The Perpetual Bad Mood Blues

This week is just not my week.  It’s been crazy with work stuff, cleaning stuff (my famjam comes home early next week), I’ve been swamped and neglecting my food prep (making bad choices), there’s been tons of miscommunication in the air, and Cathy’s been in labour for a long long time.  Apparently Monday was a full moon, and I can’t say I’m surprised.  This week has just been OFF for me, and seemingly lots of my friends as well.

And shit just keeps going wrong, and I feel like screaming “DON’T POKE THE BEAR!!!!”


Is anyone else feeling this way this week?  I’ve had runs cancelled the last 2 days, I’ve watched far too much Big Brother Canada, and I’ve consumed far too many creamy coffees.  And the worst part?  The week is only half over!!!

The good news is, the sun is shining right now, and I’m headed out for a run in the sunshine with some friends this afternoon…hopefully.  Unless life gets in the way again.  Maybe I should just turn off my phone and computer and go radio silent for a few days, avoid the world that way….but then I’d miss a baby announcement…guess I’ll just attempt to keep my head up, above the water, and start making some baby steps in the right direction instead of turning into a full on growly bear.



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2 Responses to The Perpetual Bad Mood Blues

  1. CarolG says:

    Young ladies are NOT allowed to be Growly Bears…that is saved for us old farts!

  2. Patti says:

    I’m right there with you. I have a wicked cold and I want to swat at everyone. I have no voice so I have taken to clapping or whistling to get people’s attention. I’m just nasty right now.

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