Deja Vu

I’m not sure I wrote about it in detail, last summer was SO busy, and I was so gutted to cancel everything we had to cancel (Colorado, Utah, Jasper, K3) but last year, end of June, I was faced with a very similar circumstance to right now.

Last year, I had to cancel my K3 stage race, but I still thought I could do the road trip to Jasper and Kananaskis Country.  I struggled and stressed and worried my little tush off, until I finally, at the last possible moment I had to say no, I just couldn’t go.  It broke my heart to let my friends down, and to not be able to participate to any degree.

And now, this year, I’m in pretty much the exact same position, and it sucks balls.

deja-vuHello, deja vu, I really really hate you.

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Lana fall down, go BOOM!

Sigh.  Normally when I go quiet on social media it’s because I’m swamped with work and just don’t have time to sit down.  But, this time, it really isn’t the case, at all.  It’s actually a relatively quiet work time, and the real reason I’m quiet, and trust me, I’ve even been quiet with friends and family, only responding to texts but not really talking to anyone at all.

So not me, right?  But, there’s a reason.  A pretty darn good reason, I’d say.  On Wednesday I jinxed myself.  My friend Craig and I were heading out to do a Hanes Valley loop, which Craig had never done, and here I am blabbing away about how you don’t want to get hurt out there, since there’s no shortcuts, you’re just far out, etc etc.  And down I go.  Just after crossing the main Lynn Creek crossing, I slipped, fell, twisted my right foot/ankle, and fell on top of myself.  JINXED.


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Reality Check, T-Minus 1 Month

Signed onto Facebook this morning, and pretty much the very first thing I see…”1 month till KneeKnacker!”

Uhhhhhhh…SAY WHAT?!

Well, shit.  I didn’t realize that it was that soon.  It’s really hard to grasp that it’s almost mid-June already.  I feel like this entire 2015 has just flown by.  Especially since the beginning of March.  It’s just nuts.  And the biggest issue I have is that it’s super easy to just do the day-to-day stuff, and before you know it, a week has gone by and you’ve accomplished nothing really.  Or you have so many grand plans for the upcoming weeks or months, but without a plan, a serious, detailed plan, it’s super easy to blink and those weeks have passed already and your to-do list is still just a list because you haven’t moved forward step-by-step.

Which brings us to where I’m at with KneeKnacker.  It’s just a month away and while I had grand plans for this year’s training, I feel like I’ve lost a ton of time and only accomplish so much…

2015-05-31 11.08.29

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National Running Day – Let’s Talk About the Ladies.

Today apparently is National Running Day, and while I missed the memo and actually took today off from running, I did think it was the perfect opportunity to fill you in on how amazing the community of women in the “Ladies of the Trails” has grown and developed.

2015-06-02 20.37.18

It all started with wanting to share my love of trail running with my road running friends and show them they could do it too, way back in July of 2013.  Now, our community is 637 women strong on Facebook!  637 local Vancouver women, which is fricken AMAZING!

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Realistic Expectations

I touched on it in my last post, briefly discussing how I’ve realized recently that my goals for 2015 aren’t very realistic or attainable.  What a hard concept to grasp.  Our brains don’t always comprehend the truths of our body.  Which can be a good thing, and a bad thing.

My brain didn’t catch up to my body until this past weekend.  My brain honestly thought that I just needed to build a little bit of a base and could jump back into racing, as the same runner I was before.

I guess my brain didn’t realize just how much things have changed for me.  I still believe in the age old “you’ll come back stronger and smarter then before”, I just don’t quite know how I’ll find the OLD Solana.

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I Miss Blogging!

Holy crap!  I knew I hadn’t “blogged much lately” but I didn’t realize that I actually hadn’t sat down and wrote for over a month.  That’s ridiculous.  And unacceptable.  I have excuses, of course I do.  And I have so much to say, but of course the problem is, where do I start??

My go-to in this sort of situation is a bullet point what’s happening, which is great for catching up, but not great for actually sitting down and typing and letting my heart do the talking.  So, I think I’ll do one of my other favourite kinds of posts.  The verbal diarrhea, get as much out there as possible posts.

So, if you’re lucky for a post of any substance, you should keep on surfing.  If you just feel like having a coffee and reading about me, well then, this is the post for you.

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