Monday, Monday, Monday!

Normally, I hate Mondays, it’s hard to get the brain back into “office mode” after a weekend outside and on the trails.

But today, the sun is shining, and I have lots of good news.

1) I won my Dietbet that I did last month as a kickstarter back into healthy habits and to get down to a more comfortable weight.  I won $53.88!!  I bet $30, and won that back, along with $23.88.  A solid payout if you ask me.  And, the best part, obviously, is that I’m down ~7 lbs, and back in the 160′s.  Celebrate!

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Cap Crusher 13K 2014 – Race Recap

Coast Mountain Trail Series – Cap Crusher – March 23, 2014

It seems like it’s kind of the theme for 2014 to run races, but not actually race them.  In a way, it’s a bit sad considering I do love that pushing yourself, racing, competitive feeling.  I just have been struggling with injuries and issues, and haven’t been up to racing condition.  Why run a race then?  Because races are about so much more than actually racing.  They are about the community, they are about seeing friends, supporting friends, being outside, and most of all just being active, getting a solid run in.

I’ll be honest, I was 100% going to drop from the 13K to the 8K on Sunday morning, but Dave wouldn’t let me, and to be honest, Dave and I have run so many trying training runs that I knew it was going to be fine, just another training run, disguised as a race.

I don’t have too much to say about the race, as it was short for a race for me, but Jay was out taking pictures, and it was the perfect spring day to go for a run!


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No Fooling this April Fools – It’s Diet Bet time!

Whenever I talk about my weight; my weight struggles/successes/setbacks, the views on my blog soar, and I’m overwhelmed by comments from friends and strangers alike that are reaching out, saying they understand, they struggle too, and that it’s a life long battle for many of us.

And while I do agree that for me I will never had a super model’s body, and be able to eat whatever I want, whenever I want, I don’t necessarily agree that it has to be a full cycle.  Every time I lose weight substantially, I chip away a little bit more, and get a little bit closer to my goal weight, or goal size for those of you who don’t like to just have body image discussed in lbs.  I’ve never gone all the way back to where I started, and I take pride in that.  Yes, I’ve fluctuated up and down, but it’s still closer to the down than to the up.

I still have faith that one day I’ll reach my goals, and I still have faith that even though I have fluctuated, that I’m still at a much more comfortable place than I was at 10 yrs ago, 5 yrs ago, and 3 yrs ago.  1 year ago, I was the lightest I’ve ever been, so I’m not as comfortable as I was then, but I’m back on the track to being back there.

This is a really long post, about my weight struggles, and how I’ve had some success in the past, and how I think I can help you if you’re struggling right now.  Nothing is worse than feeling like you’re treading water in the weight loss game, and you’re tired, and you feel like you’re close to letting go and sinking.  Hopefully some of these thoughts and tips can help throw you a life raft for right now.

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Squamish 50 – Orientation Run #1 – March 22/14

Saturday morning was the first orientation run of the season for Squamish 50.  The guys – Gary & Geoff started doing free orientation runs, open to runners and their friends last year, and they are truly one of my favorite places to be on a weekend.

1) it’s in SQUAMISH.  I freaking love Squamish.  I love running the trails there.  I love the Brew Pub after for yummy hot eats.  If you know me, you know I hate long drives, and yet the drive to Squamish always seems shorter than I expect, and not that bad.

2) ALL my trail friends from fast to slow come out to run!  I started to count how many hugs I was involved in at the Nester’s parking lot on Saturday morning, and I lost count, because there’s just too many people that I know and love that come out to these events.  I joke, but I really wasn’t as excited to run, as I was to see my peeps.

3) The last time I climbed the Mtn of Phlegm was during the 50K race last August, and I was in a bad place at the time.  The wheels had fallen off of my bus, and I ended up crying while hugging Rob at the top, feeling utterly defeated.  I wanted a redemption of that hill!

These are definitely the top 3 reasons why I was excited for Saturday, so here’s some pictures, and how the day went down.


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Monday err Tuesday Check-In

I’ve been so MIA (missing in action) lately when it comes to blogging, and I promise it’s not on purpose, it’s just that I’ve been so busy, and to be honest my laptop effing sucks.  There’s no battery in it, so it has to be plugged in, it’s slow as molasses, and sometimes it just freezes.  And then I’m screwed!!!

I have plans to buy a new laptop, as soon as I finish my taxes and get my tax return….and when Jay tells me exactly what I should buy.  Computer illiterate much?  Yep, that’s me.

I have lots to tell you, and I want to recap both my awesome trail runs from this weekend, but I thought in the meantime, I’d do a little check-in to catch up.

So, here’s what’s been happening…

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As you know if you read Doug’s guest post, I was across the line, at the Chuckanut 50K last weekend, and we did a run-cheer during the race.

Not quite sure how we came up with the idea, but during brainstorming for meeting up, it just made sense, and sounded like the perfect idea.  I love Bellingham, and I love the Chuckanut trails, but the interurban path that runners start and finish on, well, that section is just the devil.

So, Saturday morning, we headed out on the Chuckanut trails with a different mentality than all of the racers lining up at the start line, and for once, I definitely wasn’t wishing I was racing, I was happy as a pig in mud just out and running on the trails.


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The Perpetual Bad Mood Blues

This week is just not my week.  It’s been crazy with work stuff, cleaning stuff (my famjam comes home early next week), I’ve been swamped and neglecting my food prep (making bad choices), there’s been tons of miscommunication in the air, and Cathy’s been in labour for a long long time.  Apparently Monday was a full moon, and I can’t say I’m surprised.  This week has just been OFF for me, and seemingly lots of my friends as well.

And shit just keeps going wrong, and I feel like screaming “DON’T POKE THE BEAR!!!!”


Is anyone else feeling this way this week?  I’ve had runs cancelled the last 2 days, I’ve watched far too much Big Brother Canada, and I’ve consumed far too many creamy coffees.  And the worst part?  The week is only half over!!!

The good news is, the sun is shining right now, and I’m headed out for a run in the sunshine with some friends this afternoon…hopefully.  Unless life gets in the way again.  Maybe I should just turn off my phone and computer and go radio silent for a few days, avoid the world that way….but then I’d miss a baby announcement…guess I’ll just attempt to keep my head up, above the water, and start making some baby steps in the right direction instead of turning into a full on growly bear.



Guest Post – Doug Narrates Our Chuckanut 50K Cheer-Run Adventure

Sunday’s are so bittersweet to me.  Sunday night TV and couch time is such a great thing, but being totally exhausted and knowing that Monday morning and work is coming super soon and that you’re likely to feel a bit like death after an insufficient make-up sleep, well that just sucks.  It’s almost like you’re pressured into wanting to go to sleep earlier, but I don’t have early sleeping skills, so I get all worked up and sometimes make it to bed even later.  Last night was totally one of these instances.  So, while I’d love to tell you all about my weekend in Bellingham for the Chuckanut 50K, I’m going to bring in a favourite Guest Post Blogger, the one and only, Doug Chase, to narrate our Saturday adventure while I am swamped with the Monday work blues, and not surprisingly feeling like crap after a jam packed weekend full of awesomeness but not enough sleep.

Without further ado, I bring you…

Solana and Doug’s mobile cheering section. Bringing MORE COWBELL to the Chuckanut 50k.


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Yeti Cypress Event – Recap

Saturday was my first ‘official’ event in the Vancouver area, and it was the last of the Yeti races for BC.  It’s been a weird winter for snow, and we’ve just recently gotten enough snow to make winter sports worthwhile.  It was really touch and go with even having any of our snowshoe events happen this year, especially since unfortunately a lot of people just skipped winter and went straight to spring.  And then add in another long standing trail running event happening on the same day.  Scheduling woes.  So, I’ll admit it, I was up against the odds going into this event.  I decided that no matter the turn out, it was all about everyone having a great time. With tons of awesome prizing, a fantastic MC complete with bad jokes and good music, our favourite trail photographer, and surrounding myself with friends as both volunteers and participants, I know I accomplished that!


Oh, and by a stroke of genius from my husband, we decided to scare the runners while on course with a Yeti sighting!  Oh yes we did…

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My Favourite Trail Photos from February

I realized that I hadn’t really shared many photos in February, even though I spent some great times on the trails with some great friends.  So, this post is just some of my fave pictures from my February trail runs.

I started off February with a random fun little trail adventure with my buddy Norm, who was in town after flying into Vancouver from a Vegas trip.  We tried to run all the booze and gambling out of his system!

2014-02-01 09.21.57

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