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I believe it’s true that a picture says a thousand words…here’s a few of my fave pics of me and my life to share with you who I am!

I love Mexico, it’s my 2nd home

My Gramma & I have been close since I was a baby, and still are today – see next pic!

My Gram & I last summer! Still close friends!

My hubby Jay and I are huge Canucks fans!

I’m not afraid to jump off bridges!

Or out of planes…!

Mexico = pure bliss

My best friend is my dog, Nikita, and she is awesome!

I completed my first full marathon in May 2011 in 4:18:38 with my running partner & close friend Cathy

Jay & I did e-pics in matching Canucks Kesler jerseys

My friends threw me an unforgettable Madonna stagette – I have amazing friends!

Jay and I were married June 25th, 2011

Our wedding day on the beach in Parksville, BC

My fantastic parents!

I love my girlfriends

The day after our wedding, the entire bridal party, went for a swim!

This day was so much fun, almost as much fun as the wedding!

I’m not afraid of MUD!!

Jay & I spent our honeymoon in Africa, climbing Mt Kilimanjaro!

We made Inukshuks on Kilimanjaro!

We loved Africa, and the animals were amazing

Skeeter joined us on our trip, and had a blast!

Africa was a life-changing experience

We spent a day with mountain gorillas in Rwanda

Oh look, on a beach again! See a theme??

That’s my life in a nutshell!

I love my friends, love my family, love my husband Jay, love traveling, love running, love adventures, love getting dirty, love being outdoors and in the sun, and I love love love trying new things!!

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  2. Shanny says:

    Totally cool, I live in Coquitlam….found you under the paleo tag….your coconut pineapple bars in particular! The Canucks jerseys are what tipped me off. ;)

    Anyway….just a ‘hey’ from close by. ;)

  3. Steve says:

    Check out your married date

  4. Jeremy says:

    “Hey just seen this on the Facebook re:5 peaks not sure if you remember me but you suggested the 5 peaks to me and no regrets years later! Looking great and looking happy keep up the hard work! Great articles, I enjoyed reading them”


  5. Jane says:

    I really, really hate when people use ‘Africa’ instead of just naming the country they went to. Africa is a continent with 53 countries. Your experience will vary from country to country. You were obviously in Tanzania (Mount Kilimanjaro). Why not just say that?

    Came to this site to find a trail running group and stumbled upon this ignorance.

    • Solana Klassen says:


      I’m sorry that my generalization of our honeymoon offended you. I would’ve said “Tanzania” solo if that was the only country in Africa that we visited. In fact we visited 3 countries in NorthEast Africa over the month we spent there. I am fully aware of the multiple countries in the continent of Africa.

      Btw – I have an amazing trail running group in Vancouver for women.

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