Month of March 2014 – Training Recap

March, oh where did you go??

Total Road KMs : 17 kms (treadmill…close enough to road)

Total Trail KMs : ~225.5 kms

KMs raced during January : 13 km trail race at Cap Crusher

Total KMs this month : 242.5 kms

Total KM’s this year : 600.5 kms

Hours running :  36 ish

Cross-training hours (Spinning, Grinds, Strength training) : 2ish

# of Grinds/BCMC’s : 1 – Grind closed, but made it up & down BCMC once.

How’s my month been?

Surprisingly good.  At the end of February I was pushing hard to turn my month around, and I ended up being able to do exactly that.  Even though I had a prolo shot right before the end of February, and 1 in March, I’ve got a really decent overall mileage, I’m down ~7 lbs, and I’m making noticeable improvements in my foot injury.  All of this packaged together makes for a pretty solid month of March.

March started off with a day of cheering at the West Van Run.  I thought I blogged about it, but I can’t seem to find that…anyways, it was a miserable weather day, but Jay and I went to support our friends, especially Cath running 10K at over 8 months preggo!

She doesn’t even look it!  (if you missed it, Cathy’s baby boy, Theodore Owen was born on March 19th!)


After West Van Run, I worked my way back into running, gradually increasing my distance on the treadmill walking uphill after doing some run/walking to test out the foot.

The following weekend was the Yeti Mt Cypress event, where we had terrible weather, but it didn’t damper our spirits, and we had a great day out there.  I blogged about it here.

Up next was the Chuck-a-Cheer weekend in which I joined Amy on a roadtrip to Bellingham where she was running the Chuckanut 50K, and Doug, Jen M, and I decided to do a run during the race, to cheer along participants.  It was a huge success, along with the farthest I’ve run without foot pains!  I want to cheer-run all races in the future – so much fun!  Doug’s guest post here, and my post here.

Ladies of the Trails started up again in March, and we’ve had some glorious sunny days to run during.  I absolutely love this picture from last Monday’s run.


As always, there’s room to join us on the trails, and info can be found here.

I ended March by finishing off the March DietBet I randomly joined, and thankfully I was down about 6-7 lbs, and feeling wayyyyy better about myself.  I started another DietBet that Nikki and I are hosting on April 1st, and am looking forward to getting back down into the low 160′s.  There’s so many of our friends in this game, I don’t have a chance of failing, they’d bug me too much if I did!  Buckling down because I have a wedding, and a trip to Yakima, USA, to run a 50K!  I bought blonde oreos for the race, so I’ll have to make sure they don’t go any farther then being eaten on the trails, while running.  There’s still time to join our game, and bet $25 to lose 4% of their total weight by April 29th! Deets here.

Squamish 50 hosted one of their awesome free orientation runs in March too, and it was amazing to see so many of my friends and acquantances out on the trail.  I absolutely love Squamish and Squamish trails, and it was the best day!  Blogged about here.

But, somehow I screwed something up in my glute, and it was pretty painful the next am after wearing heels to a stagette the night before…

So, I chose to run the Cap Crusher 13K with Dave, and just have fun on a training run disguised as a race.  It worked out great.

And then the last weekend of March was another great back to back trails weekend!  Saturday was spent with Nikki, and she blogged about our day here, and then Sunday was spent with Ryland, Kylee, Jay, Jeff, Jude, and Jude’s friend.  Oh and Nikita, who, is so drenched and pissed off in this photo, I can’t help but crack up!


I think I’ll do another post of all of my favourite trail pics from March, like I did for February.  It’s easy to have a ton of great runs, and not all of them can be blogged about…there’s just only so much to say about oh I ran with so and so, it was great, we went up some hills, down some hills, up, down, up, down, and back to home, it was great.  Hah!

Let’s check in on the goals I set going into this month…

  • I weighed myself on Feb 26th at 175, and I’d like to be at 165 by March 31st.  I think that’s doable because I’m already done to 170 today (March 10th)  It’s April 3rd and I’m at 169.  It’s still a loss, but not quite where I wanted to get. I had a couple of stressful weeks, and I’m lucky that my weight loss at the beginning of the month helped carry me along a bit. 
  • I’d like to do some more incline walking on the treadmill, to get some hill training in that is specific to ultra running, and recommended by Murph.  I’d like to do a minimum of 20 miles uphill walking this month on the treadmill.  I kind of quite the treadmill stuff after my foot was ok to run outside again, mainly because the TV in my gym was still not working.  But the TV is fixed now…so maybe this moves into an April goal…
  • I want to heal my foot and be smart about running in between prolo injections (next one is March 25th) - While it’s not perfect, my foot is definitely on the right path towards healing and feeling better. 
  • I want to keep using my juicer, and enjoying the juice on a regular basis. Yum, yum, I love my juicer.  Although I’m trying to make more juice with less fruits, and that’s tough…not as tasty.  Anyone have any great recipes that use little to no fruit?? 
  • I just want to leave March feeling as good as I entered it.  I want this to be the first more positive than negative month of the year for me.  In my running, I can definitely say it was the best month of the year thus far.  In life, it’s been a bit of a stressful struggle this month, but I’ve just been trying to stay positive and make good choices even when I feel crummy. 
  • March is such a busy month, as I talked about here, and I just want to stay happy, healthy, and productive, all month long.  Oh and have a bunch of fun too!  Yep!

April Goals?

  • I’d like to feel good in the first big race of the year, my first ultra of 2014, the Yakima 50K
  • I’d like to fit into the dress I wore to Cathy & Mark’s wedding last May for Chad and Melissa’s wedding.
  • I’m going to win my Dietbet, so I’m going to weigh about 161 at the end of April.
  • Keep my foot injury rehab progressing along…

How was your March?  Was it a tough month for you too, or did you feel like you had a strong month?




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