Halloween Cuteness Overload

I saw this picture on the Ellen Instagram that featured a whole bunch of babies in pumpkins, and I immediately sent it to Cathy half jokingly saying we should do this to Theo.  Well, to my delight, Cathy said sure, so we had a pumpkin carving/dress Theo up day, and I’m pretty sure that dressing up a baby is even more fun than dressing up a dog! And surprisingly, Theo was a great sport!  Best baby ever.

photo 5-4

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Taking Candy from Strangers…

On Sunday, a group of us headed out on the trails to spread some good old trail karma.  We dressed up in costumes, dressed our dogs up in costumes, and grabbed bags of candy to share with fellow trail users.


As a first time event, we didn’t know what to expect, but overall it went really well, and we gave out over 100 mini Clif bars, and 9 bags of candy!

A few changes for next year, including starting later in the morning, and making a sign for one of us to wear that says “FREE CANDY”!  Many times people thought we were asking for candy, not giving it out to them.  Anyways, here’s a couple pics from the day!

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If you go into the woods today, you’re in for a big surprise…

Today was the Hallow’s Eve Trail Race in Lower Seymour today and I’m not up to racing yet, and we’ve volunteered so much this year, that we decided that we wanted to not have any stress on whether we made it out of bed or not.  A few days ago we said wouldn’t it be fun to have a scare station on course and prank our friends and random runners during their race, but we only had fun costumes, but needed something scary.  In between meetings yesterday I ended up at a costume/sewing store, and found 2 masks for us.  After we had the masks, it was time to make a plan.  We went back and forth on our ideas and decided on a later start with hitting both the half marathoners & marathoners towards the end of their race.

Masks purchased, plan made, time to go out in the woods!

photo 1

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Lost & Found: Runner’s High

Guys, a crazy thing happened tonight.  Jen C and I decided to do a quick loop around Burnaby Lake instead of heading to the North Shore trails.  I consider Burnaby Lake to be road running but a bit squishier and with nicer views.  It’s a little slice of heaven in the middle of Burnaby, and even though you can hear the freeway traffic, it’s a beautiful 10K loop.

photo 2-4

If I had to choose between North Shore trails and Burnaby Lake, it wouldn’t be an even fight, but there’s definitely something enticing about only having a 5 minute drive each way.

I’d be lying if I said I was confident going into the run.  I wrote yesterday that I was acknowledging my lack of fitness level, and I fully expected to crash and burn a few kms in.  I’ve barely run on roads, and trail running is just different, so very different than road running.  I’ve been thinking that easing back into trail running is the answer to my comeback, but I actually think I was wrong.

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The Death of Me, I mean Nutella.

I have a confession to make to you.  I discovered some Nutella in my cupboard, and recently I’ve been eating it, out of the jar, with a knife.  It’s been about a week of this….the first bite is so delicious and tempting, and then with each excessive bite or lick, I start to feel sick and over-Nutella’d.  It’s been an addiction this week, and I fully understand how people just sit on the couch and eat, eat, eat until they are sick and double their starting weight.  I totallllllllllly get it, and I fully admit I’ve been in a bit of a slump or a rut lately.

It’s so hard to be motivated to eat right and fuel your body when your body is barely performing.  But, that’s part of my problem…I’m starting to get back into exercising and running, but if I’m not fueling properly, well then, I’m just an idiot.  That’s the worst kind of self sabotaging I can imagine.

This afternoon on a bit of a whim, Melissa and I ended up climbing the Grind.  Great right?  Not so great when you left your lunch at home, scarfed some of it down mid-changing, 3 hours after you should’ve been eating, and then thinking you’re being brilliant, grab the Nutella jar and a knife for the drive.

Smart?  Oh no, SO dumb.

Especially when this is in your recent future…

photo 2-3

From my Instagram.

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Costumed Reverse Trick or Treating – Trail Run Style

The sad part of trick or treating, is that it’s really only for kids.  Even if teenagers come to your door, you look down on them a little.  Don’t say you don’t, I know you do….

So, adults are put into this box of having to get slutted up and go partying instead of going out and getting treats.  I love dressing up, but I hate what Halloween has become, like did you know there’s a such thing as a sexy french fry??!!  Yep….

enhanced-buzz-13531-1411669881-7See some other ridiculous “sexy” costumes here.  But really, how sexy can a french fry or a hot dog or a PINEAPPLE be??

Anyways, I just wanted a chance to bitch about those costumes….and now, for the point of this post.  Drum roll please….I’m hosting a Costumed run this Sunday to celebrate Halloween!  But, instead of knocking on doors and asking for a treat, we’re going to be be going for a run on our trails and treating the local runners, hikers, dog walkers, and bikers that are out on Sunday morning.

All the deets are on the Facebook event here.  But, I’d love to send out an invitation to any of my local readers to come out and join us on Sunday morning.  Come in costume, 8:30am, Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve Parking lot, with a bag of candy in hand, and if you have a well behaved trail dog, they’re welcome too!  We’ll be running for maybe 2 hours, with an option to just do an hour.

The only catch?  Costumes are mandatory!



I love weekends.

We have been so busy that weekends haven’t really been weekends, and life kind of passes by like a blur.  There’s fun and all, but without the down times, it’s hard to really embrace and enjoy the good.

But this weekend, this weekend we had NOTHING on the schedule.  Some pencil markings, but a whole lot of nothing important or concrete.

So what did we do?

A whole lot of FUN and relaxation!  And maybe a bunch of sillyness too!

photo 5

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Avoiding FOMO

I’ve talked about FOMO on the blog before, as it’s a very real thing to me, even if it’s a very teenage acronym.  Not sure what FOMO is?  It’s the “Fear of Missing Out”.  The peer pressure of knowing your friends or acquaintances are doing it, so you better too, or you might miss out.

Most of the time, I am a huge believer in the powers of FOMO, and for the most part I think that usually the results are positive.  There’s definitely times I’ve fallen victim to FOMO, and rolled out of bed at an ungodly hour because friends are waiting on me, and wonder why I ever said yes in the first place.  But, almost exclusively I’ve been very happy to have been convinced, if for no other reason than spending quality time with friends.

But sometimes, you have to be smart and think about the whole picture before you let yourself to succomb to the powers of FOMO.  Because sometimes just because it’s the right choice for others, doesn’t make it the right choice for you.  And sometimes, sitting on the sidelines, and not participating, or participating in a different sense is the right choice for you.  But, how do you know what’s right or not?

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22 Sleeps!

You may or may not have noticed, but Jay and I haven’t been on a real vacation, anything longer than a weekend away since 2 Christmas’ ago.  Well actually we went to San Fran last December for 6 days, but I ran a 50Miler during those 6 days, so that doesn’t reallllllly count.  Hard to relax before that big of a race, and really hard to relax after when it hurts to move…

We had to cancel 2 trips this spring/summer due to my injuries, and one this fall, and before that, last winter we got super slammed with Jay’s work being nuts, and us taking on the Yeti snowshoe races.  It’s been a while, and we’ve been itching to get away, and have a real vacation.

So, we sat down last Friday night, snuggled up on the couch with a laptop between us, and searched for something to work for us and our schedules.  I’m so excited to tell you we’re headed to Mexico in November for our long overdue sunny vacation!  Wooooooooo!

Nothing exciting or crazy, just a good old fashioned Mexico trip.  Heading back to where I spent my winters with my family growing up, and where I’ve taken Jay to a few times…Mazatlan.  I love it there, I know it there, and I know that it’s going to be the perfect opportunity to relax and completely unwind.  We’d love a crazy adventure trip, but right now, it’s not the right time, it’s better to go with what we know and what we already love.



When you’re angry and you know it…

I’m having a very frustrating day.  So, I’m doing the smartest thing I can…looking at snuggly, cuddly animal pictures of course!

These were some of the best I found…hope they help brighten your day like they helped with mine.


Corgies with onesies?!!  Candice you need one!!

And here’s more cuteness….

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