Dietbet, Coffee, Injections.

Again, thank you for all the great support coming out of my weight post from earlier this week, you guys are the best and I love blogging because of readers like you.

The rest of this week has been really random.  Since making my confessions, and putting myself out there, I’m already making a change and moving in the right direction.  I also decided I needed to quit coffee for a while again.  And then, then I got needles in my foot.  And not like nice needles like acupuncture, no, mean needles of injections into my foot.  Owwie.

So, it’s been a bit random, so what’s a girl to do other than blog about it on a Friday night?

I joined a Dietbet last night.  I hummed and hawed about starting my own with a couple friends in a week, but I just know me, and I know it’s better to get started right away.  I read a couple of blogs earlier this week that “threw in the towel” on February, and were going to start something or be better in March.  I don’t get that reasoning myself.  I’d rather get in a couple of good days, and finish the month off on a positive note, you know, leaving a good taste in my month.  I dunno, that’s just me.  That’s why I blogged about my weight issues when I did, didn’t wait for March, and that’s why I started as soon as I wrote it out, back on a healthier path.

And so far, so good.

Really?  That quick?

Some say the first couple of days are the hardest, but for me, I welcomed the change to just feel like I’m making a change.  I watched something the other day, couldn’t tell you what, and there was a quote “Nothing changes, until you make it change.”  So simple, so obvious, and yet so insightful.

Wed/Thurs/Fri have all been perfect in my food intake.  I know tomorrow won’t be because I have a bridal shower, but it’s later in the evening, so I’m going to have a good healthy light dinner – thinking grilled chicken breast on a salad, or basa fish fillets, and then I’ll just be on my best behavior possible.

I quit coffee again this week.  I go through phases, and I don’t actually need coffee at all, I actually feel my absolute best when I’m totally detoxed of it, like on Whole30, but it’s a comfort thing, I love a nice hot cup of coffee in the am.  The problem?  I need cream and sugar in it.  Sigh.  It’s my gateway drug, once I’ve had my coffee, I’m more likely to have other treats.  So, I’m cutting it out, and just having it on special occasions, like after long runs.  That’s when I most enjoy it anyways.

My head really hurt Wednesday afternoon and Thursday, but I know it’s just a caffiene detox, and I know it’ll be done soon, just have to drink lots of water and keep myself occupied.

You know what else hurt yesterday?  My foot.

For the record my foot has been injured since September 27th, when I ran the Diez Vistas as part of the 5 Peaks Buntzen race with new orthotics.  The guy who made my orthotics screwed up, and they were made with the wrong material.  I was racing the back half of the lake again a couple of girls (in my age group!!) and Beast Mode kicked in, and even though I was getting shooting pains up the inside of my foot/ankle, I kept running.

The next morning, Amy noticed a lump on the side of the arch of my left foot, and I was in pain, both feet, but more so the left foot.  I took time off, I changed orthotics, I changed shoes, I went to different doctors, physio, massage.  I had XRays, I iced, I stretched, I rolled my feet out, and I even resisted the urge to Google diagnose myself.

It’s been relatively fine on trails, but on roads it’s gotten worse and worse.  I can’t say I’ve honestly been on a run, of any kind, without any pain in my feet and left foot in particular since the end of September.  Yes, I have run 3 ultras since then, but like I said, trails have been bearable for my foot.  Last week for example, I ran the First Half on Sunday in the worst pain since October, and then chanced it going out on Wednesday on trails, and yet, I ran 18kms on the trails, with almost no pain.

And yes, of course my heart is on the trails, but my mind did not make up that foot pain on the roads.  It’s also gotten to the point where non-technical trails, where you can get into a nice rhythm, yea it hurts on those sections too.  Sigh.  Makes training a hard thing to do when you don’t live on the North Shore and have trails at your disposal all the time.

But, I’m wayyyyyyy off base here.  My foot didn’t hurt yesterday from the injury, my foot hurt from getting poked with needles.  Say what?  I had an appt with a doctor who healed me a couple of years ago with a back injury.  This was pre-blog, so I haven’t talked about it much, but I was in a car accident, and I had back pain that was in the middle of my spine, about a toonie sized pressure point, and pain radiated out from there.  Again, I saw many doctors and no one could figure out what was wrong with me.  My chiro convinced my family doctor to send me to this rehab doctor who does prolo therapy.

Prolo therapy is basically injections into the point of pain, that isn’t really anything, it’s not like they’re shooting me up with drugs, they’re trying to signal to the body that there’s an injury and to come and work on it.  I know I’m terribly at explaining this, but this is how I understand it.  Sometimes pain and injuries can get masked and your body thinks they are healed because they’ve gotten used to it, so the injections are like sending a red flag 911 to your body that the injury is still there, and to hopefully come and fix it.  Make sense?

So, my doctor and I discussed going back to see the rehab doctor, and decided it was worth a try.  Since my body reacted well to the prolo injections before, there’s a good chance that it could react well again.  Fingers crossed.

It’s just my luck that the 2 places I need to get injected are such nasty spots to get needles.  I like to think my pain tolerance is pretty high, I mean, aren’t all of us runners?  Otherwise, I’m pretty sure none of us would finish some of those nasty runs we pay (???) to do.  But, I’m telling you, it hurt like a bitch.  Holy crap.  I can’t believe I paid to have that done.  Prolo is not cheap.  $150/injection, and most treatments need 4-6 injections, 1 every 2 weeks.

And of course, I have to get an injection in my foot, which means that walking effing hurt.  To be honest, my foot ached all day.  And it was a glorious day both yesterday and today weatherwise.  I was so jealous.  Yesterday I obviously didn’t feel good enough to run, but today I was just plain not allowed.  He made me promise to give the foot a couple of solid rest days – no running, no real walking, stay off my foot as much as possible, and just let the body do it’s thing.

So, I don’t know if it worked at all.  I sure hope it did, but I won’t know too much right away, and may need another 3-5 injections.

That was the rest of my week….joining a Dietbet, quitting coffee, and getting injections.  Random, so very random.

If you want to join me on the Dietbet, it starts tomorrow – you can see all the info here.  It works for me, I know it doesn’t work for everyone, but it’s a good kick in the butt to get myself started, and that’s what I needed this week.

How’s your week been?  Filled with randomness like mine? 



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  1. Cathy says:

    I meant to text you about how the injections went…here’s the answer-ouch! Rest up and I’m hopeful this will do the trick!

  2. jencloss says:

    Wish I could join you on your DietBet! It really helped me kick my training into gear in the fall. Starting is the hardest part and it sounds like you’re already making progress!

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