Diez Vistas 50K – Jump Jump!

OMG.  Such a fun day today volunteering at the Diez Vistas 50K ultra!


Short story : we had a kick ass marshalling station with a tent, chairs, and treats, what treats you might ask?  Cookies and craft brew of course!  No joke.

Long story : to come.

For now?  Pictures!  Jay is killing it taking photos lately, and his skills are getting better with every event we are at.  You can check out his album here!

Seriously, everyone should volunteer at an ultra.  So much fun.



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2 Responses to Diez Vistas 50K – Jump Jump!

  1. Mike says:

    You guys were awesome yesterday! I declined the beer and thought I would get some on the way back. You were gone. :( now I know never say no to beer. Lol

  2. Leigh says:

    LOVE that picture!

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