Thank You Body.

I’ll be honest.  When I started the Beast Streak I didn’t actually expect to complete it.  I wanted, no, I needed something to grasp, to help me find structure, and to bring me back to myself.  I knew that it would help get me out the door, and into a routine.  But, I never, seriously never expected to make it through the month.

Doesn’t quite make sense to set a goal you’re not expecting to achieve, does it?

photo 1-33

Well I guess you can’t say I’m boring or predictable!  Just like these crazy girls I ran with this morning.

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Why I love my friends

I was going to post about my run today, and how I ran solo (with Nikita) on the trails, and how weird it was, but then tonight happened.  I had some running friends over for a holiday party, and somehow we got to chatting about bridesmaids dresses and running in them, and of course this evolved into an actual plan.  Since my 30th birthday is coming up in just 2 short weeks, we’ve decided that this will be my first 30 birthday run, prom dress style!


And that is exactly why I love my friends.  I didn’t want to do another run like last year’s birthday run that almost killed me.  30kms is just too much for me right now.  So, making it a short (5-10kms) run, with lots of ridiculous fun and photo opps, well that’s just about perfect.

Watch out on the trails January 10th, when our ridiculous takes over the trails.

What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever run in?  For me, it was probably my unicorn outfit this Halloween, or my birthday cake outfit at Blerch. 



Untitled, Updates

I have literally sat in front of my laptop for the last 2+ hours while watching my PVR’d Millionaire Matchmaker marathon, painting my nails, and trying to come up with a title for this post.  Total BLANK.

I stopped blogging on Tuesday because I didn’t have anything to say…I found myself in the position where forcing myself to write was far worse then breaking my challenge of blogging every day in December.  And then the Christmas craziness ensued and I haven’t had a chance to sit down with my computer since then.

So, without further adieu the winner of the Sport Suds contest is….Dasha P!  Dasha I’ll need your address to have your prize pack sent to you – congrats!!

Other updates….

  • Christmas 2014 was fantastic.  It was a combination of super fun family time, really thoughtful presents, delicious food, and an overall “happy vibe”.
  • A couple of exciting presents were my new Vitamix – who’s got recipes for me??  And that amazing curler that sucks your hair into it and then magically curls it.  Since I’m retarded with my own hair, this is amazzzzzzzzing.
  • The Beast Streak is still alive and kicking! Officially at Day 29 today, 27th day in December.  My body is tired, but not angry at me.  Although my calves are rock solid in tightness, so I’m trying to stretch and roll those suckers out.
  • Jay got a Go Pro Hero 4, which we took out on a Christmas test run, and I know we’re going to have a blast running with this new toy in the future.
  • I’ve left this bullet blank for another 30 mins…this is one of the slowest written posts ever.

And I’m out.  This has taken so long to write, I can’t even waste any more time adding pics.  I’ll try and do a better post tomorrow.  I’ll tryyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

How was your Christmas time?  Tell me about your favourite part of it. 



Monday Runday

I got spoiled yesterday with a great day, and started off today on the same note.  Candice ran and crushed her first 50Miler at TNF SF a few weeks ago, coming in just under 12 hours, while she went into the race scared of cutoffs (14+ hours).  Killed it.  And she’s going to be writing us a guest post on her experience soon too, so stay tuned.  Anyways, she took a couple weeks off running, and this morning was her first time back on trails, and we just went for a little run, checked out where exactly trails and closed and got to catch up properly.

photo 1-32

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Perfect Sunday

Sundays are my favourite day of the week.  I like Saturdays, but Sundays I just like more.  I’m not sure why since Saturday still has another day of the weekend.  So maybe I’m wrong and I like Saturday and Sunday equally?  I don’t know.

Anyways, today was a perfect Sunday.  Woke up without an alarm, read for a bit, had a bacon & eggs breakfast with the family and then headed to the trails.  At the trailhead we bumped into friends just finishing their runs, and a friend heading out for a run….at 11:25am.  Hahah.  We don’t normally start at 11, or 11:30, but hey, why not?

photo 1-30

And then we ran.  And hiked.  And wandered the trails.  And ran into friends.  And just spent a few hours re-connecting with nature.  Perfection.

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Day 20

Well, today is day 20 of the #beaststreak, and I almost didn’t make it out the door for my run.  We went to see Wild, the movie last night, and during the movie I had to cough a bit, and noticed my throat was a bit phlegmy.  After the movie that phlegmyness turned into a sore throat and my voice went poof and disappeared.  It came on so quick, 1 second I felt fine, and the next I feel like I’m heading straight towards a cold, do not pass go, do not collect $200.  Shiiiiiiiiit.

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Runner’s Gift Guide – Part 2

Last week I posted my Gift Guide for Runners, and as much as I love all the items on that list, I missed some other things that I love and use all the time!  So, I thought I’d share the ones I forgot about…

photo 3

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Sport Suds, a Holiday Giveaway!

Recently I mentioned Sport Suds on my list of gifts for the runners in your life, as a natural, biodegradable option for doing your laundry.  The fine folks at Sport Suds had sent me some samples to try, and after giving them 2 thumbs up, they offered to give me a prize pack to giveaway to my readers.  Rad!


A friend of mine has been bugging me to try Sport Suds for a few months now, but it all seemed like a lot of work to change my laundry detergent and do the initial washing machine clean as well.  I know when you’re thinking, HOW is that work?  But to me, it seemed like a pain, and I was happy enough with what I’m using.

But, when cleaning products showed up on my doorstop, I knew it was time to suck it up princess and do my laundry.

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150 kms in just under 3 weeks

Just a few shorts months ago, or maybe we have to go back as far as last year, but I used to be on average running 200kms at a minimum per month, and sometimes during tough training months I’d be close to 400kms.  But recently, since May basically, I haven’t been tracking my mileage, and I honestly don’t think I’ve hit 100kms in a month.

So today, when I was filling in my Beast Streak spreadsheet and I saw that I had hit 150kms over the last 19 days, it was a huge milestone for me.  I did a little dance in my head to celebrate.  I can’t go all crazy yet, because there’s still some issues and niggles in my feet and ankles, so I’m not healed fully, but I do feel like I am on the right track.  And I do feel like I’m making progress and as much as I’m optimistic, I can’t get ahead of myself, I can’t put the horse before the cart.  Or is it the cart before the horse?  Uhhhh…

My brain feels a bit fuzzy tonight.  I think I’ll sign off now.  I’ve got something cool coming up for you tomorrow, so check back in, it’ll be more interesting than this post.



2015…so far…

The most common question I’m hearing nowadays among my runner friends is some version of what’s up for 2015?  Whether they’re asking about goal races, running trips, fun races/events, everyone is starting to think about their calendar.  It’s always hard to choose what to do, what to miss, and what’s most important.

I’m still not 100%, but I do feel like I’m on the way to being healed and running strongly.  So, in that positive thought process, I have registered for a few races.  Not too many, but here’s what’s on the calendar, thus far.  Bold means registered, italic means I’m working it, and regular font means I’m thinking about it.

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