Monday Runday

I got spoiled yesterday with a great day, and started off today on the same note.  Candice ran and crushed her first 50Miler at TNF SF a few weeks ago, coming in just under 12 hours, while she went into the race scared of cutoffs (14+ hours).  Killed it.  And she’s going to be writing us a guest post on her experience soon too, so stay tuned.  Anyways, she took a couple weeks off running, and this morning was her first time back on trails, and we just went for a little run, checked out where exactly trails and closed and got to catch up properly.

photo 1-32

Me, Nikita and Candice.  Ladies day!

I don’t have much to say, other than Candice is a rockstar, and here’s some pictures of our fun Monday Runday.
photo 1-31photo 2-31 photo 2-32 photo 3-26 photo 4-23 photo 5-18

Oh and an update of trail closures: I read that the Twin Bridges-Fishermans-Homestead loop was still all open and accessible, but it is NOT.  Twin Bridges is closed very close to the top of the trail.  Less than 1K from the Homestead entrance.  The Secret Waterfalls trail where it connects to Richard Juryn (pictured above) is also closed at the top.

Hard to believe this is December and so close to Christmas with the lack of snow on the mountains, and chill in the air.  But hey, I’m not complaining, it’s perfect running weather!  Beaststreak day 22, and still going strong.  Make sure you’re remembering to fill in your mileage!

Oh and I’m closing the Sport Suds Giveaway in 3 hours, so make sure you’re entered!



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