catching on to there being a trick up our sleeves at all!  Success.  We had a wonderful time at the party, and it was great to celebrate with him, since Mom and Dad are always already South in November when his real birthday is.

Anyways, my dad is a real gem.  Quite often on here I’ve mentioned my Momma Beast and how well she’s done with her running.  When she first picked it up, my dad was hesitant.  He’s a bit older, hasn’t been terribly active in the past 5-10 years, other than lots and lots of walking.  So, he was a bit nervous to give running a try.  It’s been a couple years now, and while Mom has run 2 half marathon’s, Dad has run a handful of 5K and 10K races, and done amazingly in his own right.  I’ve actually heard him chatting with friends, and telling them about how we’re a running family, and it’s just what we do.  Talk about a proud moment when you realize you’ve turned a non-runner into a believer, a real true runner.

486781_10152156023230313_1900625035_nAnd the real kicker?  He’s now doing the #beaststreak!  Mom & Dad started the streak the day before they headed south for the Winter, and while they were traveling down, they made the time to make sure they got out for their 3K every day.  Now they’ve settled in Mazatlan, Mexico, and are still continuing their streak.  I’m pretty sure that they are the oldest in the challenge, and I couldn’t be prouder.

Hope you had a fantastic birthday run, your 22nd run day in a row Daddy!




Phantom 24K Trail Race 2013 – Race Recap

My 22nd race of the year, was the Mountain Madness Phantom Race, the 24K route.

The Phantom is a staple to the end of the trail running season in Vancouver, and in previous years I’ve run the 12K, and the 19K (a couple times), but I have yet to try the 24K.  Considering I’m training for a 50Miler in just a few short weeks, I decided to man up to the longer distance. Not to mention Jeff, Dave, Shea, and Melissa were all doing the 24.  Sigh, peer pressure always works on me.

I was a bit worried about racing on legs that had been running every day of November for the #beaststreak, but I decided to give it a whirl.

Turns out, I had the right idea being worried, my legs were NOT in the mood to race on Saturday, and it was not a terribly pleasant morning, running wise for me…

But, seeing so many of my wonderful friends always makes it bearable.


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5 Peaks 2014!

I mentioned before that my friend and Salomon West Van teammate Jeff was doing some filming with the Ladies of the Trails, for an upcoming 5 Peaks short film.  Well, our bound to be hilarious short isn’t out yet, but Jeff just finished another short that he did for the same project, and it is truly amazeballs.  It features my other Salomon West Van teammate James out on the gorgeous North Shore trails that we all consider our second home.

getofftheroad5 Peaks 2014 Get Inspired Short Film 

I hope this video inspires you to Get Off The Road and try trail running!  As I’ve mentioned too many times to count, 5 Peaks is where I first discovered trail running, and first fell in love with the idea of running through the woods, up and down mountains, dodging roots and rocks, and splashing through giant puddles of mud!

5 Peaks 2014 Season Passes just went on sale, and for a limited time until Dec 31st are $175 for all 5 races, and the first 500 reg’d runners receive a free custom tech shirt from Salomon!  Smokin’ hot deal!  Get yourself registered now!! 

Also, my friends at 5 Peaks have given me a Season’s Pass to GIVEAWAY FOR FREE at the Ugly Sweater Run!!  All runners who have purchased seasons passes and come to the fun run will be entered.  Your chances of winning are super high!!





20 Days of Streaking

Day 20, here we are!  Pretty crazy to think we’re 2/3rds of the way through the month!

For the first 10 days of the #beaststreak I did a post with a picture for every day, for every run, and you can find that here.  I continued that trend and here are days 11 – 20 of streaking, in photos :

Day 11 : 16.5 kms adventure with Miss Hilary and Miss Candice on Remembrance Day.  Day 11 was such a perfect day, that I actually blogged solely about this day here.

2013-11-11 10.50.10

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Trail Ghost’s 40th Birthday BCMC

This Sunday, I’m headed up tio the BCMC to celebrate one of my fave people in trail running’s birthdays, Mr. Tom Craik.

Tom is doing a fun birthday event, challenging us to run (power hike) up the BCMC on Sunday morning, with the goal to arrive at the top, at 10am, without being passed by a hiker behind you!  So, you can pick any time goal you want, and attempt to get up in that time on  Sunday.  For example, if you think you can BCMC in 1 hour, you would email Tom, tell him 60 minutes, and then you would start yourself at 9am.  If someone else thinks 55 minutes, they would start themselves at 9:05.  The goal is just to make it to the top at 10 am in your allotted time, without the hikers from behind you passing you.

All details can be found at Tom’s blog here.

Everyone is invited, but you must get your time estimates into myself or to Tom before Friday!

Warning : there will be snow at least in the top 1/4 of the BCMC – come prepared!!!  And we will be hanging out with hot coffee and chatting at the top, so bring appropriate clothes and money!




Pineapple Classic Obstacle Run

Aloha! I participated in the Winter Pineapple Classic on Nov. 9th.  The “Pineapple Classic” is a 5K run with obstacles along the course followed by a luau.  This Hawaiian-themed event is all for a good cause as 100% of the proceeds benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). Please support me by going to www.winterpineappleclassic.org and clicking donate. Type in my name (Solana or Jay Klassen) and then donate to our cause. It’s that easy! Thanks for supporting us in the fight against blood cancers!

A couple weekends ago Melissa and Shea convinced Jay and I to join them in a fun obstacle course across the line in North Bend, Washington.  It was a bit of a drive to get to the location, but the obstacle course was a blast!  Now I see why M & S do so many of these!  Jay and I were lucky enough to purchase half price registration on Zozi but didn’t realize this was a fundraiser for LLS until super close to the event.  That being said, we did not have a chance to fundraise the suggested $50 minimum each.  So, if you are feeling generous, we’d love your support at the link above.  And if you’re not and just want to laugh at funny pics of us, feel free to do that too!

2013-11-09 09.51.31

Breaking news!!!  We actually WON the co-ed team division!!!  Oh ya!!!

Tons of pics inside this post, with virtually no write up.  That’s kind of how obstacle courses are, a ton of fun, and not really a stressful or tactical event to discuss.

Although the one thing I question…if we had stopped to let me pee in the woods, would we have won??  I definitely took one for the team on this one!

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