Girl Power

Since we still have so many friends, family, and events that happen in Vancouver, we’re down in the city a lot, and seemingly every weekend.  Which is totally fine, but when Jay has to go into the city for work more often, it gets hard.  It gets to be not fun, and not something either of us feel up to.  He’s been working lots in the city, and it’s been soul sucking on his energy and drive.  So, we decided that we just had to spend the weekend at home, and since it was a long weekend, it meant 3 days in a row of not driving.

I had plans to run on both Saturday and Sunday with new ladies I’ve connected with in Squamish, and I decided I might as well post it in The Ladies of the Trails and see if we could round up a posse.  Well, let me tell you, we rounded up amazing posses for both days, 6 of us on Saturday, and 7 on Sunday!  And the bonus is that on Friday and Monday, I got out on 2 more trail dates with 2 more rad women.

2016-02-06 11.59.30

So much girl power, so much awesomeness.  I absolutely adore the trail community, and when I spend time with all of these amazing women, well, it’s just way too inspiring.

Here’s some of my fave photos from my weekend of girly trail time.

2016-02-04 11.10.03-1 2016-02-05 11.34.00-1 2016-02-06 09.24.49 2016-02-06 10.06.06 2016-02-06 10.42.25-2  2016-02-06 12.00.30 2016-02-07 10.44.54 2016-02-07 10.44.52 2016-02-07 11.36.22-1 2016-02-07 11.40.29 2016-02-07 11.49.23 2016-02-07 12.34.42-2 2016-02-07 12.35.27 2016-02-07 12.36.56 2016-02-08 10.44.49 2016-02-08 11.39.03 2016-02-08 11.30.09 2016-02-08 11.29.46 2016-02-08 11.29.14

I’ve talked about my Ladies of the Trails group many times on here, and it’s getting super close to the huge milestone of 1000 local members in our Facebook group.  Hard to believe it started 2.5 years ago with just a few of my girl friends that ran.  We now have a Squamish chapter thanks to my recent move, and for the future, I would love to see and promote more Ladies of the Trails groups across Canada and beyond.  A girl’s gotta dream right?

With that being said, we have another big newbie friendly event happening this Saturday, for Valentine’s Day, and as of right now, we have 60 RSVP’s and 30 maybes.  Crazzzzzzy.  I’m so excited to be a part of these ladies journeys onto the trails!


As always, the link to the Ladies of the Trails Facebook Group is here.


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