Time to get my game face on!

When I planned out the beginning of my 2014 race schedule, I was SO pumped.  I had a plan.  Speedwork January.  Build back up my road mileage.  Run a fast tempo race at the Icebreaker 8K Feb 2nd.  CRUSH my half marathon PR at the Vancouver First Half Feb 15th. Then spend the rest of February building my mileage up, up, up, focusing on hill training, and more speedwork.  It was going to be a super hard 3 months of training all preparing me for a successful BQ at the Whidbey Island Marathon Apr 13th.

So, um, what happens if one out of those three hard months is crap and doesn’t happen…?


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Another Birthday Trail Adventure

Jessica, who you’ll remember as a chance meeting at Baker Lake 2012 while taking an ice bath in the lake, instantly became a friend, and we’ve always talked about her coming up to run our trails.  Luckily, I’ve been able to cross the line lots to run in the states, but Jess had previously only been on our seawall; beautiful to run obviously but not quite BC trail running.

So, we planned a Birthday trail adventure for Jess last weekend!  The weather co-operated, unlike at my Birthday run, and Hilary and I took Jessica and Renee on a tour of some of our favorite local North Shore trails.

2014-01-25 11.47.35

It was a perfect day on the trails, and I loved being able to show the girls part of my world in real life, instead of just in pictures.  Here’s another photo dump post of our Saturday Birthday Adventure for Jess – HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESS!!

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Something I never knew before I tried trail running…

I find it so fun when I start working on a certain post and it turns into something else.  You just have to roll with it.  So, while this post was going to be funny and witty, it didn’t turn out that way, but I do love how it did turn out.

I asked some friends to finish this sentence :

Something I never knew before I tried trail running…

And somewhat surprisingly, all of the answers I got back were serious and motivating, instead of the “THERE’S COOKIES AT AID STATIONS!!!” answers that I was expecting.

Anyways, here’s what my peeps had to say :

Something I never knew before I tried trail running…

Melissa : “was how to poop in the wild and which leaves feel the best on the bum.  KIDDING.  Trail running has made me realize how tough I am when I feel the lowest.  The beauty of the trails push me to go farther than I ever thought possible.”

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Blogging & Brands : The Follow Up

So, apparently people are drawn to controversy.  Shocker.  Pretty sure we all already knew that.  But I didn’t expect my vent/rant/honest opinion to lead to the most views my blog has ever had in 1 day, especially when I posted it around 5pm!

I typed that whole big post up yesterday, left work, and went straight for a run with Hilary.  My body was tired but my heart and head felt lighter after getting something that has been bugging me for months off of my shoulders.

Now that it’s out there, and I’ve received much feedback on here, on Twitter, on Facebook, and from some non blogging friends through real life, I want to just clarify a few things, and make it a more concise attempt at my point of view.  I don’t regret saying anything I said, but I do respect the comments and opinions shared with me, and I definitely admit that I don’t have the same knack as some of my friends of saying the negatives things in a nicer, more tactful way.  Sorry, that’s just not me.

Anyways, here’s my thoughts going forward :

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Blogging & Brands : Let’s Be Honest.

If I’m honest variations of this post have been bouncing around in my head, and in conversations with friends for a while now.  I have some MAJOR problems and issues with the blogging world and how/where it intersects with brands.  I hate to see bloggers pimping themselves out for a free product, or suddenly exclaiming that they’ve discovered the best.product.ever!! after only trying it twice.  I loathe the false positives that this creates, and the “persona” that bloggers take on believing that their opinion matters when really, let’s be honest, they aren’t an expert, and basically HAVE to say something positive and great about a product that they’re doing a giveaway for or a race they are promoting, since they want to keep their “client” happy.  Ya, because that makes so much sense.

When I started blogging, I knew nothing about working with brands, and I thought (super naively) that brands and bloggers created relationships naturally that benefited both parties and were honest and true.

But really, reality is quite the opposite.  (MOST of the time)

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Back with my Bestie Bart

So, Nikki has been asking me to come to the track with her for a while now, and unfortunately, we don’t live that close together (about a 30 min drive) and she has 2 little rug rats, so finding the time that works for both of us is tough.  Since I’m doing all the Yeti & 5 Peaks stuff now, I’m trying to take advantage of my flexible office hours and do some daytime runs when I have the opportunity.

Before I knew it, I was agreeing to a morning track workout with Nikki today.

Track?  Ugh. I haven’t been on a track since the November beaststreak, and like I talked about Monday, I’ve been in a rut and not exactly running this month…

But, we all know how much I love my bestie Bart’s Yasso workouts, and seeing Nikki is always a plus in my world, so off I headed to the track…EEP!

2014-01-21 11.48.38

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Sunday Funday – Afternoon Forest Frolic

On Sunday afternoon Jay and I headed out with Ryland, Kylee, and Jay (yes, another Jay who’s real name is just Jay!) for a random trail adventure.  Because Kylee was gigging we had a later start than usual, and while at first I was meh about it, it was really nice to sleep in, have a cup of coffee, catch up on emails, and then head out on the trails.  And the biggest bonus was, it was super fogged in and grey in the am, while the afternoon was sunny and gorgeous!  It was a beautiful blissful January day, and it really was a perfect run.

2014-01-19 14.02.53

There’s nothing better than friends, sunshine, dogs, and trails.  Nothing.  The day was stunning, and we took a lot of photos, so this is just a photo dump of Sunday’s run, oh and a bit of a brag as to the amazing trails I live near!!  Haha

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I’m Not Dead!! Just busy…and lazy…

When you’re on a roll, things fall into place, and it’s just easier to move, groove, roll with the punches, and get lots done.  When you fall into a groove, you have to dig and fight to get anything done, and usually there’s lots of speedbumps in your way.  At least that’s how it works for me.

I’ve been in a rut, mostly due to being sick, and everything for me seems to take double as long, make my head hurt three times as much, and is just plain hard.

Lots of reasons for this; I’ve taken on a new adventure and job as Race Director for 5 Peaks and Yeti, and the first of the Yeti races happened on Saturday.  I’ve been sick more than I’ve been healthy since returning from San Fran, my legs and body have taken a long time to recover from the 50 Miler.  All of this adds up to my schedule being wacky, my body being weak, and me not being able to train properly or feel centered/balanced/confident.

In layman’s terms, I’ve been in a rut.


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Is Common Courtesy Dead?

The other day I was at home and a random talk show was on while I was working, and the topic of conversation was etiquette and manners.  I got super frustrated even just half listening to it, since my biggest pet peeves in life are mostly along the lines of people being rude.

The main topic they were discussing was how technology has changed manners, and how it’s not just responsible for us being less courteous, but it’s also the main reasoning behind us feeling like certain trends are socially acceptable, while they really are just plain rude, and we’re hiding behind technology, pretending and in many cases actually believing it’s okay.

I’m guilty of it too sometimes.  I’ll fully admit it.  But this show just drove me nuts, and then last night, Jay and I went to Cavalia, and it was AMAZING (more to be said soon), but the guy next to me, had ZERO manners, and I tried to ignore him, but I left so angry at him, and not only him, but the world we live in now, and how disrespectful people are without even realizing it.

Anyways, this will be a giant VENT post.  I don’t do these often, but I have this blog, so why the heck don’t I use it to bitch every once in a while??

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