Cap Crusher 13K 2014 – Race Recap

Coast Mountain Trail Series – Cap Crusher – March 23, 2014

It seems like it’s kind of the theme for 2014 to run races, but not actually race them.  In a way, it’s a bit sad considering I do love that pushing yourself, racing, competitive feeling.  I just have been struggling with injuries and issues, and haven’t been up to racing condition.  Why run a race then?  Because races are about so much more than actually racing.  They are about the community, they are about seeing friends, supporting friends, being outside, and most of all just being active, getting a solid run in.

I’ll be honest, I was 100% going to drop from the 13K to the 8K on Sunday morning, but Dave wouldn’t let me, and to be honest, Dave and I have run so many trying training runs that I knew it was going to be fine, just another training run, disguised as a race.

I don’t have too much to say about the race, as it was short for a race for me, but Jay was out taking pictures, and it was the perfect spring day to go for a run!


Saturday’s run was great.  Perfection really, well, the weather wasn’t perfect, but the run overall was exactly what I love, and how I love spending my weekends.  Saturday night was my brother in law’s fiance’s stagette, and I donned the dress and heels happily.  But, when I got home that night, I noticed a pain in left glute.

Waking up Sunday, my glute was not happy.  So, I left my pack at home, only packed my baby bottle, and said I was switching to the 8K.  That was the plan, but Dave was not having of it.  Sigh.  Damnit!

9:00 came by really quick, and it was freezing!  I wondered if my short sleeves were the right choice.  I really could’ve used arm warmers for the first part.

We start off on a hill, so again I was worried about my tightening calves, but they weren’t too bad.  We were quite happily in a big pack climbing the first hills, but as soon as the downhill started there was far too many non downhill runners in front of us, so we zipped around a few and sped down the trails.  I love this technical, fun, fast downhill, and following runners in front of us, we actually missed a turn!

Luckily Dave noticed it almost immediately, and we cut back over onto the right trail.  This is where we ended up all alone.  The sun was stunning shining through the trees, and I desperately wished I had my phone with me for pictures, but I didn’t.  Wah.

This section felt like we were in a 50K because it was so spread out, and we didn’t see or hear anyone else.  We happily trotted along, nice rolling beautiful trails until we hit the gravel out and back.

On the way out, it’s a downhill, and we got to see all the faster runners heading back up, and Murph was in the lead, totally killing it, but he had another guy hot on his tail, so he looked 100% focused and in the game.

We hit the aid station of water, got our bibs marked down, and headed back up.  This is always the hardest for me, the long slow slight incline on a non-technical trail.  Ugh.  But, we stayed strong, and didn’t get passed at all.

At the junction was Dayna & Lucy, a trail friend who ran the night ultra with her dog, and after seeing her we were back on the gorgeous Cap trails.  We also did the filming for the Ladies of the Trails video here, and some of mine and Jay’s engagement pics were done at the Cleveland Dam, so it’s a spot full of memories.

To watch the video of me and the ladies, click here!

Next up, we saw Rob Needsexample marshalling from his chair, and coming down one of the big downhills in the video, Dave and I had picked off a couple guys, and picked up a guy from behind, when we saw Elaine marshalling!  We then did a small out & back on the lookout deck, and I really think this should have been cut from the race.  The deck was pure ice, and it was a deadly skating rink.

Back down the trails, we headed past Mark marsahlling, and then Sara, and then Andy, and then Vera and her dog Myka!  It was so much fun to know almost all of the marshalls, and get to see their smiling faces while out on the run.

We started to wonder where Jay was, but figured he must have stationed himself in 1 spot, instead of running around the course like he did last year.

Creeper shot he took of me :


We headed up the stairs towards the start/finish area, and our tagalong friend, Mike, stayed with us.  Let me tell you, those stairs are nastyyyy.


From there, we head across the start line, and out on the second, different loop.  We knew it was about 4 more kms from here, so off we went!  We passed another guy on a short climb and Mike didn’t make it past, so we lost him there, but we finally got to see Jay!




He was right on the bridge, and had been capturing our friends during their own races.

Murph in the lead of the 13K : (He won!)



Gemma – leading the women for the 8K :


Chloe Sr (who has just started a blog that you can check out here) :


Ged from Salomon West Van :


Hikari :




My absolute favorite picture ever of Nikki :


It’s a quick little loop where we get to see Vera & Andy again before heading back across the bridge past Jay, and then up our final hills to the finish line.


This climb was killer, and I was really feeling it in my legs.  Time to dig in, and just climb, climb, climb.  At the top it was time to just let the legs loose and head to the finish.

Across the Dam, and then up a few stairs, and up a short hill to the finish.  Dave was just in front of me, and I knew he’d bug me about finish in front of me, so I turned the burners on, and we crossed the line together, registering a tie for 26th place in 1:31:10.  5 mins slower than 2013, but probably 5 times more fun because I ran and chatted with Dave the whole time.  7th out of 17 females, 26th out of 48 finishers.  Full results can be found here.

A great thing about the CMTS races is that Moveo is there for post race massages, and I signed up to get my glute worked on, and realized that it was pretty darn bad.  I don’t think running necessarily made it any worse, but it was not a happy camper.  So, this week of rest due to my prolo injections on Tuesday was probably a good thing anyways, as I can still dig deep in the muscle and it hurts…ya, ya heading to physio/massage this afternoon.

After the race we stayed for my massage (obviously), and awards and door prizes.  I got involved in one of the games, ended up possibly making Gary’s head explode, made an ass of myself doing the macarana, and won myself some shoeies!

Jay and I headed to Tommy’s for Terry & Hikari for a delicious brunch and catch up session.  With less races, and Terry traveling lots, we haven’t had a chance to brainstorm all of our crazy plans.  Yes Terry, I’ll start planning GC next week, promise. 

All in all, it was a great day.

Super hard and challenging course.

Great prizing and awards.

Fantastic smiling volunteers.

AND the cutest mascot ever.  Meet Oreo, RD Geoff’s puppy :


And that tops off a fantastic weekend of running events from Gary, Geoff & CMTS!  Thanks everyone!



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  1. David says:

    I never knew I had such influence. I would debate who started the race to the finish, but it was a fun run.

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