Dietbet, Coffee, Injections.

Again, thank you for all the great support coming out of my weight post from earlier this week, you guys are the best and I love blogging because of readers like you.

The rest of this week has been really random.  Since making my confessions, and putting myself out there, I’m already making a change and moving in the right direction.  I also decided I needed to quit coffee for a while again.  And then, then I got needles in my foot.  And not like nice needles like acupuncture, no, mean needles of injections into my foot.  Owwie.

So, it’s been a bit random, so what’s a girl to do other than blog about it on a Friday night?

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The Day After A Confession, the Aftermath

There’s a sense of relief when you hit that little “publish” button.  I know I’m not ‘supposed’ to do double posts, and I know if I want more views to schedule my posts for mornings, but frankly, I don’t care.  When I want to say something, I don’t have the patience to write it all out and then wait, especially if it’s something more personal and close to my heart.

After hitting publish last night, I breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that it was a big step to make that confession, and that while it’s not going to be an automatic fix, that’s a big step in the right direction.

And since then, I’ve gotten so much wonderful support, and sometimes support can come from the most random places, but it’s all so special to me, and it really does mean the world to me that you’re willing to read my babblings, and take the time to reach out to me as well.  Thank you for acknowledging my struggles, encouraging me, and offering your support.  The community, and the connections are exactly why I blog.

And today?  Today has been a good day.  I’ve been perfect in my food choices, and took a step back from coffee today which has led to a crappy headache tonight, but it’s worth it to know I’m moving in the right direction.

Oh, and I did weigh myself this morning, and I’m at 175.  Not my highest, not my highest of recent years, but definitely higher than I was just last spring when I got down to my lowest ever of 158.  Back to work clawing those pounds back off.  I’ll keep you posted on exactly what I decide to do as a plan, as rules, for the next couple days until I have a clear plan, I’m just going to be more aware and conscious about my choices.  Day one down!

Thanks again.



Weight Confessions : I’ve Been Here Before.

Sigh.   I’ve been struggling for weeks now to get back into the groove of a healthy lifestyle.  Weeks.  First it was the Christmas and holiday season. And then it was the never ending plague of Solana being sick to start the year.  And when you’re sick, there’s no motivation to do anything productive.  Then you get better, and you’re already in the cycle of feeling like doing nothing, and eating easy food.  And the thing about easy food, or food when you’re sick, is that it really isn’t healthy.  So because it’s not healthy and you’re out of the healthy routine, you put on a couple pounds, and you get even more lazier, even less motivated.  Last year, end of January, I was the heaviest I’d been in a long time, and even though I haven’t stepped on a scale yet, I’m fairly certain, just by the way I feel and the way I look, the way my clothes are fitting, that I’m pretty much right back there.

Ugh.  I HATE having to admit this out loud.  It pains me even thinking about this, admitting it to myself, let alone admitting it to you, in writing.  But, when I see pics like this…I know I can’t hide under a rock anymore, and pretend it’s not happening, and that everything is alright.

Pic (7 of 42)

But, like the title says, this isn’t a new thing, or a foreign place for me.  I’ve been here before.  And quite honestly, I know what I have to do.

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March is filling up fast!

I looked at my calendar today, and it was terribly scary and exciting all bundled up in one, how busy my March, and who am I kidding, really the rest of the year is, at least until mid October!  Anyways, just a preview of what’s up and coming for March :

March 2 – West Van Run – while I was super excited to run this with so many of my friends, I know it’s not a good choice for my foot, so Cathy is taking my running place, and I’ll be there cheering or volunteering!

Afterwards, Jay and I are heading to the Canucks Winter Classic at BC Place, and if any of this snow sticks around, it sure is going to feel like a winter hockey game!

March 7 – FEAT Canada – Alicia Woodside – friend, motivator, and all around crazy redhead is speaking there!

March 8 – Cypress Yeti!  I just recap’d the last snowshoe event here, and I’m telling you, you should definitely consider coming out to this event, not only is there a ton of great prizes, but it’s a great workout too, and really reasonably priced!  Register here, and use the code YETIROCKS for an additional $5 off!

March 9 – live tracking Nikki, Jacki, and Krista at the LA marathon of course.  Nikki’s got some big goals, and I believe she’s going to achieve them!

March 14 – Trail Running Film Festival in Bellingham

March 15 – Chuckanut 50K – no I’m NOT running it.  I’ll be hanging out there either volunteering or cheering all my friends on!  Ok, change of plans, was just chatting with a friend, and we’re going to do a run during the race, and make a mobile cheering section – a run-cheer! Who else is in?  Costumes, Cowbells, let’s do this!

March 22 – Squamish50 orientation run – 23K course preview – perfect timing because Jay and I have to be in Whistler for a stag/stagette combo later that day.  Awesome that Squamish is on the way!

March 23 – I’d really like to do Cap Crusher, but I doubt it’s going to work with the overnight in Whistler.  But you should, it’s a great race from Gary Robbins and crew.

March 24 – CATHY’S DUE DATE!!!!

March 28-30 – Gorge Waterfalls – again, I’m not running – I didn’t sign up because of wanting to BQ at Whidbey, and now I’m kicking myself, but since Shea, Melissa, and Hilary are all running it, and Candice is going down for the weekend, we might as well join the crew for a weekend in Oregon!

What’s your March look like?  Mine as you can see looks pretty crazy, but crazy awesome!





Lord Hill 50K errrr 32K Race Recap

There’s a ton of cliche sayings that could describe yesterday…

When life throws you lemons, make lemonade….The best laid plans…and most importantly…Some days you gotta dance!

Pic (31 of 42)

What?  You don’t even know what I’m referring to?  Ya, sorry, kind of ‘forgot’ to tell you.  Basically because I didn’t really want to admit that I had fallen to the powers of FOMO and signed up for a 50K with just a few days notice.  And, I was going into this race knowing that it was a 3 loop course, and that I could drop to a shorter distance depending on how my foot felt at any time.  It was kind of a win-win to go into a race, have 3 different distance options (16k, 32k, 50k) and know that whatever happened, it would be a good training day.

So, long story short, I signed up for a 50K, was on schedule, but weather stepped in, and we arrived after start time, got ourselves ready to go, and started the race 25 mins behind everyone else, spent the entire race debating on 32K vs 50K (2 loops vs 3 loops), and ended up making the choice to just run 32K strongly and finish strong and happy.  It was the PERFECT choice.

Long story with pictures from my awesome personal race photographer?  Yes please!

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Are You Ready to Yeti?!

On Saturday we had a Yeti Snowshoe Fun Run up at Cypress, and it was a blast!  Snowshoeing is one of those sports that is like trail running, and can be done by all levels of fitness.  We had super fast runners like Mike Murphy, and then we had participants who just wanted to hike the event.  Both of these styles are totally fine, and are just 2 different ways of enjoying being outside, being active, and being on the snow!  That’s probably one of my favorite things about 5 Peaks and Yeti – we don’t have any time limits on the courses, and we have the ability because of the shorter distances for participants to make the choice to hike much of the course instead of running.

Anyways, this was a free orientation, try out snowshoeing event, getting us ready for the next Yeti event, a snowshoe run/race at Cypress Mountain on Saturday March 8th!  I’ll let you in on a secret, so far our registration is super low, and we have a ton of prizing to give out!!  Just off the top of my head, there’s entries to 5 Peaks races, running snowshoes from Atlas, 6 pairs of crampons from Hillsound Equipment, some 5 Peaks swag, and Kicking Horse Coffee!  There’s seriously A LOT to giveaway, and registration is only $28/$38 for the short/long courses, so it’s kind of a no brainer….PLUS you get to hang out with me and Jay (winning!)  Look at these crazies!


Still not sold?

Let me show you some pictures from last weekend’s event…

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10 & 1′s – Why I’m Not a Fan.

Ahhh another post that’s probably going to get the blogverse buzzing and get me in trouble with some people.  That’s ok.  I don’t mind sharing my opinion, especially when I think I have a unique take on it.  I’ll preface this by saying, this is not directed at anyone in particular, and this is not a negative beat up on a train of thought post.  It is a get yourself thinking, contemplate things from a different viewpoint, and maybe even get real and honest with yourself post.

I had the unique opportunity of running a road half marathon on Sunday in a completely different style that I’ve never run before.  I ran doing 10 & 1′s.  For those who aren’t familiar, 10 & 1′s are a Running Room technique in which you run 10 minutes and then walk 1 minute, and you repeat this for the entire race, in this case 21.1kms.

If you are dead set on 10 & 1′s, and believe they are magical and the cure to everything, I’d recommend you skip this post, because if you don’t read this with an open mind, you’re going to get defensive and not take anything positive from my perspective and post.

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2014 Vancouver First Half – My non-race recap

After posting Saturday night about the fact that I am just not a road runner anymore, I still found myself at the start line of the Vancouver First Half on Sunday morning.

I’m not going to write a race report, because it wasn’t a race for me.  I committed to pacing Nikki, and seeing if we could squeeze out a sub 2 for her, despite her recent splash of back luck screwing with her training the past few weeks.  We had no clue how her race would go, how her body would respond to racing, and I wanted to be by her side to help her no matter what happened.  Originally we had wanted to have a sub-2 team, with some other friends aiming for that elusive sub 2, but we didn’t want to put any extra pressure on Nik, so I just said I’d stay by her side no matter what.

Silly me, I had some really dumb thoughts going into this, including, but not limited to : a) that since it wasn’t the speed I can run, that it would be relatively easy b) that 10 and 1′s would be no big deal c) that my foot/ankle would hold up because of the slower pace d) that pacing someone is easy.

I was wrong.  I had a rough morning, and while it was great fun to run a race side by side with a good friend, I never ever should’ve run.  It was stupid and now I’m paying for my stupid decision.

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Own Your Truth.

A year ago, I was so bloody stoked to run the Vancouver First Half.  I was gunning for sub 1:45, and I knew inside of me that I had it, no problem.  It didn’t happen, because of fueling issues.  You’ll remember, I went out a couple weeks later, and crushed my goal.  Then you’ll remember my road marathon in the spring, and how god damn close to BQ’ing I was, and how I was SO pumped to get after that sub 3:35 that I tried for a redemption marathon soon after.  I was so in the zone with road running, running super fast (for me) and crushing my goals and previous PR’s.  But, since then, I haven’t felt that love and desire to train on roads, my previous favourite workouts have slipped into the abyss, and I haven’t run barely any road races, or done much road running at all in the past 8 months….except when I’ve had to.  SIGH.

In the fall I was still stoked on my BQ’ing goal with Melissa and Candice, but the stars haven’t aligned, and a Whidbey 3 way BQ is no longer an option.  I still signed up for my spring races, and still believed I would find that desire again.

But today, today I finally really looked inside of myself.

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Guest Post – Cathy, Running with Cargo (a BABY!)

I always love how Cathy writes, and I love being able to provide readers with different views as well, so when Cath and Mark got pregnant, I immediately knew that her running while pregnant story would be great for the blog.  I knew it would be interesting and who knows when or if I’ll be running ‘with cargo’ so we might as well focus on Cath!

So, here’s Cath’s tale…

Running With Cargo

“Solana asked me months ago if I was interested in writing a guest post on running during pregnancy.  I immediately said, “Yes,” and had lots of ideas, but, alas, I still didn’t get typing.  What was I waiting for?

Perhaps I was waiting for the tiring and icky feeling that, for me, seemed to linger on and on to pass.  I’m into the third trimester now and so far, it’s the best one yet.  The nausea is finally passing.  I’ve heard some women go through their whole pregnancy feeling nauseas and I sure do feel for them.  Along with the lifting nausea, my energy levels are returning and I feel more like myself.

That is, until I set off on a run.  Oops, suddenly I remember I’m twenty pounds heavier!


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