December, Bring It.

As per usual, I have SO much to tell you.  But of course I’m a bit like a squirrel “ohhh shiny object!” and then I’m distracted.  I’ve been swamped since coming home from Mexico, and of course I planned to blog while I was in Mexico, but I really enjoyed being lazy, and it’s hard to be on a laptop when you’re in paradise.  I did a little bit of work everyday, which was fine, but blogging just didn’t happen.

And now, somehow it’s DECEMBER tomorrow.  Holy Hannah.  So, I’m a bit of a mess if I’m honest.  I’m up in weight, I’m completely out of routine, I’m kind of just running whenever I make plans with a friend, and I’m obviously not blogging.  All of these things kind of make my life suck a bit.  It’s just harder.  Weird because being in a routine and in training is technically much harder and much busier, but it just ebbs and flows and it’s just life.  It just makes sense, and it just works for me.

But, it’s always easier said then done to get back into the groove.  But, I have an ace in my pocket.  I already know what works for me, it’s just making that damn commitment.  So, for December, I’m making some commitments.  And guess what?  December starts tomorrow, so here we go, let’s KICK ME IN THE ASS!

I know myself very well, and I know that I do well with goals, black and white commitments with no room to argue the grey area, and with to-do lists, and a jam packed schedule.

So, December, you dirty little month filled with treats, temptations, long black nights starting at 4pm, and social commitments up the ying-yang, you have just met your match.


My goals/commitments for December are :

  1. Run 2K every day.  I wasn’t able to do the November Beaststreak this year, partially injury-wise, and partially time-wise, and partially just drive-wise.  (Of course the whole Mexico trip doesn’t help…).  Also, last year I was working towards my 50 Miler, and it gave me a drive and a purpose.  I know I need to start at the bottom and build my running back up, which is so bloody hard.  SO HARD.  But, I know I need to, and I know I need to get back to running regularly, running solo, running on my treadmill, just running in general.  And just because of my injury woes, and wanting to be smart, I’m throwing in a loophole for myself, if my feet hurt, I’m allowed to trade my 2K run for a 2K walk with the dogs.  And of course, I wouldn’t be me, without inviting you to join me!  None of the pizzazz of the November Beaststreak, but a December baby Beaststreak.  A comeback streak perhaps?  So, who’s in?!?!  Let’s kick the December laziness in the pants!
  2. Cook dinner every night, including leftovers for lunch everyday.  December includes tons of events that are out and about, but that doesn’t mean that the days when we’re home we should be ordering in, or picking up.
  3. NO December weight gain!  I always gain weight in December.  Always.  I have a sweet tooth and I love delicious Christmas baking.  And come January, come my Birthday, I feel like a big fat whale.  Unfortunately I already feel like the whale, which could go either way if we’re honest.  So, we gotta make sure it goes the positive way.  So, I’m doing what works for me, I’m exercising every day, I’m cooking at home which is automatically healthier foods, I’m planning on getting back to using my sauna (especially with subzero temperatures lately!!!), and I’ve joined a Dietbet.  But, this time I’ve joined a 6 month Transformer Dietbet.  Never tried one before, but basically you have 6 months to lose 10%, which is exactly back down to where I’m the most comfortable, AND the best part, the first month is only 3%, not the usual 4% which helps since it is Christmastime and filled with parties & eating!
  4. Blog everyday.  Whatttttttttttt?  That’s crazy talk.  I don’t think I’ve ever blogged every day in a month before.  I don’t even know what I’ll talk about, but I do know that I need to catch up on missed posts, and get back into my groove.  Go big or go home.
  5. Take care of me.  Quite a broad goal, but I didn’t know how better to say it. I want to do my daily ankle/foot exercises.  I want to stretch and roll daily.  I want to get back to doing some spin.  I want to sit in my sauna.  I want to read.  I want to go to bed early.  I want to eat healthy.  I want to be healthy.  I want to be the best me.

And that’s it.  That’s how I’m kicking December’s butt.

Who’s in?  Who’s joining me?  Any December goals?  I better get to bed so I can walk up and kill it on day 1!  Woot!



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2 Responses to December, Bring It.

  1. Paula says:

    These are great December resolutions. I’m in for running 2k per day if it includes walking the dog. That will help with keeping the weight gain down. I usually don’t gain a lot but I feel like CRAP by the end of the month with all the tasty fat and sugar based foods. Egg nog lattes are a personal favorite. Never mind adding in the rum. What about adding in a limitation on drinking? That usually leads to more eating, sleeping in instead of getting up for a run.

    • Solana Klassen says:

      That’s a great idea Paula! Personally, I really don’t drive very much alcohol, so this isn’t a temptation or issue for me over the holidays, it’s more the delicious baked treats that call my name! That’s why goals are so great, they can be unique to yourself and what your strengths/weaknesses are.

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