When Doing the ‘Right’ Thing Feels SO Wrong.

First things first, I’ve been a super crappy blogger.  Part of it is the fact that I’ve been super busy, and part of it is that I’m out of the blogging groove, and when you lose your writing routine, it’s the same as losing your running or healthy eating routine.  It doesn’t come easily, you have to work at it, and it’s not second nature any longer.  You really have to make the effort to make it happen.  And I just haven’t been making that effort.  So, I do apologize for that.  I do love blogging, so I have to make an effort to fit it in.

I love the catching up posts for when I haven’t been posting much, but tonight I just kind of want to babble a bit.  So, if you’re not really into listening (reading) me just get my thoughts out, and not realllllllllly talk about anything, well then, you should probably just stop reading now.

Last Saturday we had an amazing day on the trails.  We started at Horseshoe Bay, did the first quarter of the KneeKnacker, and then we kept going up, up, up to St. Mark’s Summit.  We hit sunshine, rain, clouds, fog, snow, it was a bit of an everything day.  But, it was a perfect day…except for one tiny issue heading up the boulder field below Eagle Bluffs.  I tripped forwards and not really sure how I fell but I jammed my right foot big toe into a boulder, and ripped the front of my right calf sleeve.  Ow.

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I can’t sleep.

It’s basically the middle of the night, and while I should be cozy in bed, as snug as a bug in a rug, I’m not.  And the funny thing is, I’m not stressed out, worried, or have any reason to not be sleeping.  I’m just not asleep.

So, I might as well tell you what’s up.  4 days in Portland, 48 hours at home, 7 days in Maui, and now thrown into a busy month of April.  A couple of events, a race that both Jay and I are running, it’s not exactly a slack month.

March was busy for sure, but also very rewarding.  April so far is pretty awesome.

Exhibit A:


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