Spring Flings or Forever Loves?

It’s officially SPRING! The sun has been shining the last few days in Squamish, and it’s inspired me to put together a list of my current favourites.  I’ve got new shoes, a new jacket, a new necklace, and some other great new things that I’m loving this spring.


Hint – 2 of my faves are featured in this photo…


1) My Fjallraven Skogsö Light Jacket


Fjallraven Canada recently came on my radar when a friend entered a contest to go on a dog sledding adventure with Fjallraven in Iceland.  I browsed through their website, and did a bit of research and realized the Skogsö Jacket might be the perfect spring jacket for myself.  This might come as a shocker to you, but I owe far too many athletic clothes and jackets, and I struggle with what to wear to client coffee meetings, or just for running errands around town.

This is what the website says…”Skogsö Jacket is a lightweight, comfortable outdoor jacket with a slightly longer back section that keeps the lower back warm. It protects you against wind and light showers, at the same time that the material provides good breathability; this means you will not get as sweaty as with an entirely waterproof garment.”

I’ve found this jacket to be a total hit, and it’s the perfect garment for me to go through a regular day of dog walking, client coffee meetings, running errands around town, and more!  Check it out yourself at http://www.fjallravencanada.com/skogso-jacket-w.html#popguide

2) My Lifestraw Steel Water Filter


I love having the option of the Lifestraw in my running pack for the in-between runs or weather days.  By in-between I mean, the days where I’m not going terribly long, so I’m not carrying much or any water, but just in case we get lost, or go longer, I have the option to drink out of  stream, waterfall, or puddle nearby.  Also, when the weather is random and you’re not sure if you need the liquids, it’s better safe then sorry.  I’m hoping that eventually Lifestraw will make a water filtration system/bag that is easily packable for re-filling our water in our packs for our backcountry/super long days.  For those of you who don’t know, or missed it, I had the opportunity to travel with Lifestraw to western Kenya in November to participate in their Follow the Liters campaign, and it was amazing.  If you’d like to help provide clean water to more school children in Kenya, you can purchase a Lifestraw product at www.eartheasy.com

3) My Stella & Dot BreezeBlock Reversible Necklace


How pretty right?  Guess what?  It’s reversible!  The white on the other side is a beautiful blue/teal colour, and it’s really nice to have different options, all in one piece.  I love that Stella & Dot make such nice yellow gold pieces, since for years and years everything was silver, and I’ve always been a yellow gold girl.  It’s nice that I can buy pieces that work with my wedding rings for really affordable prices.  Affordable is important to me, because I lose things.  It’s just me.

4) My Oiselle Sweatshirt Lux Top


They don’t seem to have the colour I purchased – I bought it on sale, so it’s probably super old, but omg, this shirt is so soft, so wonderful, and I feel like it converts super well from a casual dog walk to running errands to hanging out with friends.  I even wore it during mine & Chris Brinlee Jr‘s hike up the Chief while he was in town (the picture above).  All of the images above with me in this shirt are thanks to my wonderful friend Chris.

5) TriggerPoint Cold Roller


Guys, this thing is SO crazy.  It goes in your freezer, and it’s stainless steel, and so it ices your muscles, as you roll them out.  I especially love this roller for my calves, I always find calves are hard to roll out properly, but this roller for some reason is just perfect for them.  The best part of this find?  I found it at Winners!  So random, right?  I have many different torture devices from Trigger Point that I love, I’m never disappointed with their products, and I have to say this one completely exceeded my expectations.

6) My backyard trails, especially the amazing trail system around Alice Lake.  There’s so much to explore, and my favourite right now is Tazer/Rupert, which I loved so much I included in the new Enduro 5 Peaks Alice Lake course.  I actually ran the trail 4 days in a row while designing the course and never got bored of it.

These 4 pics are all from Tazer & Rupert.  If you ever want to go get lost on the Squamish trails, make sure to download the TrailMapps app to keep you safe and not lost!

IMG_1732 IMG_1731IMG_4747IMG_3514

**by the way** pricing goes up on Friday for all of the 5 Peaks races in 2016, earlybird pricing ends, so you should register TODAY if you were planing to run any of them**

7) White wine!  I’ve never been a wine drinker until the last 6 months, and I’m still new, but these are my current faves!

Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc

Dr Loosen Riesling

Sea Star Ortega

Barefoot Pink Moscato

Yes, I’m fully aware I’m into the sweeter wines, but hey, I’m new!  If you have any others you think I’d really enjoy, let me know!


8) Booster Juice – Mind Over Matcha – but you have to make it special, by swapping the vanilla almond milk, for chocolate!  Thanks to Paul for this tip, it’s so delicious!

9) Girl in the Woods – Aspen Matis


A memoir, true story, of one girl’s journey hiking the entire Pacific Crest Trail as a 19 year old after losing her virginity to a rape during her first week in college.  I enjoyed this book, and would recommend it.

10) My long hair!  Yes, seriously.  This is the longest it’s ever been!!!  This was totally a mistaken photo, and I don’t love how unhappy I look, but I do love my backyard, my Fjallraven Jacket, and my long hair, so it had to be included!


11) HeyHey tights!  My buddy Bret, that I met while running my first 50Miler, has designed and produced some amazing running tights, and I’ll tell you, they make me smile while I’m running, and that’s always a good thing.


Photo is from the viewpoint on Credit Line Trail, which is on both 5 Peaks Alice Lake courses.  Funnily enough I’ve run that trail multiple times over the past few years, and up until moving to Squamish, I had never not stopped and enjoyed the view.  What a silly girl I was, how can you ignore this??!!

12) Last but not least, my Dynafit Vertical Feline Pro’s


If you’ve been following my blog for any amount of time, you know that my feet are my weakness, and that I’ve struggled with running shoes, for literally years.  I don’t want to jump the gun, but I’ve put 200kms on these beauts, and I’m still in love with them.  They have a very aggressive tread, a 5mm drop, and a wider fit.  My orthotics fit in without fighting them, I love the laceless laces, and the colours well…the colours are growing on me.  Locally, if you want to join the Dynafit revolution, you can check them out at Distance Runwear. Tell Dave I said hi if you pop in.  Dave is my absolute favourite person to go to for talking about shoes and running clothes.  Super knowledgable, and so nice.

Bonus, lucky #13 helped me take most of these pictures, and it’s my HITCASE iPhone case & lenses.  I’m obsessed with my Hitcase.  It’s funny because I kind of thought this was a dumb present when Jay bought it for me, but then I started using it, and now if I forget my lenses (they are detachable and easily changeable) I get super angry at myself.  My pictures just aren’t the same without the wide and super wide options!


Just a few photos that I used my Hitcase to take…

IMG_1586 IMG_4821 IMG_4278IMG_1982

And taking a selfie, is SO much easier!


So, that’s what I’m loving lately!  Whether these are just spring flings, or full blown forever loves, well, who’s to say?  I’ll have to check back in soon and let you know which loves are still burning hot, and which have fizzled out.

What are you loving right now? Anyone else ridiculously excited for Spring like I am??  



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  1. Leigh says:

    You seriously live in a gorgeous area! Can I come play on the trails? :) Love your hair long too.

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