December #BeastStreak, Let’s Make It Happen.

The last 2 Novembers we’ve rocked a BeastStreak, a running streak for the month of November, 30 days straight of a minimum of 3K a day.  It’s a great way to keep moving when the weather turns cold and wet, and by making it into a group challenge, we keep each other accountable, encouraged, and keep moving every single day.

So, with being away for the first 2 weeks of November, I wasn’t able to organize or participate in a run streak, I’ve never really liked December for this sort of thing, because December is BUSY.  However, I’ve decided it’s worth doing, and we’ll change up the rules to make it manageable for everyone.  In short, let’s do this.


You’ve got this. 

Let’s make this easy for you….

  1. 30 mins running, every day for 31 days.  Yes, even on Christmas and Boxing Day.  30 minutes, you can do this.  I promise.
  2. Spreadsheet link is HERE.  Add your name, track your mileage (or just put an X for every day you do your 30 mins if you prefer)
  3. Once a week, you can swap 30 minutes of running for a 60 minute walk.  Added this because people feel like sometimes they need a break.  Fair enough.
  4. Invite your friends and family.  Challenge them to #beaststreak for December.  Don’t have family that are ok with you running on Christmas?  Invite them to go for a nature walk before chowing down on turkey.

Wondering why I choose 30 minutes instead of 3K?  Well, I live on the trails now.  My house is literally a 30 second run from the trails, and well, trail running 3K on hills can sometimes take forever.  Plus, some people who are newer to running get caught up in #’s and sometimes it’s nice to just go for time instead of distance.  So, it just makes sense for the 2015 BeastStreak to try it this way.

So, are YOU in??  I’m in!  I’m positive Momma & Poppa Beast are in too.  Who else?  Head over to the spreadsheet and let’s get this party started (in a week!)

Spreadsheet link –



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8 Responses to December #BeastStreak, Let’s Make It Happen.

  1. Hurray!!! Yessss I am so in just hope my cold is gone by then!! Ps welcome back!

  2. Heather says:

    Don’t know how to add myself, but I’m in! And I’m starting today, just did mine!

  3. mcnemesis92 says:

    I really enjoyed the November streak a couple years ago. Looking to reboot my running and this challenge seems like a perfect way to start!

  4. Carol says:

    You got it! Momma & Poppa Beast are down!

  5. Erica says:

    Totally in. I’ve been participating in a December Challenge for the past 3 years, always seems to end up my highest milage month for the year :)

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  7. Cathy says:

    Go Streakers!! (I’m out, just picked up your blog again today, anyhow…)

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