The Plague(s). Yes, Plural.

I get so excited to write, I sit down to make it happen, and then a text pops up on my screen, or an email comes in, and of course, me being me, I can’t ignore it, and before I know it, I’m down the rabbit hole of work.  It actually JUST happened again.  Majority of the work I do is at this computer, and if I try to go on here for purely social reasons, I get distracted and it just never ever ends up working out for me.

And then, over the holidays, I got sick not once, but twice.  And the second time, well, I’m still not 100%.

The first time was NYE morning, in the middle of the night, and let’s just say I spent the rest of the night sleeping on the floor of our bathroom.  Thankfully there’s heated floors, so I didn’t freeze.  Needless to say, NYE evening was pretty sucky, and spent in bed, and not exactly fun, at all.

A couple days later and things seemed to be looking up, I felt back to normal.

And then Jay went down, with a cold, that attacked him on a bronchial level (he has bad lungs), and I got to play nurse.

So a couple of nights ago, after dinner, I started feeling a bit funny, so I decided to go and lay down and watch some TV before bed.

I started shivering and could not stop.  I was freezing.  And then my head started to just pound.  I couldn’t fall asleep and when I did, I was getting up what felt like every 30 minutes to pee, and then struggle to fall back asleep.

The headache was at a debilitating level for the last couple of days.  Tonight, I’m finally feeling like a functioning human again.

However, all this time spent laying around, and not being active, has caused my lower back to revolt, seize up, and it’s really not feeling happy.

I guess if it’s not one thing, it’s something else.

So, as much as I still have things to post about, much more interesting things then this post, I just wanted to let you know where and how I’ve been.

In case you were wondering…

  • we had a lovely Christmas,
  • my parents were home for 10 days,
  • we’ve had a ton of snow here in Squamish,
  • I did every day except the last day of the #beaststreak (blame the plague!),
  • I as per usual, over-indulged during the December holidays and January birthdays (mine),
  • and am on my usual mid-January health kick (I’m already down 5 lbs, but that could be a multitude of the plagueV2.0 & the excessive sugar I had on Sunday.)
  • I’m unfortunately back up to the highest weight I’ve been in the last 3 years, and well, that has to change, so I’ve got a 30lb goal to get back to my happy place, here we go!
  • my 31st Birthday was pretty mellow, but fun, and spent with some really great friends.  We finally went and saw the trainwreck at Whistler, which was such a great little birthday hike-adventure.


So, back to bed, laying low, and getting healthy I go.

How’s your year going so far?  How were your holidays?



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  1. Leigh says:

    Hope you are feeling better soon! I had the flu almost two weeks ago and it was brutal. Came out of no where and I never want to puke again

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