Hey Girl Hey

Gosh I miss blogging, and holy crap I have a lot to say, but it’s always SO difficult to pick up the pieces and start again.

But, I’m great with to-do lists, so how about we make a “to-blog” list and get it started that way.  Sound good?  Sounds great.

  • I’m doing a December Beast Streak Run Streak.  I really like November for streaking, but with going to Kenya, that wasn’t an option.  I’m going to have the post up for this soon, with a Google doc so that everyone can play (run) along with me!
  • Kenya – ya I’m not even sure I mentioned that because it happened so crazy fast, and things were absolutely nutty, but I went to Kenya with Lifestraw on their #FollowTheLiters campaign, bringing clean safe water to schools in Western Kenya.  Say whattttt?  Ya, I seriously have so much to tell you, but for starters, Lifestraw, Vestergaard, and anything they touch is wonderful and amazing.  Just trust me.
  • 2016 5 Peaks dates are set, and we’re looking at a great season already.
  • Squamish life is amazing.  100% the right choice to move up here, and between 30 seconds out the door to trail, to the hot tub on our back porch, to the super great small town feel and friends we’ve made, it’s all going really really well.
  • Can you believe it’s December in a week?!?!  Holy cow the fall has flown by.  Nothing really on the Christmas list this year, just grown up crap that we need…like a bedframe, front hallway rug, living room TV, matching cutlery, blah, blah, blah.  Houses are expensive, and look a whole heck of a lot better when they aren’t all mismatched.
  • You may not remember, but when Jay and I met, he lived in and owned an apartment in PoCo.  We’ve had the same tenants for the past 6.5 years, and they’ve decided to move out.  We’ve had to change the carpets, re-paint the whole place, and it’s going up for sale this week!  Crazzzzzy.
  • I have lots of running/racing ideas for 2016, but my feet and ankles still aren’t 100%, and I’m just getting back into regularly running in my Salomons, so I’m not pushing anything or making any solid plans yet.  However….I will say I’m thinking about Lord Hill, Nimble Bear, KneeKnacker, SQ50 (heck, we live here now!), and Golden Ultra for next year.  I would loveeeee to do TransAlpine, especially since our schedule actually allows it, but that damn husband of mine is too fast!

Ok so….my to-blog about list, has kind of turned into a point form updates list.  Opps.

Anything else to tell you?  Not really, I have to spend time properly blogging about Kenya and Lifestraw, and getting our #beaststreak set up.  I’ll leave you with this amazing shot from our trip, from Chris Brinlee Jr.




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2 Responses to Hey Girl Hey

  1. Leigh says:

    You have been one busy lady! Can’t wait to hear more about your trip :)

  2. Steve says:

    You moved to Squamish?

    Oh that is awesome!

    Enjoy it, have fun on the trails…
    …oh that is so awesome! ;-)

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