March Madness!

Whooops.  I knew I was busy and not blogging much, but I didn’t realize my last post was in February, and now here we are on March 10th…crap!

So, what’s up?  I’m back running, and running quite a bit.  Thus far in March, I’ve run 77kms!  Considering I finished off February with 150kms, this is pretty darn rad to see the progress, clear as day on my calendar.

2015-03-01 11.27.24-1

I’m also ridiculously busy with my work life.  And so much of my work life is spent on a computer, or on my phone, that it’s really hard to sit down and spend more time in front of a screen, even if it is for something I love like blogging.  It makes me sad to miss my writing time though, so I need to schedule it in and make sure it’s included in my life.

Let’s talk about why my life has been so busy, shall we?

March 1st, we started the month off with a BANG!  Along with a couple of friends, we hosted a special stagette run for Melissa, combined with the Squamish 50 orientation run of the 23K route.

I’ve helped plan quite a few stagettes in my time, and this was definitely the most ridiculous by a long shot.  It was also the most lacking in booze, although we “iced” Melissa twice along the trail.

Here’s a few of my favourite photos from the run:

2015-03-01 07.52.41 2015-03-01 08.33.12-1 2015-03-01 10.25.12 2015-03-01 10.24.14 2015-03-01 10.57.16

2015-03-01 20.50.24 2015-03-01 19.21.09

The flipside of the 1st, was that Gram took a pretty bad fall on her stairs, and while she didn’t break anything, it’s really changed how mobile and active she is.  Unfortunately she’s needing a walker to walk around at all.  Really sad (and scary) to see someone who is normally so much younger than her age forced to slow down and not be able to live her normal life.  She’s been staying with family, and making progress, slowly but surely.

The very next day, yep, the 2nd, was a special 5 Peaks VIP Night at CRAFT Brewery, followed directly by the KneeKnacker lottery results.

2015-03-06 16.17.09

We all crowded around our phones and my iPad at the bar (yes, really), and some of us were lucky, and some of us weren’t so lucky.  Myself, Candice, and Jay all got spots, while Shea, Melissa, and Jen C were not chosen.

Candice unfortunately had a work trip to Toronto for this week, so Nikki lovingly made a Candice on a stick, so that she could be with us in spirit, and in pictures!  Here’s Jay and I celebrating with the Candice excited face:

2015-03-02 21.17.36

And yes, if you’re wondering what the heck Jay was doing putting his name in the lottery, you are correct, this was very out of character.  And, this will also be Jay’s very first (and quite possibly only) ultramarathon.  Now, the real question is how much he will train…

So, next up is March 3rd.  Let’s keep the trend of exciting stuff up.  I went for a run with my friend Deavah and my legs were dragging, but the last time we had run down Ned’s – a super technical and fun long descent on the North Shore we were 1 minute off the women’s record on Strava, and we were moving pretty leisurely, chatting the whole way.  Obviously we had to go for the record.  Obviously.

And, obviously we crushed it.  Took more than 2 minutes off of our last time, and even though my legs were doing great remembering how to run technical descents, my breathing was brutal, overall fitness level is definitely low.  I know I can go faster, which is pretty awesome.  Of course, since then the Dirty Duo race took runners down Ned’s and local elite Chessa Adsit-Morris stole my CR by 40 seconds.  Time to go back and try again!

It was exciting for the 4 days it lasted…

March 4th all the excitement waned for a couple of days.  Just normal work and stuff.

March 6th, the excitement returned.  Jay and I went up the BCMC with the dogs, kind of a fun “date night” for us.  It was getting dark on our way up, but we had our headlamps, and we planned to come straight back down.

Jay suggested we run Skyline instead to come down the mountain.  I went along with it, on the condition that he was 100% positive he knew where he was going, and there was no chance of us getting lost.  Within a few moments of starting our descent, we were lost.

Our 90 minute BCMC up/down, ended up turning into a 3 hour, lost in the dark, mis-adventure.  One of those not fun at all while it’s happening, but hilarious to laugh at after the fact.  And for the record Jay says we were never actually lost, just displaced.  I don’t fully agree, I was pretty sketched out with the lack of supplies we had, and the fact that it was dark, and that we had both of the dogs with us.

But, all in all, we did survive, and made it home unscathed.

The 7th was not very exciting, but we hit the trails again, this time for Shea’s birthday, where we did another super lazy, downhill only car drop run.  This time we hit up a trail none of us, except Jay, have ever been on, and we didn’t get lost!!!  Mel and I were a bit skeptical to let Jay lead after the night before, but it turned out great.  When we got back to Deep Cove, we had a wonderful picnic in the sunshine, and it was bliss.

2015-03-07 17.14.11

The 8th, I went back and ran Espresso for the first time since I fell and fractured my back on that trail.  I stopped and said hello to the rock that hurt me.  And now that I’ve seen that rock, well, it’s nasty.  It sticks up out of the dirt, and it’s got a sharp 90 degree lip on it.  It’s not at all surprising that it broke me.  Hard to see from this picture…but you get the idea, maybe.  The good news is that I still love this trail!

2015-03-08 10.24.59 2015-03-08 10.25.16-1

After a morning on the trails, it was time to head out to the boonies for an afternoon of baby shower goodness for the Mullaly Baby.  I should’ve taken a photo of the amazing present that I thought up, bought fabric for, and my amazingly talented friend Jen C put together for me.  It was a beautiful homemade Owl blankey, and Jen also made a couple of burp clothes, and a super cute owl pillow!  But, I did take a picture of me & Nikki not in running clothes!

2015-03-08 16.50.04

Home for a quick outfit change, and down to the Rio to watch the movie Transcend, which was presented by Distance Runwear.  Amazing movie, that really touched Jay and I because of the African/Kenyan ties, and reminded us of our African adventure back in 2011.  I’m thinking of buying this movie, so that we can have a movie night at our place and share it with friends and family that couldn’t make it.

Yesterday, the 9th, was a busy work day, again, and then a BCMC with the girls.  It randomly worked out that Jen C, Nikki, and Candice were all able to get to the shore by 5 (kind of unheard of), and we were hiking up Grouse in the beautiful sunshine.  We took a short detour out to the Flint & Feather lookout, before heading back down to watch the finale of The Bachelor.

2015-03-09 18.13.19 2015-03-09 18.41.09

2015-03-09 18.46.37

The surprise announcement of the TWO Bachlorettes totally threw me for a loop, and I’m still pissed off about it.  Kaitlyn for Bachlorette, get rid of Britt!

And that brings us up to today.  Today was crazy busy, so busy that I had to cancel on spin class, but I’m thankful to have a full rest day today, after running/hiking the last 5 days in a row.  5 in a row?!  That’s cray cray.  Almost sounds like I’m back to being me huh?

The rest of the month is looking pretty busy too, but I promise I’ll try to post more often than this.  It’s hard to write such long posts, as I’m sure it’s hard for you to read such long posts!

How’s the first 10 days of your March been?  Has it been March Madness for you too?






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  1. Cathy says:

    Now I know how your weekend was (didn’t get a chance to ask at Ladies of the Trails tonight). So sorry to hear about Gram yet glad to hear you’ve been getting out there!

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