Monday err Tuesday Check-In

I’ve been so MIA (missing in action) lately when it comes to blogging, and I promise it’s not on purpose, it’s just that I’ve been so busy, and to be honest my laptop effing sucks.  There’s no battery in it, so it has to be plugged in, it’s slow as molasses, and sometimes it just freezes.  And then I’m screwed!!!

I have plans to buy a new laptop, as soon as I finish my taxes and get my tax return….and when Jay tells me exactly what I should buy.  Computer illiterate much?  Yep, that’s me.

I have lots to tell you, and I want to recap both my awesome trail runs from this weekend, but I thought in the meantime, I’d do a little check-in to catch up.

So, here’s what’s been happening…

  • Nikki & I are hosting a Dietbet starting April 1st!  Here’s the link to the game, and more deets will be posted soon!  Like why I’m joining another bet, and why I think having my friends doing it with me will be a bigger motivation than just the money aspect!
  • I had my second prolo therapy injection in my foot this morning.  I’m off from running until the end of the week, which is a good and bad thing, but overall, my doctor was super happy with my progress, and we’re very hopeful that I’m getting closer to a full foot recovery.  Wahoooo!
  • Follow up to the last bullet point, I’ve had some totally pain free runs!!!! Not every run, and different runs are just different for the pain and discomfort level, but for the most part, it’s getting better.  Had a tough time when I went up and down the BCMC mid month, but that’s been the worst.
  • Momma & Poppa Beast are back in town!  They arrived home from Mexico yesterday, and Momma even came for the Ladies of the Trails run last night!
  • Early bird pricing for 5 Peaks Season Passes, individual races, and the marquee event, Trailstoke Ultra is ending March 31 – so if you’re wanting to join me at any of those races, register now to save yourself some money!  Plus – BUFF Canada just joined us as title sponsor, and everyone running Golden Ears May 10 gets a Buff as their race souvenir!  Such a good deal!
  • Cathy had her baby!!! Meet Theodore Owen on his very own custom made running baby blankey!


And with that, I think I’m out of updates.  More of the weekend’s trail adventures, and the upcoming Dietbet soon.  Promise :)



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  1. Terry B says:

    Hi Solana,
    When it comes to your computer freezing up, try a ddouble right click on your mouse..

  2. Nikki says:

    That little Theo looks so peaceful in that picture. What a cutie!

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