Helloooooo December

Crazzzzzzzy.  Last I remember I was settling into the new house at the beginning of October, getting ready to relax, spread out work, and “hibernate” a little bit.  And then all of a sudden, I’ve crossed off a bunch of bucket list runs, I’ve represented Lifestraw by Vestergaard on their Follow the Liters campaign in Kenya, I’ve hosted a house warming, I’ve gutted a condo – re-painting, cleaning, new carpeting, and listing it for sale, and all of a sudden, *POOF!* it’s the END of November.  What the heckkkkk.

In some ways I feel totally cheated and confused by where the time went.  In other ways I feel blessed beyond belief and like I’ve done and experienced so much in the last 2 months.  I haven’t quite fully comprehended and fully caught up.  I’ve caught up with important stuff, but some not so important things, have definitely fallen by the wayside.

But, I can’t dwell on the fact that the last 2 months have been a bit of a blur, a whirlwind of adventures and experiences.  Instead I have to focus, re-group, celebrate the last 2 months but also recognize that it’s now DECEMBER, the last month of 2015!


Picture from Adam Ciuk from our Lifestraw Adventure

So, let’s talk about December.  I always had a ton of success with goal planning, writing done rules or plans, making to-do lists.  I’ve always found that I feel more centered, more organized, and overall, I just feel balanced and able to conquer more things, more mountains, both literally and figuratively in my life.

It only makes sense to write a list and start making things happen.

  • BeastStreak starts TOMORROW!!!  I’ve given you the rules, I’ve set up the Google Doc, and we’re ready to rock starting tomorrow.  Just get in your 30 minutes of running, every day, for the next 31 days.  Just take it one day at a time, you’ve got this.
  • My Kenya, Lifestraw posts start soon.  I promise.  I’ve been given a discount code for the month of December, so I have to get it to you guys soon, or you won’t be able to purchase them for XMas pressies.
  • I have to start posting more regularly.  I don’t have a post every day plan, as that is usually a big failure for me, and I hate having to type and write when no words want to come out of me.  I just hate that sort of pressure.  It doesn’t feel real or organic, and it just isn’t me.  So, I won’t say I’ll blog every day in December, but I’ll promise to do at least weekly recaps of the streak, and I’ll promise to finish all of my Kenya posts in December.  I think that’s fair.
  • December is certainly not the month to pledge to be healthy.  But, I’ve got big plans to get fully back on track in January.  Likely week 3, just after my birthday.
  • I’d like to make some time for sauna’ing, as I love it, and miss it since I haven’t used it since we moved.
  • What else?  My right foot is pretty effed up.  My big toe was jammed back in April and never full un-jammed, my ankle has issues up the hoo-ha (yes, this is the ankle I badly sprained in June), and it feels like there’s tons of crap built up inside of it.  So not fun.  Working through it, or trying to, but ya, it’s just not very happy all around.
  • Not really much else to say, or to add to my December list.  I’d like to see all my friends and family, and have some good catch-ups with them, but you know it’s always so busy and there’s only so much time in the month.  And some people think we live in the boonies now!!!

I guess I’m saying Hello December, and making the most of the fact that life has been flying by.  Let’s press pause, and try to savour some of the holiday season.

Did your fall fly by or did it crawl by? 



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