December, Bring It.

As per usual, I have SO much to tell you.  But of course I’m a bit like a squirrel “ohhh shiny object!” and then I’m distracted.  I’ve been swamped since coming home from Mexico, and of course I planned to blog while I was in Mexico, but I really enjoyed being lazy, and it’s hard to be on a laptop when you’re in paradise.  I did a little bit of work everyday, which was fine, but blogging just didn’t happen.

And now, somehow it’s DECEMBER tomorrow.  Holy Hannah.  So, I’m a bit of a mess if I’m honest.  I’m up in weight, I’m completely out of routine, I’m kind of just running whenever I make plans with a friend, and I’m obviously not blogging.  All of these things kind of make my life suck a bit.  It’s just harder.  Weird because being in a routine and in training is technically much harder and much busier, but it just ebbs and flows and it’s just life.  It just makes sense, and it just works for me.

But, it’s always easier said then done to get back into the groove.  But, I have an ace in my pocket.  I already know what works for me, it’s just making that damn commitment.  So, for December, I’m making some commitments.  And guess what?  December starts tomorrow, so here we go, let’s KICK ME IN THE ASS!

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2nd Annual Ugly Sweater Trail Run

It’s that time of year again, when I put on a crazy fun Holiday event, and this year it’s happening on Sunday November 30th!  Mark your calendars, tell all of your friends, and come join us for a super festive, super fun, trail running event!

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What Goes Down, Doesn’t Have to Go Up!

A couple of weeks ago, the dynamic duos of myself, Jay, Shea, and Melissa went off on a trail run with the pups, and the 7 of us ended up going wayyyyy longer and farther than we expected, and we jokingly said we should’ve just done the downhill part of the run.

Because, let’s face it, running (hiking) uphill can really suck sometimes.  When you’re in training and things are going good, it can be great.  When you’re in training, and training hard, getting that elevation can be awesome, don’t get me wrong.  But, when you’re not in training, and uphill is really hard for you, and you’re not able to get out on your feet for super long days or back to back days, just running the downhill sounds just about right.

So, I made the suggestion to make that joke a reality and off we went.  Hardest part of the day was fitting the 4 of us, with the 3 pups in 1 car for the car drop.  It was a bit of a gloomy day, but it was gorgeous on the trails.  And just to prove it, here’s a phone dump from our run which was a whopping 180m elevation gain, and 950m elevation loss!  I’d say that was a successful downhill only run!

photo 4-7

And now, without further adieu, a whole lotta trail porn for you…

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Night of the Running Dead – Race Review

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this on the blog, but Jay and I absolutely adore Walking Dead.  I fought against watching the show for a couple of years to be honest, I don’t love guts or gore and I certainly don’t love zombie, so no point in me watching.  Right?  Wrong.  Walking Dead is almost totally not about zombies.  Yes, there’s zombies in every episode, but it’s more of a story line about people and their morals and relationships and finding out exactly what they will or will not do when pushed over their limits.

Anyways, when Melissa & Shea insisted we sign up for a 5K Zombie run in Bellingham, we hummed and hawed, but worst case, even with my injuries, I can walk 5K so we said yes.  Coming up with a running costume is always a challenge, but with the zombie theme, we couldn’t resist dressing up as Walking Dead characters.  Jay was Rick Grimes, and I was kind of a person, kind of a place, I was Terminus.

photo 1-7

Of course, if you don’t watch Walking Dead, our outfits really didn’t make any sense.

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