Yeti Cypress Event – Recap

Saturday was my first ‘official’ event in the Vancouver area, and it was the last of the Yeti races for BC.  It’s been a weird winter for snow, and we’ve just recently gotten enough snow to make winter sports worthwhile.  It was really touch and go with even having any of our snowshoe events happen this year, especially since unfortunately a lot of people just skipped winter and went straight to spring.  And then add in another long standing trail running event happening on the same day.  Scheduling woes.  So, I’ll admit it, I was up against the odds going into this event.  I decided that no matter the turn out, it was all about everyone having a great time. With tons of awesome prizing, a fantastic MC complete with bad jokes and good music, our favourite trail photographer, and surrounding myself with friends as both volunteers and participants, I know I accomplished that!


Oh, and by a stroke of genius from my husband, we decided to scare the runners while on course with a Yeti sighting!  Oh yes we did…

It was dreadful weather, but a great day nonetheless, and I have to say a big huge thank you for all my friends who supported me as runner and as volunteers at the event – you guys are amazing, and your support helps me make this happen!

And now, for pictures from Saturday!










Those darn Bremners, are just un-scareable, most be something in the blueberry juice…



But this guy, well we got him good!


Just goes to show that even in dreadful weather, you can make the most of things and have a great event happen!



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2 Responses to Yeti Cypress Event – Recap

  1. thanks for putting on a great event Solana! I had a fun time, even if I got my pants scared off by the yeti! Nice gif by Jay! :)

  2. Leigh says:

    Oh my goodness, those Yeti scaring pictures are so awesome! I would have screamed and then started laughing my ass off for sure!

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